The Nine Lives of Chloe King – Recap & Review – Nothing Compares 2 U

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The Nine Lives of Chloe King
Nothing Compares 2 U

Original Air Date: Jul 19, 2011

Melanie– TwoCents Reviewer

I know you’ve been as worried as me, wondering what the outcome of Paul’s little miscalculation last week would be (trust me guys, when a woman says she wants more romance it doesn’t mean to hop between the sheets!) and how much longer Chloe can justify dragging Brian along for a dead-end ride. Also, what are the penalties for killing another Mai? And when will Chloe realize how Alek feels about her and that she should be with him? And of course, when will Daddy King show up?

While we don’t get all these answers yet, we do get some in this episode that includes a few of my favorite parts of the series: excellent displays of Mai abilities, touching Chloe-Mom girlie moments and fabulous wardrobe!

The awkwardness between Chloe and Alek continue as she reveals she hasn’t broken things up with poor, love-sick puppy dog Brian after all and he gets cozy with a new Mai girl at school, Mimi, that he has a history with. Considering how intimate they get right away, I’m thinking it was a pretty hot history. Unlike Chloe, Mimi is not blind to the attraction Alek has for Chloe, and it’s obvious his dedication to her does not sit well with Mimi. I think Chloe might be a little bothered by Mimi too, which is understandable since she is gorgeous and all over Alek. I wonder if Mimi is a noble good Mai or a bad Mai in disguise? I don’t like her, but then I don’t like anything that gets in the way of Alek and Chloe finally getting together!

On the cute Mom moments front, Meredith makes a pancake and bacon breakfast to break the news that she has a date on Friday. Well so does Chloe! She’s going to a Rezza Capital art gala as Brian’s plus 1. Mom is so nice, she lends Chloe an absolutely perfect floor length red dress with a single shoulder strap that attached at the center of the neck line, which falls just above the breasts. I loved this dress, it was elegant and tasteful and although it came from her mom’s closet it was not inappropriate for a 16-year-old (something this show does really well is dress the characters appropriately for their age, with a minor exception in the clubbing outfit department). And of course Chloe looked amazing in it.

Unfortunately, attending the art gala puts Chloe right in the middle of a nest of members of the Order, not to mention the fancy morsels of terrifying food. I’m with Chloe, I’ll take a nice hamburger over fancy food any day. The concern with the proximity to the Order was a false alarm, but the concern about the proximity with Brian was not. Their relationship comes to an end when he confesses he’s falling in love with her and moves in for a (deadly) kiss. Oh Chloe! Of course, she knows what she has to do and (finally…again) says she can’t see him anymore.

Could the heartbreak for Brian mean he’ll be recruitment material for his father’s mission against Chloe? And could his father’s mission against the Mai relate back to the death of his wife and Brian’s mother? Something had to set him off…

The real danger and action in this episode comes from Amy’s rebellion following the total upset of Paul’s blunder last week. That was a real low for his character, but this week he made it back in my mind by leaps and bounds. I have not made a secret of my dislike of both these characters, but I have to say they are growing on me, slowly. I still don’t see any chemistry between them though!

Amy gets herself a date with senior smarty Jonah, much to the concern of Paul who even follows him and finds he gambles at an underground poker game in Chinatown. Of course, Amy is seeking danger (what teenage girl doesn’t at some point?) and convinces Jonah to take her with him. When the game’s organizers realize he’s cheating (but hey, it’s for college so it’s ok right?) Amy manages to get away just long enough to put in a call to Paul, who calls Chloe and the two rush to the rescue.

Chloe takes on the group of bad guys, using her newly trained skills to take them down pretty easily, all while wearing high heels and her mother’s dress. Talk about skills! Alek shows up once she’s taken everyone down, ever the willing hero.

The best Paul moment ever is when he punches out Jonah for putting Amy in danger, and just like that the two are a couple again. Yay Paul! I was thrilled to see his character grow like that, and for a moment step out of the geeky buddy who offers up oddly accurate insight based on knowledge from extensive comic book reading role.

I can’t wait to see the fall-out from this week. How is Mimi going to respond to Alek’s feelings for Chloe? When will there be backlash for the death of Lilah the Brazilian? Will Meredith’s hot new man cause problems when Daddy King finally does come back? What will Brian’s heartbreak mean for him and Chloe? What will Chloe’s heartbreak mean for her and Alek?

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4 Responses to The Nine Lives of Chloe King – Recap & Review – Nothing Compares 2 U

  1. Lyn2 says:

    Love this show. Thanks for the recap. It’s hard to find recaps of this show online. On other fansites, fans are really shipping Emmett/Bay from Switched at Birth–a show I also really enjoy, but I’m shipping Alek/Chloe even more. They have great chemistry and that Benjamin Stone is gorgeous and has a sexy accent to boot! Ok, now I feel creepy since i”m old enough to be his mom! Thanks again for recapping this show. It’s getting more interesting as it goes along. BTW, I agree that Amy/Paul have zero chemistry. They are better as friends. And, I’m sure that Brian’s mother’s death is in some way being blamed on the Mai. We’ll find out soon I guess.

  2. mwate says:

    Hi Lyn2! I’m happy to recap, I’ve been enjoying the series. It had a few episodes at the start I wasn’t sure about, but I think it’s really hitting its stride. And YES, Chloe/Alek must must must happen. They are adorable together and I agree, Benjamin Stone IS gorgeous.

    I’m excited to see how the whole Brian’s mother’s mysterious death storyline plays out. Since we know Valentina isn’t above threatening humans to get her way (like how she threatened Brian), it’s possible Mai really are responsible for her death…or the Order framed them to get a powerful man like Rezza on their side…hmmmm We’ll just have to wait and see what they throw at us!

    Thanks for reading!


  3. Thank you Melanie you gave a good recap of the show! Since I first saw the first episode it was great and my mom and I have been watching it since because we love these type of shows like Harry Potter! I’m intrigued on what happened to Brian’s Mother! My mom and I were thinking about different type of sceneraios in my opinion I think Brian is part Mai because why is his mom murder! Curious the details what is going on with that as for chemistry I still like her and Brian together. We still don’t know the whole situation on what happened to his mother and Brian doesn’t who Chloe really is! That still needs
    to play out I definitely see chemistry with her and Alec! He definitely cares for her very much seeing the episode when she tells Alec about Brian he is jealous! The actor that plays Alec is cute and so is the actor play Brian as well. There is attraction between Chloe and Alec I saw it in Tuesday episode! Love triangle between Alec/Chloe/Brian! At the end I still see her with Brian! As for Paul and Amy no way no chemistry better as friends! Chloe has more chemistry with the leading guys on the show then Paul and AMy!

  4. kristina says:

    OMG. Chloe totally HAS_ 2 fall for alek!!!! Hes like the hottest guy in this show. Oh WELL… 4 me hes like the hottest guy in the WHOLE WORLD! i mean, rly??? hes soooooo hut!! srry i keep mentioning that, but its totally TRUE!!!!!!!!! @_@ So… anyway as it seems i LUV this show!! I cant wait 2 c who she falls 4. Ya Ya ik alot of ppl want chloe 2 fall for brain. Yes hes nice & stuff, but is it rly what chloe’s looking for in a guy. I mean, he can’t protect her ok maybe a lil, but not MUCH! Which frankly is plain sad 😦 BOO 2 that!… But 4 alek, he definitely can protect her 4 life! & brain’s dad wants chloe DEAD! How..?? yes, ik that mai & humans cant mix but its still sad. Im sure that brain cares alot b/ chloe, but as i said b4 he can’t protect her! & 4 alek ik he CARES ALOT b/ chloe, & heck ya he can protect her 4 life 🙂 All im tryin 2 say is, YES 2 alek that she should fall 4 him, & NO 2 brain, she should just dump him & move on 2 alek 🙂 ahh… its gonna be whicked 2 C who she falls 4 this week! ahhh!!! I cant believe that brain gets sooooo crazy, & tries beating up alek! UGH! its sad 😦 srry ppl that like brain, BUT hes sooooo NOT HUT! Ok, fine i do like brain i just like alek better!!!! So u ppl who-ever make this show, make CHLOE date ALEK!! PLZ… im begging u!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!! If i was chloe i would dump brain & b w/ alek without a beat! 🙂 OMG…. (CHLOE & ALEK 4EVER!!!!!)

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