White Collar – Recap & Review – Scott Free

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White Collar
Scott Free

Original Air Date: Jul 12, 2011

Jules – TwoCents Reviewer

I really enjoy watching this show when we get to see Neal in his element and this week we get to see that in full action. The team is tracking down a young con artist, who poses as a modern day Robin Hood or “Robin Hoodie” as he becomes known to the team. Neal becomes quite intrigued by the kid and ends up getting him out of some trouble in the process (with some help from Sara and Moz of course).

All the while, Neal and Mozzie continue on their plans for their final escape, with Peter still on their tails.

So the team is tracking down a new 20 year-old safe cracker and forger, like a Caffrey for the new millennium Peter says. Neal reminds everyone that at 20, unlike this new guy, he was never caught.

We get into the kid’s supposed residence and instead of a person behind the moving shadow under the door, it’s a vacuum robot with a vase on top moving around. Nice. Neal doesn’t think the kid is that clever, but Diana finds a wall covered in random pictures arranged to spell “F.B.I.” Neal’s now a bit more impressed. We later find out the pictures are of him during his crimes.

Mozzie comes over to Neal’s to discuss their escape. He plans on getting permanent identities so they never have to worry about remembering new names and dates. For something like this to happen though, they need birth certificates for dead infants and Neal doesn’t want that, so if Moz can get the permanent identities a different way, Neal’s in. Of course, Mozzie does with a man who “identity farms.” He treats stolen identities as if they were growing up, essentially making a fake paper trail for a new identity. They get their passports and now Neal gets to be Victor Moreau (coincidence as the same surname as Kate?) and Mozzie is now Bob.

We finally get a name on our young con: Scott Rivers. The kid steals particularly expensive items from the wealthy and leaves a note saying he gives a donation to a charity when he does so. Interesting and hence the “Robin Hoodie” nickname that Neal comes up with, but almost immediately retracts, but too late and it ends up sticking. Also, Scott likes to hide behind disguises, so it won’t be easy to spot him.

Peter and Neal look into the donation patterns for Scott and with some help from Elizabeth, they figure he might be after a very expensive motorcycle. When they approach the owner of the most expensive bike in NYC, he’s hesitant to let any feds in, especially since he’s having a party to show it off. Neal manages get them in the party and there he’s able to spot a potential Scott in a suit-hoodie. Peter’s not sure what this is, but it’s OK, I’ve never seen one either, but the nickname makes sense; the suit-hoodie, not so much.

Neal makes small talk with him and is sure he’s the one. As Neal is about to approach him, he spots a girl putting something in his drink and goes to knock it out of his hand, while the girl runs away. In the ensuing confusion, Scott hops the motorcycle and rides it through a window, getting away.

The girl wasn’t so lucky though. They question her and find out she’s been involved in other heists and that she was really involved in trying to get Scott since the pill was poison. But why Scott? Apparently, Scott thought he was stealing an expensive item from a guy named Carlisle, but it was actually a part of a previous crime, so hence the girl trying to get rid of him and any evidence. Oops.

Peter asks Neal for more insight on Scott and I really enjoyed Neal’s answers because it seems like he’s still talking about himself. The bit about how stealing things is like an addiction and how to have to hit rock bottom before you can change. Peter asks when that happened for Neal, but Neal never said he did. Is this foreshadowing for Neal’s upcoming escape with Moz?

Peter asks Neal to find leads on Scott and Neal has Mozzie on the case, who tracks Scott down and tells Neal that the kid is actually looking for him.

Diana and Peter make a visit to Carlisle, who has a new safe and doesn’t give us any additional information on Scott. He ignores it almost completely, but it’s OK, we know it’s him because we find him later following Moz, who is with Scott. To get Carlisle off their tail, Moz creates an ATM diversion and Scott runs away.

But not before he’s stopped by Neal, who tells Scott to turn himself in. Scott doesn’t take that route, obviously and instead, Scott’s been taken back to Neal’s where he’s trying to figure out what to do with him. Moz says they have to help him, which Sara agrees with, but that Neal should also tell him to turn himself in and for Neal to show him the right way.

Scott is now reminding me of a young Neal because we actually feel for him when he says he never stole anything from anyone who didn’t deserve it. Plus, he’s kind of cute once he rubbed the goatee off.

Neal manages to come up with an idea when Sara mentions returning items to their rightful owner. I won’t go into complete details, but it does involve Sara wearing the stolen bustier and umbrellas. All the while, Peter suspects Neal is up to something, but is going to let it play out. At the same time, we find out that the FBI knows someone put a Degas on the black market around the same time DC art crimes was at the FBI, but it was soon pulled. Peter says it’s time to finally relocate that list of his. It’s still in the office?

The plan works fine until Scott and Sara realize that the safe is new and will be harder to break into. Peter finally catches Neal in front of Carlisle’s and asks for what is going on, but Neal doesn’t budge and asks for an hour. Peter says fine and Neal is whisked off upstairs.

The safe becomes a double effort by Scott and Neal and they better work fast, Carlisle is coming back! Luckily, Peter is outside to stall Carlisle a bit to give Neal and team some more time. Neal and Scott finally break through the last gate of the safe and they get it open because once Peter and Carlisle are upstairs, Peter sees the safe is open and arrests Carlisle on the spot for the bustier they find inside it.

Neal finally talks to Scott about turning himself in and how he’ll only get caught like he himself was caught by Peter because he’s that good. But Scott manages to get away when Peter shows up. Neal admits he screwed up and thought he had Scott, while Peter says to give it time for people to change. But wait a minute, there’s Scott being escorted inside the building by Jones! He turns himself in!

Later Sara shows up at Neal’s unannounced and spots the painting that’s covering a hole with Neal’s stuff. She finds the passport and Victor Moreau. Oh no?

I kind of liked this episode. Seeing Neal try to take a kid under his wing to change him while he’s trying to make his escape with Moz was a nice touch to see where Neal is. So will Neal every change? What will Sara do now that she knows about Victor? Let me hear your TwoCents below!

Next week: Taking Account

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