White Collar – Recap & Review – Veiled Threat

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White Collar
Veiled Threat

Original Air Date: Jul 5, 2011

Jules – TwoCents Reviewer

The whole team gets to go under cover this week, but this episode was really about Peter. He gets to do his thing and shine, while the episode showed us its lighter moments. I don’t remember an episode with so much comedy, but it was a nice change of pace, especially after last week.

Plus we get lots of Neal and Peter bromance. So let’s get to it!

Our case of the week is Selena (Mädchen Amick), who is suspected of killing her four previous husbands, but not for their money, so what gives? The FBI’s tracked her to attend a millionaire bachelor auction in Manhattan and there are three open slots. Peter forces Neal to be one of the three (“Neal, raise your hand.”), while Jones inadvertently becomes one and Neal and company coerce Peter to be the third.

Peter is terrified to tell Elizabeth about the undercover, but when he does instead of being upset, she gets really excited and wants to make sure he wins, even coaching him. I love this couple. On the other side of the spectrum there is Neal and Sara. When Neal tells Sara, all we get is Sara mentioning that the two have yet to be on a real date.

Before the auction dating starts we get to hear how the three will woo the “black widow.” Neal plans to bomb every date except Selena, Jones wants to maintain a good word of mouth reputation and Peter’s going to follow the advice of his wife. Diana is here as well to get to know what kind of man Selena is looking for to help the guys.

Our auctioneer (Jonathan Silverman) gets things going and it’s dating time! Neal and Jones do a good job of following in their plans, while Peter tries, but is just so uncomfortable to the point where I just want to give him a hug.

The guys finally get to Selena and Peter is the most nervous, but his nervousness seems to do the trick. The dating ends and it’s bidding time. Jones does pretty well with $11,000, but it’s not Selena – too charming. Neal gets categorized as too young and since he bombed all his other dates, Diana ends up bidding on him to save him from misery! Peter is up next and Selena immediately bids $15,000. Yay!

It was a second highest bid ever and Elizabeth is happy, but still worried about the cover. Peter says he’ll be able to get an arrest warrant by the end of the first date, but everything doesn’t really go as planned. A phone trace on Selena fails, so dinner first. While Peter and Selena are on their date, Diana and Neal are in the van listening and having dinner, too. He made her food and brought plates, silverware and even a candle! She saved him from auction humiliation, so he thought he owed her.

Selena gets Peter to tango and while Neal gets nervous, Peter manages to tango his way into Selena’s heart so much so she invites him back to her apartment. But her delicate whisper at the end blows the receiver.

At Selena’s apartment, Peter tries to figure out where to plant the bug. Diana and Neal get info that Selena’s last husband was killed with a knife to the throat, the killer never found. That bit of info doesn’t bode well for Peter when Selena is walking around with a knife (after breaking ice with it) and he gets real nervous, even spilling wine on himself.

Luckily, Neal’s quick thinking phone call that Selena answers, allows Peter to plant the bug. First step done, except Selena wants to see Peter again and after he’s left we learn she makes a call to someone saying that she’ll have Peter down on one knee by the end of the week. So there’s an inside person doing the “dirty” work.

Neal gets to his senses and invites Sara over for a romantic dinner. It’s cute and you can see he’s trying to make her happy. All the while, Peter and Selena meet up again and she wants to go to Peter’s place. Change of plans! Peter wants to commandeer Neal’s place or else his cover is blown. Neal gets the message right in time for Peter to walk through the door. Luckily, no food has been consumed yet, so it’s all good.

What happens next was probably my favorite of the whole episode. Neal and Sara hide in his giant closet, which has a two way mirror, so they can observe Peter and Selena, who notices Neal’s paintings and asks Peter to draw her right now. Caught off guard again, he agrees, but writes “help me” to get Neal to sketching since he knows he’s back here. Oh, and I want that closet!

Selena gets suspicious about how quickly Peter set this all up and just as he’s confounded as to how to explain it, Mozzie interrupts them. Peter says Mozzie did it and that as his assistant, he should get his suit ready for tomorrow. Neal’s fast sketch is done now and to make Peter seal the deal, he adds a ring to the sketch, too! Mozzie takes suit and sketch outside and Selena notices the ring. Fastest engagement ever!

Elizabeth continues to be upset, but since we are on wedding hyper speed, she weasels herself into the case as a wedding planner. The meeting gets awkward when Selena tries to steal a kiss, but it doesn’t faze Elizabeth while she tries to get more info about Selena’s background to no avail. It only gets worse when Peter is almost run over outside!

Clearly it was planned because Peter and Selena have a “what would happen” speech and she says that if he dies, she wouldn’t want his money, but instead to donate it one of her many non-profits. But where are those non-profits now? Who knows, but we do find out that her lawyer is a fake and is the auctioneer Jameson from earlier.

Neal goes back as his cover to Jameson upset with his date and ends up booking his space for a bachelor party for Peter to get into the private office in the back. Unfortunately, he doesn’t find anything. In yet another change of plans, Peter and Neal get Jameson drunk to reveal the truth. It works.

To get Selena, they decide to use what they know with Diana going to Selena’s place to say Jameson died and if she knows anything. It gets to her and she immediately goes to the bank to get her money, while Jameson wakes up to a message saying his account has been drained. He gets down to the bank and soon both are caught off guard by Peter and team. Case closed.

The ending of this episode was super sweet with Peter deciding to re-marry Elizabeth in a ceremony she’s always wanted (small and simple) in Neal’s apartment. Neal’s the witness and Mozzie officiates the wedding of Mr. Suit and Mrs. Suit! Awww!!

I rather enjoyed the many lighter moments of this episode and all the quick thinking changes. What did you think? Like the fun moments this week? Love Mr. and Mrs. Suit as much as I do? And what about Neal and Sara? Let me hear your TwoCents!

Next week: Scott Free

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4 Responses to White Collar – Recap & Review – Veiled Threat

  1. Kelly says:

    Best line of the night…from Sara of all people…Any guy can make a girl dinner. Only you could sketch a black widow from a hidden back room.

  2. Karen says:

    Finally just watched this ep! Loved Peter!! The tango!! Mozzie getting $$ from him!! Love it!

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