Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior – Recap & Review – Death By A Thousand Cuts

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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
Death By A Thousand Cuts

Original Air Date: May 25, 2011

Angelique – Associate Staff Writer

The last episode. I am sitting here wondering what I am supposed to write.

Yes, it was an awesome episode, no doubt about it. The storyline was good, it was surprising and interesting. But I can’t get over that ending, no matter how good that episode was giving it that ‘to be continued’ screen when you already know for weeks that there is nothing to be continued is just plain cruel.

I know that everyone – me included – has been very critical of this show and we have not given it a real chance, I guess. It was already condemned because of everything that was simultaneously going on in the Criminal Minds original and in the fandom. This past season was not the best time to introduce the spin-off. I guess that if things hadn’t been so complicated with the original in regards to Paget Brewster and AJ Cook it would have been different. Fans of the original would have been more open to something new, especially because of Garcia who was on both shows. I think that if there wasn’t so much anger and resentment more people might have checked this show out. I honestly believe that the timing was off and that was probably the biggest problem for CM:SB. I think that the first few episodes

About the episode as I said I really liked it, everything about it. Not one thing was off, the character development was solid, the storyline was surprising and entertaining and the build up was great. I was actually on the edge of my seat the last fifteen minutes. The plot revolved around the question if anyone could become a killer if the situation is right. I am absolutely certain that everyone could kill, but that it is just a matter of how much a person can take before they snap or in what situation they find themselves. For instance in this situation you are forced to choose between a person you love and a total stranger and there is no other option. I think that many of us would choose to kill the stranger.

The husband who killed himself knew that he was on live television, a killer who enjoys forcing other people to murder someone would be watching television to catch a glimpse of what he created. Since the unsub said ‘a life for a life’ he found a different way to give the unsub what he wanted and he saved his wife and unborn child. But the other’s didn’t have that third choice because they needed to take a picture and send it to the unsub to safe their family member.

However when Beth was taken hostage and Coop was asked to kill someone to safe her. Beth claims that Coop is not the kind of guy who would kill someone not even to save her and she doesn’t want him too. A heartbreaking scene, very well-played. But Beth doesn’t know that Coop is aiming the gun at their first suspect while she is held by a second unsub. So when the screen blacked out and you hear the gunshot I would like to believe that it is actually Coop who pulled the trigger on the unsub. But still with only seconds remaining on the clock chances are that he won’t take that picture in time and send it to the other unsub. I guess we’ll never know and everyone will have their own opinion on what happened to Beth, Coop and the unsubs.

One thing is for certain, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior went out with a bang! And if this was a cliffhanger for a show which would actually get a seconds season this would have been the best cliffhanger possible because no one would want to miss the season premiere, but now it completely misses the point.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior has been canceled don’t let the ‘to be continued’ at the end of the episode fool you. This show has been on the bubble since it started really and I think that it is quite disrespectful to everyone who watched the show to end it with a ‘to be continued’ especially if you know that the show does not have a future. It’s never cool when you are in the middle of a story and you get that screen.

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9 Responses to Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior – Recap & Review – Death By A Thousand Cuts

  1. SIMONA says:

    I can’t believe that this show is over. Not like this. How is it possible? After seeing the thirteenth episode, i was looking for the fourteenth, or maybe for an other season, but nothing. What should we think now? That beth was killed or not? I don’t wanna think that, even if it’s about FBI.

  2. OUTLAW says:


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