Criminal Minds – Recap & Review – Supply & Demand (Season Finale)

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Criminal Minds
Supply & Demand (Season Finale)

Original Air Date: May 18, 2011

JD – Sr. Staff Writer

To say the land of Criminal Minds fandom has been full of ups and downs in the last year would be an understatement. I’m kind of glad the season is over, if just to get a break from the drama. Of course, the drama for this season started last summer, so I may not get a break at all! Time will tell.

That aside, this season finale did not leave us with a cliffhanger, or an ‘OMG IS SOMEONE GOING TO DIE?!’ moment. It did, however, leave us with questions about next season’s casting, which if you’ve followed the Criminal Minds news, you’re already aware of. If you’re not, read on.

First things first in the episode, we’ve got to get that pesky possible casting changed mentioned. Hotch calls an early meeting (Reid notes he hasn’t called a meeting this early since Gideon left), and the team is worried. Turns out that there are budget issues, and all of the team is going to be interviewed and asked if they want to stay on the team or look at other offers. Oh, here we go again. Someone needs to tell the director that with Charlie Sheen off CBS’ payroll and Suspect Behavior cancelled, surely the BAU has the budget!

Anyway, the team gets called in on a case, and they head off to the scene of a car crash. Only this car had two dead bodies in the trunk. This guy has more issues than just road rage. The victims have been missing for months, and due to mud in the girl’s hair and on the car tires, they think the car must have recently been somewhere where it rained. They get on finding out where that’s been.

Meanwhile, Hotch is getting a visit from Andie Swan, head of the Domestic Trafficking Task Force. She’s been tracking a group that she thinks may be connected to these murders. It’s possible the customers of this organization have moved beyond just wanting sex, and now want to kill. Oh, and Swan has undercover agents on it, one of which just went missing. Apparently this agent was on to something on the case, but decided not to share that information with anyone. Oops.

Garcia has managed to figure out which gas station Mr. Road Rage used last, based on the fuel left in his tank and a coffee cup in the car. Morgan checks it out, and via the station’s security camera, notices the unsub used the pay phone. Garcia gets the last number dialed, and it leads them to yet another payphone in the area. Sneaky. But it tells the team that the base of operations for this group is probably nearby.

Cut to a warehouse, a hallway lined with cages full of drugged girls. Our newest inmate is Swan’s OC, and she quickly bonds with the woman in the cage across from hers. Trouble is that a group of men are shortly in the hallway to take the other woman away. Swan’s OC calls after them not to take her, but they don’t listen. They lead the girl down to a room where a bunch of men wait and watch. When she gets to what appears to be a makeshift stage, with only a chair on it, she turns around to face them all… and welcomes them.

Whaaaaat? I so did not see that coming! What an awesome twist! Not that it was a female unsub, because we’ve had a lot of them this season, but because it was a female unsub who was in control of so many men. That’s some power, considering most of the men present are into sexually assaulting and killing women, not respecting their authority.

Is it just me or have there been more female unsubs this season, especially around and after Prentiss’ departure? It’s not like I’ve kept count before, so I could be wrong, but there was The Thirteenth Step which was a team of unsubs, but the girl was more psycho. Then there was Today I Do, Hanley Waters and now the finale. Don’t get me wrong, I love female unsubs, but did they think putting more psycho chicks on screen could make up for taking away both our strong female leads in one season? I don’t think so. Thank God JJ is coming back. I actually did a little fist pump at the last line of the episode (though I was slightly annoyed at the way they sexualized her by just showing just her legs in a short skirt at first).

Now we have Hotch and Morgan to worry about. Gibson and Moore’s contracts are both up, and it would have been impossible to miss that the writers foreshadowed their departures just in case. While Hotch told everyone they would be asked if they wanted to stay on the team, only he and Morgan got specific mention, with Morgan being considered for the New York office again, and Hotch seeming unsure about returning, even if it was his intention.

Wah! Surely CBS should know better than to piss us off again by getting rid of another cast member(s?) so soon after all the drama this season!

We can hope anyway.

Overall I liked this episode, but didn’t think there was anything particularly memorable about it. For a season finale, that was disappointing, but I’ll live. The girl playing the ring leader was sufficiently creepy, though. I loved the way she so easily slipped back and forth between playing the fellow “inmate” to the leader of such a sick operation. And the way her face changed when she realized one of her captives was a cop was brilliant.

Also, Rossi saving Morgan from getting his butt kicked, then being re-payed by Morgan saving his life later was a nice touch.

What did you guys think of the episode? What did you think of the season? It’s been a roller-coaster, and it started even before the season premiered! Any hopes, questions, fears about season seven? As for me, I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be back to reviewing the show next season. We’ll see how I feel closer to the fall. What about you? Give me your two cents!

If you’d like to follow JD’s TV stories from TTC and beyond, you can follow her on Twitter at @JDeckerTV.

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6 Responses to Criminal Minds – Recap & Review – Supply & Demand (Season Finale)

  1. Montiese says:

    I was very disappointed with Season 6 and basically stopped watching halfway through. Some people I know said it got better but overall I’ve been kinda disappointed for a while and all the drama before the season even started sealed it for me.

    The sad part is, with Erica Messer at the helm, I almost have hope for Season 7. Shemar has a contract, I am hopeful Thomas will get one as well. But I doubt I’ll return to faithful viewing without Prentiss. In addition to her being my favorite character from the moment she stepped on the scene, she was the only female profiler on the team. I’m all for Seaver remaining as the rookie but as the only female profiler…I cannot get behind that.

    So I wish the show all the best but I would be happiest for at least one last season with everyone back together and possibly going out with a bang instead of what I see as a whimper.

    • Sophie says:

      THIS. You’ve basically put alllll my feelings about Criminal Minds down for me. Except I’ve managed to keep watching all season.

      • Montiese says:

        I couldnt take it anymore. It felt like I was dying a slow death every week. I actually made it through 6 weeks between 25 to Life and Corazon but after that I was just done. It was hard to walk away, its my show, but man….I just couldnt do it anymore.

        I have all my fingers crossed for Paget to return in Season 7 and that I might look forward to Wednesdays again.

  2. lawless says:

    I’ve boycotted this season because of the whole AJ/Paget situation, but I don’t think it’s fair to suggest that Gibson might not be back (Moore is already signed for next season) because CBS got rid of him.

    If he doesn’t return, it will be because he and CBS couldn’t agree on contract terms, not because they didn’t exercise his option, as was the case with AJ, or exercised an option and changed the terms, as with Paget. (I assume that they exercised an option on Paget but insisted on less favorable terms; if Paget had a contract, she wouldn’t have renegotiated, as she would be entitled to hold them to her contract.)

    There’s been no hint that CBS wants to get rid of him; if they did, they’d just tell him good-bye. Whether not meeting his contract requirements constitutes getting rid of him, or how fair it might be, would be an open question that depends in part on budgetary information fans don’t have. As long as they don’t expect him to take a pay cut, as the producers asked of Lisa Edelstein of House, and are willing to offer a reasonable increase, things should all work out.

    One of the reasons I was so annoyed last year was that I assumed, correctly, that CBS would never outright fire any of the male stars. They assumed, with jusitification, that they could mess with the female cast without repercussions. After all, the show’s still in the top ten/top twenty despite everything and despite the mostly meaningless threats by fans. I think CBS won that round and am surprised the producers decided to bring AJ back. I’ve read sentiment in favor of bringing Bernero back, but I blame him as much if not more than CBS for last year’s debacle and am glad to see him go. He was the showrunner, after all.

  3. Jill says:

    Fans have been more than clear that the character of Ashley Seaver is an UNWANTED, UNWELCOME, and UNNEEDED addition. It has NOTHING to do with her not being “NOT JJ”. They crafted a character that spits in the face of six seasons of canon history and requires every other character to be written out of character for her benefit. Derek Morgan, who doesn’t trust or accept ANYONE easily is telling people to “embrace Seaver” after knowing her all of .5 seconds? Hotch lets a CADET on his team? A CADET whose mistake required him to use deadly force? Hotch, who told Emily profiling is a SPECIALTY and they don’t just let anyone who wants to give it a whirl? That Hotch? Strauss let’s a fresh out of the academy rookie “train” with one of the ELITE units of the FBI on a team that she has called “reckless” in the past? A rookie whose got a serial killer for a father and has already indirectly caused the death of an UnSub? Strauss, who has flat out said it is her job to “protect the reputation of the BAU and the Bureau”. Rossi is being turned into Super Nanny. David Rossi DOES NOT PLAY VIDEO GAMES OR FIST BUMP AT CRIME SCENES!!!!! Reid taking her rude comments and unprofessional behavior like HE’S the rookie agent. GMAFB…Seaver is such a fail she’s making all the other characters a fail.

  4. Heather says:

    This season has been a wash as far as I’m concerned. I have liked about 4 episodes all season, and it was nowhere near as good as any previous season. If this had been the first season I watched, I would never have become the fan I am. For the following reasons, I hope season seven is WAY better, and more true to Criminal Minds form.
    1) No JJ- I know this has been fixed, but she truly is the heart of the show. Her not being there proved it. Perhaps silence speaks louder than words, because the silence of her not being there was deafening.
    2) Prentiss- They took the easy way out. They showed their hands too quickly with the whole faked death thing. Instead, they should have ended it all with the funeral, so that our hearts could be in touch with the characters. Then if she came back, all could have been explained with a flashback sequence.
    3) Garcia- She lost her wit this year. There was very little of our fun loving “goddess of all knowing”. Instead, it was mostly strictly business.
    4) Jack- While we know Hotch is a single dad, it was barely mentioned this year. I don’t need to be hit over the head with it, but even before Haley died, when there was a case involving children, Hotch would call or visit Jack. Now, it’s like they forgot he has a child!
    5) Seaver- Where do I start? Forget the fact that she looks JUST LIKE JJ. Did we really need a rookie- a cadet- in the most sophisticated group of crime fighters in the FBI? The only thing interesting about her is that she is the daughter of a serial killer- something that they only even used in one episode!!! Everything else is robotic and boring. Hopefully they will fix this and she will “choose” to go to a different post next year.
    6) Morgan- I won’t lie, Morgan is my favorite. But this year they made him into a pushy jerk quite a few times. He’s completely alpha male, for sure, and always has been, but this year, it’s like they forgot all the good stuff about his character. For example, he’s protective and kind to women, (probably because he was raised with 3 of them), but this year he kept pushing Garcia, and not sympathizing with the victims. Hopefully the writers will fix this next year. I want my “Chocolate God” back…and the banter between Morgan and Garcia- that was always what I looked forward to the most.
    7) Reid- Can we quit with the mysterious headaches? And the schizophrenia references? Please??? Haven’t we tortured this man enough??

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