Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – The Blue Templar

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Blue Bloods
The Blue Templar

Original Air Date: May 13, 2011

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

Before I begin, let me apologize that we have not been timely with the final three amazing Blue Bloods episodes. I moved and unfortunately, no one else has the devotion to the Reagan family quite like I do.

With that being said, I can’t review all three episodes in detail, so let’s take a quick look at the previous two episodes before diving into the great season finale, which finally brought an end to the Blue Templar storyline that has been eating at us all season long.

ALL THAT GLITTERS (April 29, 2011)

I’ll get through this quickly…

The criminal case pitted Danny against Erin when an “innocent” tourist is killed outside of a fancy restaurant. The wife pins it on a cab driver but Danny feels like something bigger is going on while Erin pushes for the cabbie and wants Danny to have the wife to pick him out of a line up. Danny refuses since the cabbie’s picture has been posted all over the news. In the end, Danny goes with his gut and finds out the wife was having an affair with her husband’s associate and she hired someone to have her husband killed while they were on their vacation. Lovely, right?

Meanwhile, Jamie is busy trying to find out more about Joe’s death and the people involved. He tries to gain access into the Lydia Gonzalves file by sweet-talking a medical examiner. It’s blocked and Renzulli glances at the browser history with a suspicious look. Eep.

CELLAR BOY (May 6, 2011)

This episode had a lot of Blue Templar story but also had a criminal case close to the Reagan family.

Their neighbors are murdered and the druggie/bi-polar son is the prime suspect. As usual, Danny is on the case and figures out the son is innocent but his brother and sister aren’t. They were upset that their parents were spending so much money on their brother (rehab, etc..) and took matters into their own hands to frame him for the murder. They should have had a better plan – and remembered they live next to the best cops EVER! Duh, losing.

So, now the good stuff. Jamie, the Blue Templar, Danny finds out and more!

Jamie, a pretty good rookie cop, can’t find his gun. He knows he’s being set up by the Blue Templar (namely Malevsky) and Internal Affairs comes down on him. Meanwhile, Lydia Gonzalves’ sister comes to him with a package she left for him before she died. We never find out what’s in it, but apparently it’s the key to bringing down the Blue Templar.

While driving home, Jamie’s brakes go out and he drives it to an off-city area and crashes hit so no innocent people get hurt. Realizing he’s in over his head, he goes to Danny. Finally.

And finally, THE BLUE TEMPLAR…

Let’s get the easy storyline out of the way. A socialite of sorts is kidnapped and Jamie is put on the case to guard her. They chat it up and share a kiss. Jamie is suspicious of her friend, who at first he thought was a boyfriend. Jamie, ever the detective, finds out the news of her kidnapping was never released – yet her friend knew about it despite her never calling him. After leaving his post for the night and putting the pieces together, he runs back to find the girl walking with her friend. As Jamie watches, she is almost kidnapped. He stops the kidnapping and when his backup arrives, he is told he was right – the friend was in cahoots to kidnap her. No Renzulli with him for this case. In fact, we haven’t seen Renzulli since Jamie was looking up Lydia’s file.

Now to what we’ve been waiting all season for … bringing down the Blue Templar! It all begins when Jamie and Danny tell Frank everything they know. As they are all talking, a drug dealer is robbed and killed. When Danny gets to the scene, he figures out they were robbed by cops. Bringing Erin into the case to get a wire tap, it’s concluded it was the Blue Templar. Frank gets a tip as to who was the organizer for the robbery and he leads them to the main guys. While Frank was familiar with the head of the three guys, when he brings them down, he’s highly disappointed in some of the guys he sees.

The way the Blue Templar is brought down is a perfect example of why this show is great. Frank gets all the info he needs – locations, warrants, etc. Danny has to trust Jackie with the big secret and she has to go against her former colleagues. The BT run her off the road but she keeps on going. With Jamie sticking to his normal routine, the BT try to make a run for it. But finally, with Frank leading Danny, Jamie, Jackie and an ESU unit, they march into a pool hall to find our good friend Malevsky leading the BT. They were each getting a piece of the drug money – and were gloating.

Every Blue Templar is frisked quickly and Frank demands to know who shot Joe. No one looks at him so he throws a bunch of glasses, turns around and asks again. This time, Malevsky speaks up, saying Joe knew it was coming, they hinted at it so much he had to know. I wanted someone to shoot him, but there were too many people around and there was no justification. Good ol’ Malevsky helps us out, taking out a gun that was left on his person (nice job, whoever frisked him) and shoots himself.

The Blue Templar story is done. Everyone can sleep easier now knowing Jamie is safe and Joe’s killers have been brought to justice. The Reagan’s have their usual Sunday dinner and take a trip to visit Joe’s grave.

That’s a lot of Blue Bloods to digest. I’m just glad the Blue Templar storyline is over with. So pretty much Lydia and Joe figured out Malevsky and crew were planning the robbery? Or had been doing illegal things all along? Either way, they knew the BT secret and were killed because of it. Are we supposed to believe that Jamie and Danny are better cops than Joe? I wish we could have seen flashback scenes to Joe with the BT. I think watching Frank with his kids and the ESU walk into the bar was one of the best scenes on TV in recent memory. Tom Selleck is just amazing.

What did you think? Worth the wait? Did the Blue Templar storyline turn out how you thought it would? Leave your TwoCents below.

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