Harry’s Law – Recap & Review – Bangers In The House

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Harry’s Law
Bangers In The House

Original Air Date – Feb 21, 2011

Colleen – Reviewer

Respect. Respect for the older American and respect for opposing gangs. This is what sums up last night’s episode from “Harry’s Law”.

Harry is asked to mediate an issue between two rival gangs. But when these two (or any for that matter) rival gangs come to the same table, there is bound to be trouble. Can Harry handle it? Apparently not.

She manages to lay down some ground rules for the mediation meeting but in the end, she gets more than what she bargained for. OK, so she is able to have each side leave their guns at home for the first of the meetings, but a war of words, anger and fists are traded in.

As I’ve always heard over the course of my life, cooler heads prevailed here. The gang members decide that Harry can’t handle it after all (it almost seems that she is threatening them with her showing off her gun). So who do they ask to represent them at the mediating table? Malcolm! He is able to keep his head cool, even while getting unsolicited advice from Harry, who has continued to sit at the table as the gangs talk things out. I guess she figures that they’re using her office to meet, so she has the right to continue to sit there, even if she isn’t the one mediating. No harm in that, right? Eventually, we come to see that Malcolm helps these two gangs settle their differences. He is going to make one hell of a lawyer someday!

Why do these things always seem happen to Malcolm? How does he manage to gain the respect of those around him, even If they don’t know him all that well?

Meanwhile, while all this is happening, it almost looks as if Harry is going to be attacked herself. She enters her car and all I could do was jump. Even though I had seen the previews and commercials to this episode, I wasn’t expecting someone to be in her backseat. Turns out it was a gangbanger that wants Harry’s help to get out of his gang. Is she willing to do it? Is he able to get out of his gang – alive?

Also, we see Tommy Jefferson on one side of the courtroom and Adam on the other. Tommy is seen as the one fighting for the “little man” while Adam is representing the company. Whereas they’ve seemed to come to some kind of their own respect, it doesn’t seem too apparent tonight. Tonight, Tommy is representing an older gentleman who is suing his former boss after getting fired. The gentleman is in his 70s and figures it was discriminating for his employer to let him go, even if it meant saving the company that he worked for. These are tough times that we are all living in and people are being let go. It doesn’t matter your age, sex, etc. It’s just happening. Who wins this? Tommy of course! But, with only a little damage to the opposing side.

I don’t know if anyone else has caught onto this yet, but is there a romance starting to bloom in the office between Malcolm and Jenna? Will it continue or will Harry put a kibosh to it? Also, where was Chunhua last night? Is the romance over between her and Adam over and done with or will she come back in later episodes?

The young gangbanger that we see in the back of Harry’s car – what do you make of him? Will he get out of the gang – alive? Will he be back in future episodes and what kind of role do you see him playing here?

I really thought that tonight’s episode, until near the end, lacked the drama that we’ve seen in earlier episodes. It wasn’t totally lacking in drama – it just seemed that it wasn’t really the edge of your seat drama that we’ve been seeing, especially since you would think the momentum would of kept going in these February sweep times. What did you think? What’s your two cents?

Next week on Harry’s Law: American Dreams

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