Degrassi – Recap & Review – When Love Takes Over

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When Love Takes Over

Original Air Date: Feb 11, 2011

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

Love is in the air in the halls of Degrassi during Valentine’s Day (including Sav dressed as cupid).

So what kind of love is going on? Dave has a new crush, Anya is going after Dr. Chris, and Fiona and Adam are finally gonna “go there.” (Get it, because “Degrassi goes there”?) Anyhoo, since we only get half the cast at a time, let’s see what happened with this half.

Dave: There’s a girl in Degrassi we haven’t met. She’s a cute girl named Sadie that likes basketball – and Dave. Only there’s one problem: she is way taller than Dave and the guys (Wes and a now post-puberty Connor) made fun of him endlessly for it. So, in true high school fashion, Dave makes fun of Sadie and breaks all things off with her. But he decides he likes her too much and puts aside the height difference. They play a game of basketball and walk off the court, hand-in-hand. Aw.

Anya: Anya is single, almost 18 and crazy for Dr. Chris. Things are going great for Anya, especially when Dr. Chris tells them her mom is cancer-free. She asks Holly J. to help her get Dr. Chris to be her Valentine. Oddly, it works – he’s already interested in her. But he also thinks she’s in college. Through conversation, it is revealed that Dr. Chris is 25 and Anya agrees to being 20. They do have a lot in common (he understands her love for LARPing because he likes Dungeons and Dragons) and even invites her for a night away to go to a Renaissance Fair. It’s at this point that she not only realizes Dr. Chris could get in trouble because of her age but she gets caught sneaking out by her mom. The two of them go to Dr. Chris’ office and tell him the truth. He’s truly upset. However, he agrees to meet Anya for lunch and they agree they both like each other enough to wait the two months until her 18th birthday and then start dating. It’s even circled in her calendar.

Fiona and Adam: When we last left Fi and Adam, they were circling around each other before Fi decided to not show up to the party Adam threw for her. Now, with love all around, Fiona has decided she’s in love with Adam. She’s all in … after she lies to him about why she didn’t show up to the party, of course. They start rehearsing for the play, where they’re playing the leads and must kiss. The kissing leads to their feelings coming out, but only when Fi is drunk. Holly J notices how Fi is acting and warns Adam. But he gets to make out with Fi so he’s enabling her. Eli and Claire try to open Adam’s eyes to what’s going on, but it’s not until he sees for himself what’s going on. They hold an intervention, where it’s decided Fi will go to rehab. She’s beyond upset and Adam thinks he’s lost her forever. But Holly J finds Adam and gives him a page of Fi’s journal where she admits her true feelings for him. They’re real. Now Adam just has to wait.

So there we go with this part of the cast. Still to come? Alli is back (but runs away), Riley makes out with a guy and is caught by his mom and Eli goes crazy during “Degrassi: In Too Deep.”

A good first episode back but not one that deserved an hour. If they’re gonna give us an hour then they should give us more of the cast. So we’ve got Anya with Dr. Chris (a la Paige with Mr. O), Dave with Sadie (love it) and Fiona in rehab. I was a bit taken aback by her comment about living in New York and knowing lots of people “like Adam” then needing to be drunk to be around him. Why just not have her drunk to be drunk? I enjoyed Holly J’s participation in both Fi and Anya’s storylines. It shows her growth (and I like her maturity). Should be interesting to see what happens next.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Fi will still love Adam when she’s out of rehab? How about Sav in the cupid suit? Will Anya and Dr. Chris wait the two months? Leave your two cents below!

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2 Responses to Degrassi – Recap & Review – When Love Takes Over

  1. karenbelgrad says:

    I was OK with the smaller amounts of cast, since technically it was two half hour episodes. I just wish they’d give us A+, A, and A- stories instead of clear A, B, and C storylines.

    Dave and Sadie was cute, but just cute. It really lacked drama and felt almost more Brady Bunch than Degrassi.

    Anya and Chris… well that’s just got ick factor all over it. Yes, many of us were teenagers with crushes on older men, but an intelligent doctor (aka not a carnie) would probably want more out of a relationship than LARP with an almost 18 yr old. He should’ve been angrier about the age lie too.

    Adam and Fiona (FAdam)were my favorite story of the week. I liked that they took it slow without getting into the (further down the road) aspects of what the physicality between the two means. This is Adam’s first relationship, so he has to figure out what sex means to him. Fiona’s drinking problem has been a slow simmer, which is more realistic than the Jessie-Spano-caffeine-pill addiction on SBTB in the 80s. I also like that it’s champagne and not her swilling out of a brown paper bag, that wouldn’t fit with her character.

    So there’s my feedback/mini-cap!

    • Farrah says:

      I’ve had this up for a few days. I needed to put my thoughts together. 🙂

      I’m used to the half/half cast stuff because One Life to Live does it, but it doesn’t mean I like it. And with the “In Too Deep” previews, everyone is involved so I just wish we’d move along already. Especially with it being Valentine’s Day .. we should have seen KC and Jenna, more of Eli and Claire (besides them being a sounding board for Adam), Riley and whoever he decides to go after, and the traditional Degrassi Valentine’s Day dance. Just didn’t make sense!

      I’m not icky over Anya and Chris. He’s obviously not a mature 25 so let’s just call him 20 and she’s a bit mature so we’ll call her 20 so they meet in the middle. Plus, things are a bit different up north. I mean, they have bars on some of their college campuses because you can drink at, um, 19 I think?

      At least FAdam made sense. I agree with the pace it went but I think it may go dark quickly after her rehab stint, however long that takes.

      I agree they gave us A, B and C instead of keeping A, A and A.

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