Off the Map – Recap & Review – I’m Here

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Off the Map
I’m Here

Original Air Date: Feb 9, 2011

Rachel M – Staff Writer

Hey everybody, I’m filling in for Meg this week and I’ll try to do her awesome recap’s justice. This week we’re learning more about Mina and Tommy’s past and their reasons for being in the jungle. We’ve also got a pretty amazing rescue, three love dramas playing out and Ryan is sick, coughing up a storm at the soccer game, then again when they come up from the rescue. It’s an episode about family and redemption, continuing on the theme of last week’s show. PS- if you’re squeamish this is not the show for you.

The entire hospital appears is out on the beach playing soccer. Mina is all freaked about Otis hugging her during the game, and Charlie is exchanging messages between Tommy and Alma. Ah, young love!

The Underwater Rescue
Ben, Ryan, Mina and Tommy are called by a boat to care for two American divers who were injured in an underwater rock slide. Nick, the dad, is pretty much okay. He’s got some nasty looking coral stuck in his skin and an injured wrist. Shannon, the daughter, is trapped under a rock. Ryan and Ben are down there trying to help her while everyone waits for a winch to move the rock. Mina and Tommy are caring for Nick, who tells them that he and his daughter don’t really know each other, but this trip was an attempt to fix that.

But Shannon has more problems than a rock crushing her leg, she has a collapsed lung. Suddenly they can’t wait for the winch. Ben goes up to the surface to update everyone and gather supplies, he’s going to have to amputate the leg under water! (Aren’t there sharks and stuff where they are?) They’re going to clamp the veins and block the nerve so she won’t be in pain. Mina is still working on her people skills and suggests that Nick write something on the wax board as a message to Janet. Mina writes “I’m Here – Dad” as the message since he’s too wrapped up in his own drama to say anything useful.

Shannon is understandably distraught that they are taking off her leg, just below the knee. Again, not for those of us who are prone to nausea. Seriously. Look away. They surface with the girl, and immediately go to work. They rush her back to the clinic to fix her collapsed lung and Tommy finishes closing her leg. He’s worked with a lot of amputees and encourages her to start accepting it. Nick goes to see Shannon after her surgery, he’s used his connections to make sure she gets the best amputee care possible. She is incredibly angry at Nick, he left her family when she was four and all of a sudden he wants to have a relationship with her. He brought her on this trip to paradise which cost her half her leg.

Nick tells Mina about the reason for the trip and why he’s trying so hard to make things right. He feels like a failure as a father and he doesn’t know how to relate to Shannon at all. Mina is really making strides in her people skills. Tommy is making headway with Shannon too, trying to explain her father’s attempts to make things right. Tommy tells her about his strained relationship with his parents, that he hasn’t talked to them in over a year but he’s trying to prove something to them.

Shannon goes to Nick to forgive him, and he is able to comfort her and hold her hand. Which is a huge step in their relationship.

Love Drama One: Zee & Angus
Angus is a cultural linguist who comes to the clinic about once a year, and clearly has an affectionate history for Zee. Otis is jealous and the two of them have kind of pissing match. Angus is not thrilled about Zee’s relationship with Otis, he insists that she should ask him a question to test his level of caring for her. Angus has fly larvae in his skin (ICK!). She wants to perform surgery but he can’t wait, so she says she can draw them out instead, using Otis’ bacon!

Angus and Zee are “dancing” over his various injuries when he’s been to the clinic to see her. He tells her that he would quit his crazy jungle life to stay with her at the clinic, and when she says no, he asks her to come with him. He is in love with her. Otis doesn’t want to play the “how well do you know my soul” quiz. Even so, he looks at her file to find out her middle name, Toledo. But he thinks it’s Spanish, but it actually means Toledo Ohio for her father. She tells Otis that she’s done, over their fling.

With Angus, Zee says goodbye until next time. Why doesn’t she tell him to stay!

Love Drama Two: Lily & Matteo
Mateo shows up at the clinic and he’s been shot in the gut. He tells her that he got shot with a hunter’s trap to shoot cupabarra. The team is going to have to operate to repair the damage. While Mateo is in surgery, Zee and Otis are having their own squabble over the surgery field. When Otis finds the bullet it’s not from a hunting rifle, it’s from a police hand gun. They have to report it to the police, as clinic policy, but Lily still wants to believe that Mateo is a good guy.

Lily tells Mateo that she’s called the police, so he tries to leave right after surgery. She calls him out when he says good bye and he comes back and kisses her. Hot stuff! He barely gets around the corner when he’s bleeding again and has to come back. When Otis, Ben and Ryan are talking about Mateo, Ryan starts coughing up blood. She’s seriously sick. Lily is going back to treat Mateo and he weaves another story about why he was shot. Now apparently he was a law student who left to take care of his family and protect them from the corruption and bad things that are happening. He says he was defending his sister and got shot when he threw a punch.

The police show up to see Mateo. Lily lies, Ben helps cover for her and the policeman does a quick search of the clinic to look for him. Mateo just barely slips out, and Ben is not thrilled about Lily’s protection of Mateo.

Love Drama Three: Tommy & Alma
Tommy’s been boasting all episode about how celibacy is the way to go. He’s more focused and doesn’t get all wrapped up in the drama. The gang is the bar, and Charlie tells Tommy that Alma broke up with her boyfriend and wants to buy him a drink. He says he’s focusing on his medicine, and Lily and Mina tell him he’s crazy and to go after her. So he does, and since he doesn’t speak Spanish he just kisses her, “Comprende?”

The End
There is something seriously wrong with Ryan, and Ben knows it. He wants to run all kinds of tests but she won’t let him. Mina goes and talks to Otis about the hug. He is wearing a hat over his face and she asks him to keep it there. She explains that in medical school she was called The Ice Queen, and she has never been a very tactile person, never holding hands. She tells him that holding his hand during the dental nightmare and getting a hug meant something to her.

Everyone is growing by leaps and bounds here! Mina is making real progress, Tommy is reaching out to his parents, Lily is making new boy friends, Zee and Otis have gotten it out of their systems. So where do you think all these love drama’s will lead? PS- do Mina and Otis have a thing in their future? What’s going on with Ryan? Share your TwoCents below!

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