The Good Wife- Recap & Review – Real Deal

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The Good Wife
Real Deal

Original Air Date: Feb 8, 2011

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

Michael J. Fox is back – wahoo! And once again, he’s playing mind games with Alicia and his intentions are extremely murky. Don’t you just love it?

The action begins when Alicia is doing an Erin Brockovich, walking a neighborhood looking for people to represent in a class action suit that may be worth $55 million.

It seems that a cluster of people in this neighborhood are having miscarriages and infertility problems, probably linked to a pesticide used in the area. Trouble is, Fox’s Louis Canning is also trying to get people to sign with him and whoever has the most clients, gets the suit. As we know from the last time he appeared, he uses his neurological disorder to gain support.

Louis used to work for big pharmaceutical companies to destroy cases like this. But, he tells the judge, he’s seen the error of his ways and is a changed man, now working for himself. So you can’t blame Alicia for being suspicious. And it’s even more suspicious that Louis seems to know the firm’s moves before they make them.

Loved the scene where Kalinda, posing as a reporter, clashes with Louis. Two powerhouse actors going head to head. And Louis knows who Kalinda is from the first second.

But Alicia and Kalinda are able to prove that Louis already had a deal with the pharmaceutical company ahead of time for $2 million. Score one for the good guys. And the firm really needs this case because it will give Diane and Will leverage to oust Derrick.

However, Kalinda discovers a key-logging program on Alicia’s computer, and several others in the firm. They type in a few fake messages between Alicia and Diane to ferret out the guilty party — and it is Derrick! And that means he tipped Louis off so the firm wouldn’t get the class action suit. But Will and Diane use the same trick to get Derrick to start firing partners who are on his side. Sneaky.

There’s also a small story about Will and his girlfriend, who is worried that her feelings for Will are starting to run too deep. This is only important because it may come between Will and Alicia (although that last scene of Peter and Alicia in bed, giggling, may do that even more).

Peter’s campaign, which is out of money, hires a new pollster who reveals that Peter is getting the youth vote, so they start courting it more. That’s where the cameo by Method Man (as a jail cell mate of Peter’s) comes in handy– he agrees to do a benefit concert for Peter. And Florrick is back in the political game.

Did you love Denis O’Hare as the judge? I couldn’t help think that the judge encouraging everyone to give blood is a wink-wink to his character from “True Blood.” (In a side note, why is O’Hare NOT getting award-love for his magnificent turn as a vicious, charming and off-balance creature of the night?)

What did you think of Alicia and Peter in bed laughing? Do you want to see Fox become a reoccurring character? Will the pot issue fire up Peter’s campaign? Give us your TwoCents…


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