NCIS – Recap & Review – Ships in the Night

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Ships in the Night

Original Air Date: Jan 11, 2011

Maria – TwoCents Reviewer

Special Agent Abigail Borin (she was in an episode called “Jurisdiction” last season) is stuck on a date from hell with Steve Mehlman, on a boat so there’s no where to go. She makes her excuses and heads to the bar, where she exchanges some pleasant banter with a Marine Lieutenant Jeremy Nolan. This conversation is interrupted as Borin’s date finds her. Jeremy Nolan walks away. Moments later, he is shot dead on the deck of the boat. Good thing that Coast Guard Investigative Service Special Agent Abigail Borin was on board so she can personally investigate further.

Movie buff Agent Dinozzo helps explain the situation by likening it to Poirot investigating the Murder on the Orient Express. It is mostly assumed that the killer is on board the ship. This is what leads to the first suspect, a waiter on the boat. Doug Fisher is an ex-marine who makes his dislike open because he believes Jeremy Nolan only joined the Marines as a stunt. He confesses to having an argument with the man but claims he never shot him.

This is supported by evidence found by mortician Ducky, Coast Guard Abigail and lab rat Abby. Ducky gathers the angle of the bullets in the body, NCIS mascot Abby uses her simulation skills to show the bullet trajectory is all wrong. The shot must have come from outside the boat. Abigail is able to use her mad coast guard skills to identify the type of boat the shooter was on from a photo taken by one of the passengers.

Jeremy Nolan was part of a famous family. His father died recently but he is survived by his sister, Kimberly Nolan and his uncle, Wayne Grossman. The family was rich beyond all sense and modesty but Jeremy walked away from that lifestyle and into the life of a Marine. Now, a guy called Tom Adams runs the company, despite not being family.

Doubt arises that Jeremy Nolan may not be the saint he was proclaimed since Devin Lodge filed an assault charge against him. Whilst Jeremy was away, Devin started dating Jeremy’s sister Kimberly and he mistreated her. Tony and Ziva find Devin at a club. He’s foolish enough to call a woman a ‘bitch’ in front of Ziva. Big Mistake!

Goth Abby has found an anomaly in the blood swaps taken at the crime scene. Two different blood samples have become mixed. Coast Guard Abigail gets receives the news that a body has been recovered from the ocean. At first it is suspected the body may be another victim, but no, the bullets in his pocket and his identity as a confirmed hit man. Killing the contract killer: rather evil indeed.

Devin is looking the prime suspect for Jeremy Nolan’s murder: there doesn’t appear to be any paparazzi to prove his whereabouts, his poor treatment of women shows he’s capable of cruelty and his company owns the kind of boat the killer was on. His twitter still declares him “grunk at the club” so Tony and Ziva pick him up. It turns out that he does have an alibi: he was sleeping with a 17 year old girl at the time. Ziva arrests him for sleeping with a minor instead.

There is a slew of evidence, but most of it is coincidental. Wayne Grossman, Jeremy Nolan’s lawyer of an uncle, defended the hitman of a minor charge many years ago. CFO for the Nolan Company, Tom Adams, has left his fingerprints on the boat used for the murder but so did many other people. Kimberly Nolan also has motive, because her brother was going to change the company to a charity, which would do her out of a lot of money. Gibbs states that it’s time to break rule number one, not Abigail’s rule number one, not that other Gibbs rule #1 but the one about not putting suspects in a room together.

The contaminated blood sample was a result of his sister being nicked in the arm by the bullet because she drew her brother out on the deck of the boat. I’m having a strange flashback to Tony DiNozzo references “Murder on the Orient Express” because it turns out that all three suspects conspired to murder Jeremy Nolan, with audio recordings. Tom Adams, Wayne Grossman and Kimberly Nolan are all eager to dish the dirt on one another.

It seems Jeremy Nolan was a saint, because whilst he was serving his country, he got a service buddy to help him redraft his will. The company does not go to his sister and is now a charity. Yep, all the best ones do get taken.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this episode. I love Abby Sciuto and her being on a mailing list for animals in the service is such an in-character thing. It’s adorable! I do like Abigail Borin but she seems too good to be true. I also really don’t like the way Tim McGee was treated in this episode; he seemed so undermined, so tired and unappreciated. As for the plot, I’m a little wary of saintly characters and the victim, Jeremy Nolan, comes across that way a little to me. Still, I adore NCIS. Highlighting the fact that there’s more than one Gibbs’ rule #1 really made me laugh!

So, how do you feel about Abigail Borin? Tim McGee? Jeremy Nolan? Please, share your thoughts on the characters and the plot for this episode. Please share your TwoCents.

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2 Responses to NCIS – Recap & Review – Ships in the Night

  1. annette says:

    I like Abigail Borin. I kind of hope she pops up in a few more episodes, perhaps as a love interest for Gibbs? She’s a redhead after all…

    By the by, Ducky’s a medical examiner, not a mortician.

  2. Maria says:

    Cool. Yeah, she is. Oh cheers, I’ll try and make a note of that. I just keep thinking of a medical examiner as someone who examines the living. I almost used the term ‘autopsy guy’. But thank you. I will try to use the correct terminology from now on.

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