The Closer – Recap & Review – Living Proof Part Two

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The Closer
Living Proof: Part Two

Original Air Date: Dec 27, 2010

Will – TwoCents Reviewer

This was such a jaw dropper of an episode! If you didn’t see last weeks episode which was part one of a two-hour episode then you need to read my recap of that. Anyway, for those of you who are caught up on part one and saw part two, you probably are just as shocked as I was.

This episode is once again hard for me to review because there is so much information. First off, as soon as the show comes on, the detectives find Skanders(the child in all of this mess) aunt Sarah dead. This adds to Brenda’s theory off a blood feud going on. I thought for sure it was Joan(Armand’s wife) killing all of these women to protect him and it turns out to be Armand himself!(gasp)

Brenda does some digging and learns that Armand isn’t really Armand. When all of that history was told about how Armand’s family was captured and beaten and raped during the war, Armand actually died but the fake Armand is one of the war criminals. He stole the identity of the real Armand after he died. instead of Skander being his nephew, he is actually his son.(gasp) The reason he started killing everyone was because Armand’s father had found out that someone had stolen Armand’s identity and he started doing some research. He eventually confronted the fake Armand but we all know how that turned out. The fake Armand went off the deep end and started killing everyone who could possibly identify him as a war criminal.

Brenda as always had a plan from the beginning. Brenda was able to make the fake Armand admit that Armand was not his real name and that nullified his marriage giving her access to his vehicle that him and his wife shared. She found blood that linked him to at least one of the murders of the girls.

Brenda is doing what she does best but there is always her parents. In the middle of all this, Brenda’s parents call her and tell her that somebody has robbed their RV. The crime scene tape that her parents had found was hilarious as noted in the picture above. Later in the show, we learn that Fritz staged the robbery so that they wouldn’t move to LA and go back to Georgia. It may sound mean but who wants there crazy parents living in the same neighborhood as you?

This to me was a insanely good episode. It had me questioning my judgement the whole time. It had me thinking right up to the part when they found out it was Armand. I didn’t pick up many clues during the show on who it was. Did you? Brenda as always did a fabulous job and since everyone missed their holiday plans, they all had dinner in the Murder Room including Brenda’s friend Sharon. So ironic because that’s what Brenda’s parents call Sharon, Brenda’s friend. We all know Brenda and Sharon have a weird relationship that can or can not be considered a friendship.

What did you think of this episode? Did you pick up clues to who it was during the show? Give me your two cents.

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1 Response to The Closer – Recap & Review – Living Proof Part Two

  1. Sìle says:

    I picked Armand about ten minutes in; seen similar storyline before.

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