NCIS: Los Angeles – Recap & Review – Deliverance

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NCIS: Los Angeles

Original Air Date: Nov 23, 2010

Alyssa Silva – TwoCents Reviewer

The mystery that is Henrietta Lange continues to unravel as the team continues their search for Coles bloody black book. There’s shooting, intrigue, a dog, an unsettling statistic about care centers, inventive use of an iPad and explosive action (both sexual and non-sexual).

Read on after the jump to see if the questions from Absolution were answered!

The Cold War was built on illusions of power. How right you are Hetty, how very right you are.

There were major plotlines that deserve attention. Let’s jump right into that, shall we?


Continuing on from last week, the title of this episode was entirely suited to Hetty’s storyline. Deliverance means the act of delivering someone or something, of liberation or rescue. In a way, this hour provided a subtle indication of Hetty being liberated from her past. Her relationship with Cole was based on deception but G was right – for Hetty, it slowly started to blur the line between fiction and reality. I thought it revealed a loneliness that seems to follow every single character on NCIS, if you think about it. The guilt she has carried around about Cole has manifested itself in a bloodthirsty determination to mount Cole’s killers heads on spikes. Yes that is a direct quote from the diminutive woman herself.

She sends the team off to find the Russian agents who offed Cole while she focuses on finding the book. While searching through Renner’s lover’s office and Renner’s mansion, she comes across our good friend Mattias again. Seems he’s a spook and the CIA has let him free with strings attached – find the book and get your freedom. When Hetty discovers that Mattias was actually working with the Russians, she tells Callen that she was a fool to trust him. But after the conversation with G at the end of the episode, I’m left wondering if Hetty knew all along that she was being played. My best evidence for this – while sending everyone on a wild goose chase after the book, Hetty had it all along. Titled ‘The Red Badge of Courage’ (reference to the Cold War noted), it was the same book she had been reading to Cole during her visits.

For me the best Hetty moment didn’t have her anywhere in the vicinity. While Hetty assured G Mattias wouldn’t be a problem anymore, G and the rest of the team jump the man when he’s in his car. With Deeks on the hood brandishing an iPad as a storybook, weaving a tale of a man caught cheating (there seems to be an epidemic going around in Hollywood at the moment), G then coldly informs Mattias that if any harm befalls Hetty…well the awesome foursome have the means and the cojones to make everything he loves come down in pieces. It was a heartwarming moment that demonstrated some serious family-esque love.


The original NCIS was all about UST between colleagues and LA has proved no different. But in this case, Keeks was obvious even to a blindman. Maybe it was the adrenaline rush, the exhilaration of cheating death. Whatever.

Deeks and Kensi sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Alright so they didn’t make out. Not the point. Context clue needed, I think. Kensi is in a room filled with trigger sensors rigged to explosives (explains why she wasn’t moving in that little room after the Russians took her). Deeks sticks something on his gun that emits the same frequency as the sensors and Kensi sensually La Femme Nikita’s her way through. The discomfort on Deeks’ face is proof enough for me. She comes to the end. They hold hands, both knowing one wrong step can send them both into little, bitty pieces. They escape, barely. Kensi’s on top of Deeks and he’s looking at her like she’s water in a barren desert.

You saw it too, didn’t you?

Oh. Em. Gee.

G and Hetty

We all know G’s the favourite. He’s the kid who gets the extra cookie and the audacious expense account. Up till now, I always wondered why. Now I know. Hetty and G are so alike it’s scary. They have both sacrificed a lot in their lives to protect people they love and people they don’t. They both have fake spouses. They both shoulder the blame, even when they aren’t at fault. I think Hetty has become almost like a mother to G. She was the one who put a roof over his head, one that while it isn’t furnished (at all) seems to be the first he can ever call his own. When people came after him last season, Hetty didn’t hesitate backing G despite the beat down she would receive from on high. Sure Hetty would do the same for any of the team, and she seems to be the gatekeeper of secrets, but I’ve always thought G was her gold star. It seems G feels the same, considering the threat-and-dash he orchestrated on Mattias.


Poor Deeks. He walked into the gym all huffy with praise for Monty, the police dog he’s gone undercover with a few times. Monty’s talent, aside from looking like his owner, is that he can sniff out bombs. Monty apparently gets stage fright (or it might be the hostile environment…which Sam points out police dogs are supposed to be able to work under) because he only uncovers the hidden plastique bomb once everyone has left.

Where I’m not going when I’m old

My grandfather used to run an old folks home when I was younger. We put on shows for them – sang, danced, performed skits. After Deeks told me how horny old people are – apparently care centers have the highest STD rates – I’m sufficiently grossed out. Just…yeah.

What did you think? Did LA deliver with their two-part fall sweeps? Did you enjoy seeing more of Hetty’s past? Did you like the Keeks? Give me your TwoCents!

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3 Responses to NCIS: Los Angeles – Recap & Review – Deliverance

  1. I didn’t get what “The Red Badge of Courage” had to do with anything in the end. If Hetty had the book all along, why did she allow the operation to go on for so long?

    • Alyssa says:

      Maybe she wanted to smoke Mattias out? I was still a bit confused at the end but I thought Hetty had the upper hand all along…maybe Cole entrusted it to her and Renner’s death sparked off a witchhunt that she couldn’t contain, so she played it to her advantage?

  2. Kat says:

    Adored these 2 episodes. Great to get some Hetty background (and as an Aussie, I’m so glad she’s spreading the use of ‘bloody’ and ‘bugger’ 🙂 Such useful words).

    And all the Kensi/Deeks… They were hilarious last episode and hot as anything in this one. It was nice seeing Kensi vulnerable and that she didn’t try to hide it from Deeks. And that hand holding – their ultimate moment of trust.

    I’m sure Deeks was looking at her mouth when she was on top him. His eyes kept flicking up and down. And then the ust was broken by the needing to pee line. I wish they hadn’t cut so soon, it looked like she was putting her head down on his shoulder.

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