The Mentalist – Recap & Review – Pink Chanel Suit

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The Mentalist
Pink Chanel Suit

Original Air Date: Oct 21, 2010.

Liz – Associate Staff Writer

I seem to remember a saying that deaths come in threes — or is that just bad things? Either way, this episode if the perfect example. During the wake for the mother of Pauline Fitzwilliams (Christine Rose! It’s a Heroes conspiracy!), Pauline’s daughter Abby is discovered missing and Abby’s boyfriend is found dead in the guesthouse. But security is tight around the house, and while security has no log of her leaving, no one has found her on the grounds either. Suspicious.

Pauline immediately fingers Raymond Tubbs, a white supremacist who deals in gangs and the associated unpleasantries, and Tubbs had threatened her and her family. While Lisbon agrees to look into Tubbs, she says they have to rule everyone else out as well. Pauline is adamant that Abby had gotten over her drug and alcohol issues and had been sober for months. Because, you know, people never relapse and then hide it out of guilt or shame.

They continue to make their initial questionings around the house. Jane speaks with Ed Saban, the physician to the dead matriarch, and he and Lisbon speak with Abby’s sister, Sophie. Sophie had spied Abby and Austin fighting; she bloodied his nose but Sophie left before she could see more. Not long after, forensics come back with Abby’s fingerprints on the murder weapon. This is looking to be a pretty simple case.

But we know it’s never that simple on this show. Lisbon and Whiteside, the head of the security team at the house, have a talk and he insists that there was nowhere to breach the perimeter they had around the house. Additionally, when Grace and Lisbon go out to investigate activity on Abby’s credit card, they instead catch Daniella, Abby’s best friend, having tea with Jane, who chastises them for their manners. Love you, Jane.

Abby had loaned Daniella the card to get some clothes for a job interview, and Daniella also gives valuable information — that Abby had relapsed, and was drinking wine when she was upset over her grandmother being sick. They send Cho to see Tubbs at the prison to follow up on that, and unsurprisingly, Tubbs is a white supremacist moron who picks at Cho for being Korean. Since Cho is awesome and unflappable, Cho does not react, gets information about his man inside the security team, and gives him a casually mocking, “Heil Hitler,” as he leaves. I demand more Cho, now, CBS.

Jane and Pauline have a conversation surrounding Abby and the rug in the study on the afternoon of the mother’s funeral. Abby is contrary, but also many other, more positive things — ultimately, this scene is good and shows one thing that I think the show’s writers are very talented at, and that is giving the survivors of the victim some depth. Of course, I’m willing to give some of this credit to Christine Rose who is amazing, but the writers have their own hand in it as well.

Next, just as Rigsby calls Lisbon to let her know they found Howard Dressler, Tubbs’s man on the inside, the alarm goes off. Jane set it off trying to smuggle the rug from the study out of the house to see if would have been possible to get her body out. It was not, but Hightower still isn’t impressed.

Howard Dressler is not much of a help, frankly, insisting that he only occasionally exchanged e-mails with Tubbs. But he does reveal that Abby had relapsed on drugs as well as alcohol, and he often obtained things for her and brought them in.

Jane announces that he knows where the body is hidden, and in typical Jane fashion he does this in the most public manner possible; here, this means he interrupts the mother’s funeral to announce that Abby’s body is hidden in the casket with her grandmother. Jane, Lisbon, Dr. Saban, and Pauline gather inside with the casket to have a look. When the casket turns up with only her mother, Pauline smacks Jane a good one across the face and Hightower intervenes, looking like she’d like to take her own shot. But now Jane knows for sure what to do and asks them — one more time — to trust him.

This plan involves waiting until cover of dark, when we see someone pulling a trash bag-wrapped body into the room with the casket: it is the doctor. He begins looking for his phone when it begins to ring, and eventually he discovers it in the casket — when he answers, Jane and Lisbon pop out of hiding, and she arrests him.

Dr. Saban had been giving Abby drugs to manage her addiction, and one time she overdosed. Austin entered and discovered the doctor with the body and was about to call the police to turn him in and — well, the poor doctor of course couldn’t have that. He left Austin, but hid Abby because her overdose pointed the finger at him specifically.

Wrapping up, Jane has the chance to apologize to Pauline for wrecking her mother’s funeral and generally being unprofessional and causing a hubbub (you know, as Jane does), and if he does, she will not pursue disciplinary action against him, Lisbon, or Hightower. He makes it pretty clear he has no intention of doing any such thing, even calling her a bat, and then of course she’s standing right behind him.

Pauline ends up thanking him instead, because his methods did uncover the truth — but not before calling him arrogant, callous, and juvenile (all of which are basically true). He cheerily walks out, with this crime solved, kissing Hightower on the cheek as he goes. I kind of love that cheeky little SOB.


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