The Vampire Diaries – Recap & Review – Plan B

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The Vampire Diaries
Plan B

Original Air Date: Oct 21, 2010

Meg – Sr. Reviewer

Stabbings, murders, and maimings—oh my! What a busy night it is in Mystic Falls! The vampires are in fine form this evening. While Stefan mortally endangers himself, instead of Elena (is this progress?), Damon reenacts a cringe-worthy scene from The Temple of Doom and Katherine reminds everybody that she’s the boss.

Want to know who goes from being dead sexy to just, well, dead? Read on for the full recap and review!

In an opening sequence reminiscent of the steamier pages of a Victoria’s Secret catalog, tonight’s episode kicks off with everybody getting nekkid. Stefan and Elena romp around and giggle, while Katherine gets freaky (and bitey) with Mason. Lest we forget who is good and who is evil, the wardrobe department has color-coded the lingerie—Elena sports a modest white bra, while Katherine writhes around in something black and strappy.

Moonstone Mystery
Jeremy seems to be a selective amnesiac. He pops over to Damon’s house for a chat, despite the fact that Damon, umm… you know, KILLED him, a few episodes ago. Alaric shows up, and actually seems a little jealous that Jeremy is worming his way into the bromance club.

The trio look at Isobel’s werewolf research and rehash the theory that an Aztec curse caused werewolves and vampires to be governed by the sun and moon, respectively. I remind the show that THERE WERE NO AZTECS IN VIRGINIA. They realize the curse was sealed with a moonstone (this was pre-SWAK) and speculate that Mason must want the moonstone so he can break the curse.

Bonnie’s Back
Bonnie reappears to guilt everyone and wear her Captain Judgypants hat. Good times! Bonnie and Elena have awkward talk about their relationship. Elena explains that she cares about her, but that Bonnie is a giant vortex of suckitude (I may be paraphrasing). Bonnie is angry that Elena is still friends with Caroline, since it was hard enough for Bonnie to lose Caroline and she doesn’t want to lose Elena too. Yes, Bonnie – because it’s all about YOU.

Stefan and Damon ask her to use her witchy mojo to figure out where the moonstone is hidden. Damon tells Bonnie to get over herself and help them. I start stenciling Meg+Damon 4EVA on my notepad.

Bonnie does some mind probes and figures out the moonstone is in an old well she and Caroline used to play in when they were kids. Ummm…. You played in a well? This is what happens when a generation grows up without Lassie in syndication!

Stefan pops down the old (and decidedly NOT child-friendly) well to look for the moonstone. Also, hasn’t he seen “The Ring?” As soon as he hits the water, his skin starts burning (this is why I use a Brita filter). The water is spiked with vervain!

Caroline saves the day by anchoring herself to a chain and lowering Elena into the well. Bonnie stands there. Real, helpful, Bonnie. Aren’t you supposed to be super powerful? Elena finds the moonstone box and a den of snakes. She screams when they swarm her, but still has it together enough to get herself and Stefan out of the well. I’d probably still be screaming and flailing…

Stefan is in a bad way (blood boils and corpse hands), so Elena feeds him with her blood. Everyone pretends that’s not the nastiest thing ever.

Caroline and Mama Sheriff
Sheriff Forbes is still chilling in the Salvatore dungeon, waiting for the vervain to leave her system so that she can be compelled to forget that Caroline is a vampire.

Caroline and her mother have a somewhat pained, long overdue talk. Caroline is refreshingly honest and tells her mother that yes, she wants to kill people, but that she drinks from stolen blood bags and is keeping her urges under control. Sheriff Forbes is amazed to hear how much her daughter has grown since death. You can almost see Caroline’s heart breaking when her mother tells her she’s proud that Caroline has become such a strong and confident person. Caroline at least has the class to not say, “yeah, sorry I had to die for you to say something nice to me.”

Even though Sheriff Forbes promises Caroline that she will keep her secret, Caroline doesn’t trust her mother to protect Damon and Stefan too. Awww. I heart Caroline. She compels her mother to go back to ignoring her.

With Mason subdued and bound at the Salvatore mansion, Damon gets to work. He is downright vicious, gleefully torturing him with a fire poker. Jeremy, who is totally Damon’s Renfield, helpfully supplies wolfsbane for Damon to shove down Mason’s throat. Yuck, this is a bit intense for an 8:00pm show…

Mason gives up and tells Damon that the stone is in the well and blathers on about how he and Katherine love each other. Damon rips out Mason’s heart. Let me clarify – that is not a metaphor. He literally rips the still-beating heart from Mason’s chest. Bummer – Mason was just starting to grow on me.

Because he can’t resist, Damon uses Mason’s phone to call Katherine and taunt her. Yes, Damon, mock your psychotic homicidal ex. That’s a great idea. Katherine shuts him up by saying that she has a Plan B (hey, what a coincidence, that’s the episode’s title!)—and Plan C-Z, so he can bring it on and she’ll still win.

To prove her point, she telephones Jenna and compels her to stab herself in the stomach with a carving knife. Yikes! I don’t care for Jenna, but damn, that’s gonna leave a mark. Katherine tells Elena that she has been using Jenna as a spy and that she knows Stefan and Elena never really broke up.

With lots of tears and angstycakes, Elena and Stefan break up because “people are getting hurt.” I think this is stupid. Why break up? Katherine is still going to have a vendetta against both of them. They are stronger as a team, not when they are lovelorn and isolated. Am I wrong?

So what’s Katherine’s Plan B? It’s Tyler. We end the evening with Katherine compelling Matt (no!) to trigger Tyler’s werewolf curse by “going after him and not stopping until he kills you!” You evil strumpet!! If she hurts Matt, I will seriously have to drop kick a ho.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Is Mason gone for good? Is Matt doomed? What are you hoping for? Leave some comments and let me know your two cents!

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3 Responses to The Vampire Diaries – Recap & Review – Plan B

  1. Lainey says:

    Geez! First the breakup with Matt, then more self-sacrific when Caroline’s gives up a new, grownup relationship with her mother by compelling her to forget everything that happened. Talk about heartbreaking! IMHO, she saved the episode for me. The rest was kinda “meh”.

    Elena was annoying with her constant need to know what was going on and insistence on trailing after Stefan like a lost puppy. I mean, did ANYONE in Mystic Falls believe they were actually fighting?? Damon was predictable (threaten, kill, act impulsively and then regret it) and did anyone else have a giggle wondering what the police/EMT’s would to have to say about a second stabbing at the Gilbert house?

    • Meg says:

      Ha – I know what you mean! I was cracking up over Elena’s “we’re broken up! But I’m gonna keep calling/following you/making out with you within view of everyone!” shtick. Great point re: the EMTs – you’d think they’d be on some police radar after all that!

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