The League – Recap & Review – The Anniversary Party

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The League
The Anniversary Party

Original Air Date: Oct 21, 2010

Anne – Associate Editor

Our matchup this week is Ruxin vs. Taco and Ruxin gives Taco entirely too much credit. It’s also Ruxin and Sophia’s fifth anniversary and Jenny’s birthday. On the same day. Yeah, that’s not gonna be good!

We also get to see Leslie Bibb again as Meeghan, Pete’s ex-wife.

Ruxin arrives home to find Taco visiting to get photos from Sophia for an anniversary gift. He then proceeds to “ruin” the nonexistent surprise party that Ruxin went all out on. Ruxin plays along, but isn’t happy. He assumes that Taco is keeping him preoccupied so that he can beat him. Again, I think he gives Taco too much credit.

Jenny is upset that the party is on her birthday. Sophia always steals her birthday thunder. At the bar, Kevin calls Andre a gay Iron Man because his phone and blue-tooth are all blinged out. Andre quickly proves his nerddom by correcting him. Gay Tony Stark it is! Ruxin tells Pete that Meeghan will be at the party with a “plus one”. Pete’s okay with it, he wants to see her happy. On his way out, Pete stops by the Men’s room and doesn’t have a place to put his wrapped sandwich. He risks taking it in with him, but has to throw it out after it’s been contaminated.

At the party, Jenny and Sophia have a birthday/anniversary debate. Sophia is very pushy. Pete comes in with his new invention, the bathroom cubby. You put your food or other items in it while you use the bathroom. Yeah, that’s safe. Meeghan comes in with an older man. She and Pete talk and she said her guy can go all night. She means that in all ways that it sounds. Pete tests that theory and tires the guy until he collapses. Point proven, he walks away pleased with himself.

Andre shows up with his date, Stacy. She googled them and knows all their secrets. Ruxin was a poet in college, she’s been trying to Facebook friend Kevin and Sophia had a nose job. They all are not pleased with this information. She overgoogled them.

Ruxin gets up to give his toast, which Taco interrupts to introduce said toast. Then Kevin jumps in and gives a touching speech about Jenny and love. He gets teary eyed and she’s very pleased. For now. Taco confiscates Ruxin’s phone so he can concentrate on Sophia. Ruxin thinks it’s further sabotage for their game. Taco shows the wedding video and it’s quite damaging. Ruxin had second thoughts about getting married. Pete and Meeghan had sex in the church and Kevin told Ruxin how to fake his way through his vows, with the same speech he’d just given to Jenny. But she didn’t care because now Sophia’s party was ruined.

Ruxin decides to fix things when Taco announced their wedding cake topper was there. Andre went to the bathroom and put his iPad in the bathroom cubby. Ruxin puts the cake in the cubby and takes the iPad in the bathroom to check his lineup. Andre gets angry and brings the cake in the bathroom. Of course, it falls on the floor. Ruxin saves a little chunk of it and presents it to Sophia. He tries to dissuade her by reminding her it’s been in the freezer for a while. She makes him take the first bite and he chokes it down. All crises averted!

What did you guys think of the episode? I think it was good, but not great. I’m hoping next week will be better. Please leave your comments below and I’ll see you next week! Thank you for reading!

Next Week: Ghost Monkey


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