Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Officer Down

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Blue Bloods
Officer Down

Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2010

Sara M. – Sr. Reviewer

In a family full of members of law enforcement, to lose another cop is like loosing one of their own in the Reagan family. If there’s anyone who takes a cop killer seriously it’s this family, who has already lost one son to the job. As the case unfolds the Reagans discover they’re dealing with another family, one that chose the criminal life. Will a cop killer be brought to justice or will a member of the Reagan family take care of him first?

Timing can be everything. When you’re planning a heist at a diamond exchange things have to be timed perfectly. The leader of the thieving trio makes this clear. One man is assigned to be the driver, he’s not to leave the van for any reason. While the other is going into the building and given a gun incase “anyone tries to be a hero.” The plan is executed without a hitch, until the two men are leaving the building. An officer who just happened to be in the area is walking by and notices one of the men carrying a gun. She draws her weapon gets off a few shots, injuring one, but is ultimately killed.

A little before this, Jamie stops by to see Danny, asking him about the Blue Templar. Which he is ultimately informed that it’s nothing for a rookie to worry about. Over at Frank’s office, Henry arrives with lunch. When the news comes through that there’s an officer down, Frank snaps into action. The officer, Michelle Martin, had been on the force since 2004, married with a 6-year-old son. She was in the area to have her wedding ring resized. After assigning tasks, Frank returns to his office to find that his father has left and Michelle’s family has arrived.

Danny is working the case, with new partner Jackie. When he arrives at the scene he notices Jamie there, taping off the area. Else where Linda, Danny’s wife, is having coffee with Sydney, Jamie’s fiancé. The two discuss the fear that comes with the job, Linda provides little comfort, there’s not much to give. Danny and Jackie think that they found something helpful, a security camera with a perfect view of the diamond exchange. However a street light technician blocked the camera at the time of the crime. They bring the man in and discover that he’s a gambler way in over his head. He was forced into helping by his bookie, Ricky Vintano, son of Happy Jack, an old-time numbers man.

Happy Jack happens to be an old “friend” of Henry’s. The two were in the same Marine unit while in Korea and later crossed paths when Henry was a cop. He tries to make the case to Erin that Happy Jack was a good bad guy; no guns, girls, or drugs. And took care of a cop killer because they “knew where the line was” and how to deal with someone who crossed it. The next day Henry goes to see his old buddy, asking questions about Ricky. He doesn’t really get any information, but a surveillance team assigned to Happy Jack by Danny noticed Henry. Frank is upset with his father’s actions, worried that it might have jeopardized their chances to catch Ricky.

Another man is brought in, a bartender from Ricky’s bar. He’s able to give him the name of the wounded man, Jimmy Costello, another son of a former mobster. The bartender is also able to give them a description of the car the trio was driving, as well as a partial plate. Thanks to a parking ticket, they track the car down only to find Jimmy dead in the trunk. The third man, an Albanian known as “Monster” has a habit of killing his partners so he doesn’t have to share. At Michelle’s funeral the Reagan family is present, officers in dress uniforms. Frank speaks, giving a moving eulogy. As he climbs down from the pulpit Michelle’s 6-year-old son, wearing his mother’s uniform hat, stands and salutes him. Outside of the church Jackie is waiting for Danny with a lead and a change of clothes.

They tracked down Ricky through a girlfriend, Jackie and Danny arrive just as the two are about to make a run for it. Ricky is obnoxious, just horribly, I want to hit this guy, obnoxious. He’s cuffed in the backseat, screaming for a lawyer as they drive to a somewhat abandoned power plant. Pulling him from the car, Danny drags him out to an empty area before forcing him to his knees. This is the same spot Happy Jack shot another cop killer back in the 70s. Ricky finally gives up Monster’s location, a warehouse. Danny, Jackie, and a sizable gathering of SWAT officers, are waiting. As the garage door opens all they can see is darkness before a few flashes of gunshots appear. The officers open fire and Monsters is quickly dead. Looking over the body, Danny mumbles to his partner, “Now I can sleep tonight.”

The episode ends with a family dinner. Frank is still upset with Henry for getting involved. Erin and Danny are having their usual back and forth about the case. The mood is much lighter than usual, an odd feeling of relief that it wasn’t a member of the Reagan family killed in the line.

I was really pleased with this episode. Tom Selleck was just amazing in the funeral scene. It takes a lot to make me cry but when the little boy stood up and saluted, I lost it. Also it was nice to get a little more with some of the lesser-used characters like Linda and Henry. It seemed like this was the most I’ve heard Linda speak. And I love that Henry has such an interesting past and hope that they delve into it a little more.

Thoughts? Anyone else really excited to see Jennifer Esposito as Danny’s partner? Which storylines would you like to see developed a little more? Hoping to see a little more of Linda and Sydney in the future? Share your Two Cents below.

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2 Responses to Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Officer Down

  1. Farrah says:

    Loved, LOVED, this episode. Jennifer Esposito coming on is great. She’s always great in what she does and she fits really well with the mainly man-dominated cast. I loved how Danny was all “don’t look at me in the backseat” and she kept on talking about the case. It was great.

    The case itself was interesting and bringing Henry into it was clever. I wonder if the Blue Templars has anything to do with bringing some of the good bad guys into a group with the cops? Sort of like the cops would tell them what’s going on and the guys on the street would take care of what the cops couldn’t do legally?

    I also enjoyed the Linda/Sydney interaction. I wonder when we’ll start seeing more of Linda’s past (you know she has one). What did she do before she just stayed at home?

    And I’m also excited that more of my been-on-canceled-cop-shows stars are showing up on this show. Can I request Eddie Cibrian please? 🙂

  2. Fred says:

    What is the name of the beautiful church filmed in this episode?

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