The League – Recap & Review – The Marathon

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The League
The Marathon

Original Air Date: Oct 14, 2010

Anne – Associate Editor

Welcome to week four in The League. This week Kevin is up against Jenny in the league and it’s causing problems in their marriage.

Also, Andre trains for a marathon and stuff gets notarized.

Andre is running an ad soliciting pledges for a marathon and everyone reminds him that it’s just another of his failed exercise enterprises. He swears he’s going to go through with this one. Peter decides to goad him on by joining the marathon too. They make a $2000 bet on who will have the best time.

The guys are disappointed in Kevin and Jenny’s lovey doveyness about the fantasy football. They think it’s lame and unfair. It riles the couple up enough so that they actually start to have problems. Jen tries to trash talk him in bed and it turns Kevin off. They make a deal not to let the league ruin their marriage.

Andre is drinking a lot of an energy drink called Spunk. Yes, they went there. Of course, the others make fun of him and as usual, Andre is clueless. Ruxin tells a story about a notary at work who is always begging for pledges for marathons. Taco asks about what a notary is and Ruxin says it’s something so simple, even Taco could do it. So he does! He gets his stamp and makes a really funny video advertising his services.

Ruxin goes to Twyla to get some things notarized, but she refuses to help him when he refuses to pledge her.

At Kevin’s, he and Jenny are trying to keep away from the topic of football. She talks him in to picking Ellie up at dance class that Sunday. Then he finds out one of her players is injured. The guys want him to hide it from her. He does, but it backfires because she finds out anyway and ends up kicking his butt in the matchup. After they both forget to pick up Ellie.

At the bar, Andre shows off his official number to prove he’s registered. Pete has a written agreement to run in the marathon, notarized by Taco. After Taco notarized a woman’s butt, he steps on Andre’s foot chasing her, giving Andre the perfect excuse to not run. So Pete steals his number and allegedly participated enough to win the bet.

Ruxin gets Taco to notarize his business papers. But before he can, Twyla comes up and tells him that Taco’s stamp is actually from Venezuela and is not even valid. So Ruxin has to pledge after all. Ruxin see’s Andre’s Spunk on the table and tries it. He likes it! Mikey likes it!

This was a pretty good episode. I didn’t particularly like the Kevin and Jenny stuff. But the Taco video and the Pete and Andre stuff was pretty good. What did you all think? What was your favorite part? Please leave your comments below or send me an email. Thank you for reading!

Next Week: The Anniversary Party


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