NCIS: Los Angeles – Recap & Review – Little Angels

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NCIS: Los Angeles
Little Angels

Original Air Date: Oct 12, 2010

Alyssa Silva – TwoCents Reviewer

The theme of this entire episode was the fear. Kensi, or Charlene St James as her internet dating profile tells us, seems to be terrified of shaggy back hair on men. Sam is afraid of clowns. He’s also afraid of being buried alive, which is exactly what happens to Amanda Remy. Her father Cmdr Remy holds the keys to the Navy’s secrets (which seems to be a pattern with all the Navy victims this season) and wants NCIS on the case despite the fact that its outside their jurisdiction.

The FBI agrees graciously to allow NCIS leeway (even though it seems they pretty much solved the case themselves without any inter-agency cooperation) and they zero in on Lucas Maragos, whose MO seems to be burying girls in boxes and then sending a video of the crime to their loved ones.

Problem is Lucas was in jail when Amanda got abducted. Nell, who doesn’t speak as much and therefore doesn’t annoy me as much, pulls up video of a black Chevy Malibu leaving the forest Amanda disappeared in. It’s leased to Andre Maragos, Lucas’ brother. Seems both brothers don’t like each other very much, each saying the other one is more psychotic than the other, and we watch the veins in Sam’s bald head pulse with fury.

Eventually Sam and G get Eric to doctor in a blue latex glove that was used by Amanda’s abductor and show it to both Maragos brothers with the intent of tailing whoever cracks first. Andre’s wife looks a bit twitchy and the GPS Kensi slipped under the Malibu leads them to the burial site. Sam and G find out that its Andre’s two boys who buried Amanda, spurred on my dear ol’ Uncle Lucas who told them you could get your jollies off more if you buried your victims alive. Seriously, that is one twisted family.

But that wasn’t the focal point of the show. This episode was supposed to showcase the almost visceral fear that comes out of someone when you find yourself in a wooden box, under dirt and with nine hours of air. It brings to mind the Gravedigger episode from Bones which was pulled off brilliantly with equal parts fear, hope and helplessness by Brennan and Hodgins. Unfortunately I didn’t quite get that from Sam. We got to see a bit of Sam’s Navy Seal days. Sam was in Bosnia with his team to capture Serbian war criminals but got lured into a trap. Sam and his brother in arm, Brian, were stuffed into a shallow grave. Brian bleeds out and its supposed to be heartrending but I didn’t feel all that…attached to the scene. Maybe it was just me, but LL Cool J didn’t really showcase that crack of vulnerability Chris O’Donnell brings every week. Instead Sam’s flashbacks just seemed like a hasty addition to put a more personal spin on the case. Hetty claimed that in their line of work, they were all haunted by nightmares. I didn’t buy Sam’s nightmare at all.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you believe that Sam was affected by Amanda’s case? Did you think, at all, that the two boys were the culprits? How come Sam and G drive around in such nice cars for federal employees? Give me your TwoCents!

Next week: Stand-Off

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2 Responses to NCIS: Los Angeles – Recap & Review – Little Angels

  1. synical says:

    The buried alive plot reminds me of that movie, Buried.

    I’m gonna guess that the nice car Sam and G move around belongs to Uncle Sam 🙂

    • Alyssa Silva says:

      that scene with amanda and the cellphone was a blatant rip off of the Buried trailer, don’t ya think?

      uncle sam seems to have his priorities skewed. new car every week?

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