CSI – Recap & Review – Pool Shark

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Pool Shark

Original Air Date: Sep 30, 2010

Anne – Associate Editor

Another week in Vegas, another crazy case! Tonight we have the return of Method Man’s Drops and Holly Madison in a bikini. We also have the usual twists and turns and the departure of a beloved character. Poor Hodges!

It’s pool party time at the Golden Nugget hotel and casino. In attendance at this shindig is our favorite recurring criminal, Drops. He’s promoting the day clubs for the hotel. Everyone is partying and suddenly we see a tiger shark skimming through the water. Holly Madison (as herself?) sees the fish and screams just as the shark pulls a woman off her raft and eats her arm. Everybody scrambles out of the pool and CSI is beckoned.

They are greeted by Dr. Holloway (Christopher Gartin – Hottie alert!!), the Aquavet for all the hotels nearby. David shows up and is still nervous from last weeks event with the bomb-tricked body. The victim, Desiree Maguire, is removed from the pool and taken for examination. The shark is destroyed and also sent to CSI. Mr. Boozelle (Elliot Gould), the hotel manager, confronts Catherine and constantly insists on comparing her to her father. She dwells on it and has flashbacks of conversations with Sam. Once again, I think all of this is going to build up to Marg’s departure from the show. He reports that all his sharks are accounted for. He mentions that everyone is going to the pool across the street. Hmmm. Sounds fishy!

While examining the area around the pool, Nick and Sara find the remnant of a smoked blunt cigar. On it, they find Drop’s fingerprint. He claims that’s where he ushers in the bands and DJ’s. He pleads his innocence and for once is telling the truth. Wendy Simms (Liz Vassey) has returned from Portland as has been avoiding Wally. He learns she’s been confiding in Henry and is hurt. She explains that she’s taking a new job in Portland and wasn’t sure how to tell him. They say goodbye and she’s gone. Bummer. I liked her!

In the morgue, Ray and Doc Robbins examine Desiree’s body. They find a sharks tooth with no blood on it. She was dead before the shark got her! There are two mysteries here. They turn her body over and find an injection site. After tests reveal that she actually died of a heroin overdose, they realize this was murder, not just a shark attack. While reviewing video footage, Nick notices Desiree’s bling. By the time the body was retrieved, it was gone. Maybe it’s at the bottom of the pool? Hodges and Henry get sent to check.

While in the pool, they get into a fight and wrestle underwater. Henry finds the empty syringe at the bottom of the pool. Meanwhile, Catherine goes to visit Danny Macklin, the owner of the hotel across the street. He also claims all his sharks are accounted for. But after Ray and Doc Robbins are lied to by the Aquavet, they find a VIN number on the shark and trace it back to Macklin. The “sharktopsy” is so cool. The shark had a tapeworm and he had given it to Dr. Holloway to dispose of. Nick and Sara go to see the fine Vet and find him “swimming with the fishes”. More like floating dead with the fishes. His tank was full of carbon monoxide from automobile exhaust. Definitely from an older car. They suspect Boozelle.

The fingerprint found on the syringe belonged to an Anya Sanchez, a known jewelry thief. They find all of Desiree’s bling. The injection was merely to allow Anya to rob Desiree, but it was a bad dose and ended up killing her. The blood from the injection attracted the shark. Brass tells her, “You’re right, you’ve been a bad girl!” I love Brass. He inherited all the ironic lines from Grissom.

Catherine meets with Boozelle and he tells her that he and Macklin broke bread together and smashed their feud. He compliments her on a job well done and realizes she’s not like Sam at all. She remembers her dad telling her that even when businessmen in Vegas say a feud is squashed, it probably isn’t. So a team goes to Macklin’s and find all the tubing and paraphernalia for filling a tank with car exhaust. Not so squashed after all. He was afraid that the Vet was going to confess and ruin his reputation. So he had him killed.

It was a great episode. Chock full of many, many fish metaphors. I like it when they have these crazy cases. Like when the body was found in a tree in the desert. So absurd until you find out what happened. What did you think of the episode? Please comment below or send me an email. I’ll see you all back here next week!

Next week: Blood Moon


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