Drop Dead Diva – Recap & Review – Will & Grayson

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Drop Dead Diva
Will & Grayson

Original Air Date: Aug 15, 2010

Theresa – Staff Writer

Jane finds out she is being honored at a police banquet because of pro bono work Old Jane did. She also finds out old Jane was pretty bad at telling jokes, but that’s certainly not the most unpleasant surprise in store. But first, the scene as we enter to the banquet…

Parker and Kim have gone public, and are attending together. Fred is there with Stacy, and finds out it’s not going anywhere when Stacy tells Vanessa she’s sworn off boys until she has a better career. Vanessa is there with Grayson, having just found out that she was once engaged to a CEO moving his metal factory to Mexico (he’s representing the laid-off worker Sandra). The happy “couples” (and Teri) are watching Jane give her speech, when a woman stands up and exclaims that Jane stole her husband!

The next morning, Parker explains that the woman is Hope Prentiss, an assistant to the police detectives, married to Todd Prentiss, a detective. Hope comes to the office with pictures of Jane and Todd coming out of a motel room. Todd had left before she confronted him with the pictures, and their only association is when he wires money for their son’s kidney treatments. Believing Jane is still with him, she wants Jane to tell him to stop sending money and stay out of their lives.

Jane and Stacy go to the motel, but their only lead is a pair of prescription glasses Todd left behind. She tracks down his address through the optician. The real reason they were together and he’s on the lam, it turns out, is he had proof of detectives stealing money taken as evidence. The day they were going to start the case was the day Jane was shot, and afterward, Todd was accused of stealing the money, so he left.

Jane still doesn’t know where the dirty cop recording Todd gave her is, but while she’s trying to kick off the case, she accidentally exposes Todd to an arrest warrant that was out for him. She gets Judge Summers (Rosie O’Donnell) on Skype and quickly has her accept Todd’s surrender to avoid arrest. Very suspenseful couple of minutes! But then there’s happiness as he and Hope are reunited.

Court doesn’t go well, so Jane is still scouring her apartment for the recording. After an incredibly convoluted… I mean, totally believable trajectory of thought, she finds it in a Nixon documentary DVD case. Unfortunately, since they can’t authenticate it, it’s inadmissible. They wire Kim to go to the local cop bar and get someone to talk, since she can pass for trashy cop-bait, apparently. All goes according to plan, and Todd’s charges are dismissed.

Grayson thinks he’s got a good shot at winning his case with a pro-labor judge, but Vanessa tells him Will’s company hired the judge’s son to create a conflict, so now he has an anti-labor judge. Grayson doesn’t take it well when he finds out she heard this from Will, because they apparently still talk, and he knows she’s dating Grayson. In court, Grayson switches his angle to arguing that the city expanded services for the company and will lose money when they leave; unfortunately, there was no contract. Eventually Grayson finds that their competition can afford to stay local because they are subject to a government rebate program that Will is also eligible for, which means the factory can stay in the black and in the U.S.

Vanessa initially lied and said she had ended it with Will, but Grayson finds out it was the other way around. Vanessa confesses, but she says she wasn’t in love with Will. She and Grayson remain happily together, as Jane watches and empathizes with Hope Prentiss about how hard it is to see someone you love with someone else.

Fred gets Stacy acting work by putting together a recruitment video for the law firm. The glamour tape of Stacy he ends up making doesn’t get Kim’s approval, but it does get him a kiss on the cheek from Stacy. At the end is a cute scene of Jane joining them to watch an old film (“Here Comes Mr. Jordan”) where someone is reincarnated unwillingly into another person’s body, but uses the opportunity to better his life.

I was hoping for a little more devoted to the Jane-possible adulteress angle, but I think it’s great that the show is digging into Jane’s past. On the character side, it goes along with the theme of the season, which has been for Jane to attempt a closure on Deb and her life. Fred and Stacy just keep getting cuter, and unfortunately Grayson and Vanessa keep getting closer. So, with only one episode left before the finale, what do you see happening other than a possible Fred and Stacy relationship? I still want Jane to tell Grayson about Deb, but it doesn’t seem to fit right now. Let me know what you think -leave your Two Cents in the comments!

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One Response to Drop Dead Diva – Recap & Review – Will & Grayson

  1. Farrah says:

    I think there’s going to be something Jane says that clicks with Grayson that causes him to realize only Deb would know it and he realizes it on his own. Remember, Fred told her she can’t tell Grayson, he has to figure it out himself. Once that happens, I believe the two will be “integrated” if you will (I watch way too many soap operas).

    I feel Vanessa has something shady going on. I just don’t like her!! And she’s from my favorite soap and Eastwick. But she just ain’t right.

    And Fred and Stacy – YAY!!

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