Entourage and Hung Slip in Ratings

photo: hbo

Ratings are in for the season premieres of Entourage and Hung from Sunday night, and the numbers for the HBO comedies aren’t anything to laugh about. Both shows saw their ratings dip compared to last year, reports Variety.

The second season opener of Hung was down 13% from its series premiere in 2009. This comes despite that fact that it had a strong lead-in—the highly rated True Blood.

Entourage also took a hit, down 25% from its premiere last season. On the positive side, the long-running show held on to 100% of its Hung lead-in, with both shows averaging 2.5 million viewers.

Hung follows a well-endowed high school basketball coach played by Thomas Jane. The show premiered last year on HBO.

Entourage just entered its seventh season, with six final episodes planned for 2011 followed by a possible film adaptation. It has aired on the pay cable network since 2004.

My Two Cents: Entourage is already on its last legs creatively, verging on overstaying its welcome. Hung, meanwhile, doesn’t strike me as a show that people would absolutely have to tune in to every week. I’m a bit surprised it was renewed for a second season.

Is the dip in ratings due to a lack of quality? Is Hung actually worth checking out?

Hector, Jr. Reporter

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