The Tudors – Recap & Review – Episode 10 (Series Finale)

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Episode 10 (Series Finale)

Original Air Date: Jun 20, 2010

Thomas Nikl – Staff Writer

Well, fellow readers. We’re here. The series finale of our favorite medieval drama about King Henry –  The Tudors! The King grows old, the clergy is in pursuit of the Queen, Princess Mary grows more and more bitter by the day. And Lord Surrey has been sentenced to death. Let’s see how Showtime decides to wrap up this fantastic drama!

We start out where we left of. That skeezy priest writing up arrest papers for Queen Katherine. The Queen intercepts these papers and his upset and weeping. The King hears this and goes to see what is the matter and he doesn’t seem to know why. Apparently, the King didn’t know that his priest is writing up arrest warrants.

Meanwhile, the King is ailing. A visiting French Admiral comes to accept the peace treaties and the King suggests during their visit that the French join England in abolishing mass services in both their countries. The French Admiral doesn’t seem into this idea and says he cannot negotiate terms like this while the French King is ill (dying of Syphilis, apparently).

The priest tries to arrest another lady of Katherine’s court (privately) but she spills the beans on the Priest’s former shenanigans- apparently he embezzled a lot of money by transferring money from a church in Cornwall that was ordered burnt to the ground. I would really like to see this priest drawn and quartered so I hope she tells the King this little tidbit of juicy information!

The King brings Katherine in for a bit of a lecture. She apologizes and does some major backpedaling about her religious stuff. The King seems to accept her apology. But when the butler asks if he should cancel the warrant on her arrest for tomorrow morning the King says “why?”. So, the next morning the King and Katherine are having tea when the dude comes to serve the warrant. The King storms up, screams at the dudes, and tells them to be off! I wonder if the King is trying to send the Priest a message to stop over-stepping his power?

Now, the Priest is taking the offensive on trying to get Prince Edward out of good favor with Lord Hartford (who is into the religious reformation, also). Lord Hartord decks the Priest, which is awesome, though I still do not forgive Lord Hartford for killing off Lord Surrey. Soon the Priest requests an audience with the King. The King refuses. And has the Priest REMOVED from his court altogether BOO YAH! And he has to do the walk of shame past all of his (former) fellow counselors and advisers.

Sir Charles is not doing well. Not well at all. So the King summons him (probably one last time to see his best friend). Charles arrives looking absolutely horrific. But they chat for a bit. And they reminisce about all the good times they had. The King has Charles kneel so that he can command Charles to be healed. I don’t think it’s going to work but it’s a sweet gesture. And sadly, the next scene is Charles’ death bed. The King has him buried at St. George’s Chapel (and at the King’s expense).

The King summons the Queen, his two daughters, and his lords to a meeting. He basically tells them (not in so many words) that he won’t be around much longer and gives his “standing orders” as King while he is still alive. He bids farewell to Kate, Mary and Elizabeth. The King gives Katherine a super generous farewell package (servants, remains power as if she were Queen, a yearly salary, and the option to remarry if she sees fit). He also announces that Lord Hartford will be the protector of Prince Edward once the King passes. He also wishes to be laid to rest near his most beloved former Queen (and mother to Edward), Jane Seymour.

During this time, the King calls for an artist to draw him. And he is dressed in the clothes of an actual famous portrait of King Henry VIII. The first draft doesn’t go so well. The King hates it and orders it redone. And during all this the King seems to be getting visited by all his former Queens. It’s actually pretty cool. Sad. But cool. The artist returns later with the new portrait. A huge portrait. When the King sees it he has a montage of his former years (which was pretty cool). He very much likes this second portrait, which of course, is a replica of a very famous actual portrait of King Henry VIII. And so we end our series staring into this vast portrait of King Henry VIII with some notes on when he died and how his children ruled.

I must admit readers that I am saddened that The Tudors has come to an end. But I loved every second of it. What were your favorite Tudors memories? And how did you feel about this series finale?

“Praise the God of all, drink the wine, and let the world be the world”
– Sir Charles, to Lord Hartford.

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1 Response to The Tudors – Recap & Review – Episode 10 (Series Finale)

  1. Meg says:

    I loved the ghostly visit from Anne – the actors still had great chemistry and NAtalie Dormer hit it out of the park.

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