Parenthood – Recap & Review – What’s Goin’ On Down There?

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What’s Goin’ On Down There?

Original Air Date: Apr. 13, 2010

Brittany D. – Staff Writer

What’s going on down there? Hmm. What’s going on with Sarah and her teacher? I have a feeling Amber is going to have something to say about that. What’s going on with Crosby and Jasmine down on that boat? Both questions that need to be asked, and hopefully some answers are given in tonight’s episode!

Julia picks up Haddie so that she can be interviewed for a school paper. Julia is the type of lawyer who shuts down the small companies in favor of say, Walmart. Haddie doesn’t pick up on the fact that Julia screws people for a living. She’s floored though that her Aunt has so much power and is so important at the office. Back home, Julia has started thinking hard about the kind of law she does, and realizes she wanted to help people when she got into law, but her career didn’t turn out that way.

Adam is really adamant that the entire family go on a bike ride, and Kristina isn’t so sure because Max is on the sticker system and has his time with Gaby. Max makes the decision for them all when he wants to read for more stickers. Adam has to take some clients out, and they end up at a loud kind of sexyish Mexican restaurant/bar. I honestly don’t understand, but all of this is set up anyway for him to spy Gaby drinking and having a good time with her friends. He is perturbed because she is a twenty something who drinks AND TEACHES HIS CHILD. UNACCEPTABLE.

The next day, Kristin makes fun of Adam for being hung over after two margaritas. He wants to see how hung over Gaby is compared to him, but when she gets there she’s perky and bubbly as ever. Afer seeing how interested Haddie was in Julia’s work, Kristin tries to relieve her working days to Haddie, but se’s pretty convinced that Aunt Julia is more awesome. Later in the evening, Adam tries to take his wife out, but Gaby isn’t accepting over time and leaves. He then rages about how he has no life, he has a schedule, and he’d like to go out with his wife once in a while but everyone needs something from him, or Max needs something, or Haddie is ungrateful, etc. etc. Kristin tells him to take a break and walks away.

He goes on a bike ride with Haddie and while she bitches the whole time about Kristin, he takes her to a park that her mom was responsible for getting built. They bond a little, and she realizes her mom is kind of maybe awesome before leaving to go on a date. But before hanging out with Steve, she stops at Starbucks and gets something nice for her mom. Adam goes surfing, leaving his cell phone on the beach and truly taking a break.

Sarah and Mr. Cyr are walking along holding hands, and Sarah stresses about how she hasn’t been able to tell Amber that she’s dating her teacher. He has the idea to just make out first and see if there’s any chemistry, because if they tell her and they fizzle out, well, they made her have some unnecessary teenage angst. And it’s clear that there’s something between them, though I personally don’t get it. Cyr sends flowers to her at work, and over at Kristin’s the ladies drink wine and dish about how Cyr looks like Mark Ruffalo. Kristin tells Sarah that she should HIT THAT. Julia of course advises Sarah to do some…downstairs grooming. “I haven’t touched his pickle yet” becomes the best line to ever come out of my television.

Sarah goes over to Cyr’s house and he presents her with his copy of The Sound and the Fury. She reads a passage that he highlighted like, five years ago when he was 17, the exact passage that she wrote her entire paper about twelve years ago. And then there was sexy times.

Cyr is helping Amber with her SAT words and downloads a playlist to her iPod that will apparently help her. Let’s predict how Amber will react when she finds out about her mother and her teacher. Adam picks up Amber from school, and as soon as he hears the mix tape thing, the wheels are turning in his head and you know he knows this can only end in disaster. The next morning, he meets Sarah for breakfast and tells her this is not a good idea, but Sarah insists that Amber wont be jealous. Adam asks her to think about it, and she snaps that he’s not the only good parent.

That night, Sarah bites the bullet. On the outside Amber takes it well, and Sarah thinks she’s dodged a bullet, but then she hears crying through the other side of the door. Sarah heads to Cyr’s apartment and tells him that they can’t go out again until Amber graduates, because she wants to be a better mom and not hurt Amber any more than she already has. Cyr doesn’t get it even as she walks out and goes home to sharpen a forest full of number two pencils for SAT the next day. Instead of taking her test though, Amber calls her boyfriend from Fresno, and they drive off together.

Crosby takes Jabbar to his friend Milo’s house, and the mom is single and hot with an accent. The two of them make out in a bedroom while their kids are swimming, but Crosby decides that he doesn’t feel comfortable with the whole thing while his son is nearby. The next day, Jasmine is super pissed because she thinks Crosby used Jabbar as chick bait. She yells at him, and even though he says he’s growing as a person, she won’t let Jabbar stay with him for the day.

Personally, I’d like to give kudos to Sarah and Crosby tonight. Both of them showed that they’re stepping up to put their kids first, and while I think that Sarah has been trying to do that, Crosby is definitely implied to be turning over a new leaf, so good for him! Not all guys know when it’s time to leave the party life behind and step up to the plate that is manhood. So, what did you all think? Leave me your Two Cents in the comments. And P.S.: It’s good to be back!

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1 Response to Parenthood – Recap & Review – What’s Goin’ On Down There?

  1. Karen says:

    Just a little thought… Crosby shouldn’t have put the backpack on Jasmine while she was holding Jabbar. A gentleman wouldve carried the kid OR his stuff to her car 🙂

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