Brothers and Sisters – Recap & Review – Time After Time (Parts 1 & 2)

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Brothers and Sisters
Time After Time (Parts 1 & 2)

Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2010

Farrah Kaye – Associate Editor

It’s the episode we’ve been waiting for: the flashbacks! The flashbacks have been all the talk for months now and are supposed to tell us why Dennis York is around. Is one of Nora’s kids really a York? Did William do something horrible and York is blackmailing her? Whatever it is, this is the episode that would answer it all. Mix that with the amazing previews (Justin telling Rebecca they should get married, Tommy yelling at Nora for lying to him for 25 years, Kitty getting her first post-cancer checkup results, Kevin and a “what have I done?” moment…) and it’s no wonder they called this a movie instead of an episode. Yes, Brothers and Sisters: The Movie…it was also two hours long so this will be a long review.

FLASHBACK: The show opens with a car accident, in grayness. A car has gone into a light pole and a teenager is on the sidewalk. It’s a young Tommy, who calls Nora and tells him he’s been in a accident. In present-day, Nora is staring off into space when Tommy gets her to come to. Saul comes in and sees Tommy (remember, she brought him back from Seattle with her and no one knows he’s there). Kitty, Sarah and the rest of the gang come in one by one. Nora suggests ordering take out instead of cooking so everyone knows something is up (or as Kitty calls it, “Bizarro World”). Everyone thinks Tommy has an announcement to make but Nora finally tells them about how Dennis came to her to buy out their shares of the business and she thinks they should. Sarah is upset that Tommy has come down just to lobby them to sell the shares and that Saul agrees, too. Justin brings up Narrow Lake, but no one else knows about it (he heard about it from Rebecca who found out about it from Holly). Nora starts playing on everyone’s situations – Justin/Med School, Kevin/having a baby. Kitty tells her to stop “spinning” everything and Saul tells Nora she isn’t telling them the whole truth – she needs to tell them about York. The younger kids don’t really know about him but Sarah and Tommy definitely remember him. Kitty asks Nora if York is blackmailing her and she says no and Kevin asks if William did anything York is covering. Nora gets upset and leaves, leaving everyone stunned.

Justin and Rebecca are talking about Narrow Lake and she doesn’t want to be caught in the middle. She also tells Justin she doesn’t want him to sell his shares – he says okay. Kevin is discussing the situation with Scotty and Scotty is happy about the offer because it will give them money considering they have none, both are unemployed and have an implantation coming up. Kevin doesn’t want to sell the shares because he doesn’t know the truth (and assumes that Tommy did something and they have to sell the shares to pay off his debt). Kitty is with Robert and thinks that the selling of the shares has to do with her father. She has her first post-Cancer check up but didn’t tell anyone about it. She’s decided to sell her shares because it seems Nora is in trouble. Home alone (uh, where’s Luc??) Sarah is thinking back to a fight she saw Nora having with William and Dennis when she was in high school. She calls Tommy and meets with him to tell him about the fight she remembers. She says he doesn’t remember what they were fighting about. He swears he doesn’t know but whatever it was, Nora was scared enough to come to Seattle and he really doesn’t want to dig up the family’s past. Nora meets with Dennis to tell him the kids won’t sell and says she needs more time. He tells her he’s losing patience and she tells him she never trusted him, that he’s “dead in the eyes.” They banter back and forth and he gives her an envelope, “proof”…canceled checks and more…and Nora says what they did wasn’t illegal. York tells her if she doesn’t get her kids to sell, he’s going to destroy her and her family.

Holly goes to Sarah about why she’s not selling her shares. Sarah asks why she never came to her about the Narrow Lake thing. She tells her all the stuff we (and Nora) already know. They agree Sarah won’t sell. Sarah goes to visit Nora and Nora apologizes for how she acted the night before. While they are talking, Kitty comes in to watch Sarah and Nora argue. Kitty is quiet on the sidelines when Nora asks her opinion. Sarah gets mad at Kitty for “being on Nora’s side.” She demands Kitty not sell (and says she’ll make sure no one else will) and Nora goes off on a rant to Sarah to not bully Kitty to not sell and how she’s been there for everyone else and she’s never asked any of them for anything until now. FLASHBACK: Tommy coming out of the hospital, seeing a stretcher going in the hospital door with Dennis behind it. He gets in the car with Nora. Tommy sees Nora is upset and she’s freaking out that Sarah is going to convince everyone not to sell. He asks her what is going on and begs her to tell him. Obviously it’s something big if she brought him down. She shows him the envelope that York gave her. Tommy looks at them and asks Nora “have you been paying off that family? You’ve been lying to me?? For 25 years?!” Someone (a Walker…assuming Tommy…) that someone hurt was paralyzed and William paid them every month. After William died, Nora kept going with the payments. When the accident happened, Nora told Tommy the kid was alright, but he wasn’t. Tommy is in shock. (I would be, too!)

Kitty, Kevin and Sarah are trying to figure out what’s wrong with Nora after she flipped out on Sarah. Kitty thinks William did something wrong while Kevin thinks it’s Tommy. Sarah tells them about the argument she overheard and Kitty tells her point of view. FLASHBACK: Kitty is drunk on the couch, watching Dennis, William and Nora arguing when Justin comes in. Kitty remembers it was the night of the big party at Ojai, and Kevin was there too. FLASHBACK: At Ojai, Kitty is rambling to Sarah’s “boyfriend” about politics and Sarah gives her a wine cooler. Tommy comes in, having just been given a new car. Tommy threatens to call William when Kevin comes in with a friend named Aaron. Kitty asks Kevin about Aaron and he says they had a fight that night. Sarah asks Kitty if she slept with her boyfriend. They all remember the party got busted up because Tommy called. FLASHBACK: Sarah gets a phone call that Tommy was in an accident and William was on the way. Kevin remembers something, too. FLASHBACK: Kevin sees Tommy getting in the car with someone else. Kevin tries to convince him not to drive drunk but Tommy says he’s okay to drive and they’re just going three blocks to get more beer. Tommy apologizes and says they’ll hang out over the weekend. Kevin watches them drive off. Sarah asks Kevin if he’s sure Tommy was drunk and now they’re all convinced Tommy was the one who is causing the current problems when Tommy knocks on the door. Sarah tells him she’s been figuring out the memory she had was the same as the night of the party. Tommy feels attacked and tells them to drop it. He leaves and Kevin goes after him saying he wants to help him. He tells him he’s on his own and has to face what he did but he’ll be alone when he does it.

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Kitty gets home to Robert early the next morning and tells him about Tommy’s car accident from when they were younger and all assume it’s what York is holding over Nora’s head. Robert already knows about it because they did a background check on everyone when he ran for president. Saul calls everyone to the house for a meeting about selling the company. Tommy says to Nora “it’s over…tell him the truth.” As he says this, Kitty calls Kevin to tell him it wasn’t Tommy who did anything. Kevin asks Nora if it was Tommy and she says no. He gets up and leaves and goes to the Ojai dock alone. FLASHBACK: Kevin and Aaron are on the dock talking. They share a wine cooler and Aaron is obviously into Kevin, but at this time, Kevin wasn’t “out.” He tries to kiss Kevin but Kevin pushes him away, hard. They fight, pretty badly, punching and everything. Eventually, Aaron falls off the dock (being pushed by Kevin) just as William walks up who demands Kevin get in the car. Tommy comes to the dock to talk to Kevin and wants to take him back to Nora to talk about everything. Kevin asks Tommy to tell him what happened. Tommy tells Kevin that when he was leaving the hospital after his accident, he saw Aaron going in to the hospital with York behind him. Aaron was paralyzed. Kevin is in complete shock.

Nora, Kitty and Sarah are waiting for Tommy and Kevin to get back. Kitty is in shock over what happened when Nora gets a phone call. She drives down to Ojai because Kevin won’t leave. Tommy tells Nora he told Kevin what happened. Nora tries to comfort him and Kevin wants to know what William saw. He also wants to know why Nora told him Aaron was alright when he wasn’t. Nora says it was because she wanted to protect him, he was an innocent little boy and she didn’t want it to destroy him. After that, there was never a good time and the longer she waited the harder it got. Kevin asks (and assumes) if the family was paid off (after all, that’s what Walkers do). Kevin says he doesn’t need protecting and everything she has said is about HER, not him. He tells her not to follow him and finally leaves. FLASHBACK: All the kids hanging out, Kitty signing Tommy’s cast. Nora comes in and Kevin asks her if everything will be okay. Nora goes to William’s grave and damns William for causing this all and tells him she hates him and how much pain he’s caused the family. She tells him after she fixes everything, she will never come back. Sarah tells Kitty that after all of this she’s not sure she can count on Nora and Kitty tells Sarah about her doctor appointment. Sarah tells her everything will be fine (which Kitty tells her not to do) and that no matter what, she will be there for her. Holly tries to call Nora, who isn’t answering the phone. Justin and Rebecca come in and Justin tells Holly he isn’t selling. Justin sees a painting on the wall of a cabin by a lake. They think it’s Narrow Lake and head to the courthouse to check out public records. It was owned by a William, but not Walker. While at the courthouse, Justin sees a couple coming out of the marriage ceremony room and says they should get married. He tells her she is his family and wants to marry her right now. The two of them, alone in the room, get married. FINALLY!!! It’s only been what, a whole season? No drama, no fighting, no wine (GASP!). They finally seem happy.

Saul, Tommy and Sarah go to Scotty to tell him what happened since Kevin hasn’t come home yet. He also missed the implantation (with Michelle – GAH). Sarah decides she wants to sell Ojai now. She’s done protecting the family. Kevin finally comes home and is beyond upset with Nora. He can’t believe what he did to Aaron and realizes he missed the implantation. He leaves again, feeling suffocated. Holly goes to Nora about Narrow Lake, saying it’s the key to getting her kids back. She tries to convince her to convince them not to sell Ojai. Nora says she’s made mistakes and they won’t listen to her. Holly tells her she was just protecting them and not to stop now. Nora finally realizes it’s all about the lake. Justin is on the phone trying to make a reservation for something and wants to keep it a secret from Rebecca and asks her to make him a souvenir penny in one of those make-a-flattened-penny machines. He gets his reservation and his penny. Kitty leaves her doctor appointment and says it went fine (Robert is with her). She’s upset because a girl that had cancer at the same time as her was back and her cancer has come back. She says it’s just a crapshoot and it’s not fair. Kevin calls Kitty and asks her to tell Scotty he’s okay but not ready to come home yet – he’s outside Aaron’s house and he’s sorry for what he did. Kitty still doesn’t know what happened. FLASHBACK: Kitty and Kevin are talking about Aaron. Kevin tells Kitty that Aaron thought Kevin like liked him. Kitty asks him if he does and Kevin says he doesn’t know but he’s been thinking about him. He says he did something stupid…and says “I’m gay aren’t I? I’m totally gay.” He says being gay isn’t okay though. Kitty says she wouldn’t care (although she’s a Republican, she’s his sister first). Kevin gets out of his car and walks up to Aaron’s house. He answers, in his wheelchair, and Kevin tells him who he is.

Kevin and Aaron are talking and it’s awkward. Aaron says he waited a long time for him to stop by and Kevin explains he didn’t know until the night before about what happened. By the way, Aaron is super hot. Aaron says he doesn’t dwell on that night and it doesn’t define him. Kevin says he’s trying not to make this about him and tells Aaron he’s gay (which Aaron knew back then). Aaron says he had a lot of rage but he moved on – he has a partner, a life – and that what happened in the past wasn’t Kevin’s fault. It was the world’s fault and he needs to make peace with what happened but not at that moment, in that place but in his own way. Justin takes Rebecca to the Ojai house (oh my goodness … this isn’t going to be a good honeymoon!) because this is where he remembers being the happiest. I just remember this is where funny stuff happens! Holly and Nora are being “Thelma and Louise” with York at his hotel. Nora meets him in the bar while Holly looks through his room. Nora says she brought him a contract which states he won’t fire any employees. He tells her he won’t be firing anyone, rather he plans on hiring more people. This makes Nora curious about what is making Ojai so valuable, which he won’t answer. When he wants to leave, Nora keeps him there by asking what happened to him – he used to be so sweet. He says that was before William got everything he wanted … Ojai, her, etc. And ick, he asks if she wonders what would have happened if she would have been with him instead of William. She tells him she never would have been with him because William never openly hurt people (which is why he hid everything). Holly finds nothing in the room but finds his valet ticket. They get his car, just as York comes out. They were going to look in the car but take it instead. They burn rubber out of the parking lot.

photo: abc

Nora and Holly are at a cafe – Holly is looking at the map and Nora is singing the Narrow Lake song. It’s the same cafe that Justin and Rebecca went to. When Holly tells Nora to “put some pep in your step” it triggers Nora to remember some of the rest of the song. Nora asks her when he went looking for the land and she answers the summer of ’73. She remembers they went to a party where he met a blonde and then left for the weekend. Could that have been when he found the lake? Robert calls and since Nora is a horrible liar, she tells him everything. Robert tells them to stop driving around in a stolen car. Nora says she knows the perfect place to think (do you see it coming??). Nora and Holly walk in on Rebecca and Justin celebrating their marriage on the couch. Kitty and Scotty are comforting Kevin about visiting Aaron. Kitty tells them about her checkup and how her getting cancer was an accident, kind of like Aaron falling was an accident. Either way, there’s no answer for what happened. Nora tells Justin everything when there’s a knock at the door. Tommy and Sarah show up looking for Nora (Robert told them about the car). Nora tells them she doesn’t care what they do and while everyone is arguing Justin tells them all to shut up and asks them if it has occurred to anyone why the two of them are there and announces their marriage. Before anyone can get excited, there’s another knock at the door. It’s the police there to arrest Nora and Holly.

Holly and Nora are in jail and are upset about the kids eloping. They agree to throw a big wedding when they get out. Nora thanks Holly for being on the journey with her and that if she didn’t know better, they were almost becoming friends. Holly is quiet and Nora asks why. Holly says the blonde William met at that party in ’73 was her. William didn’t sleep with her that weekend so maybe he really did go looking for the land like he said. Just as they get all excited, Robert comes to bail them out. Before he does, he takes a picture of them behind bars. Nora calls Kitty to see how Kevin is doing and tells her Justin is married and invites them to a dinner she is putting together at the Ojai house later that night. Kevin comes but won’t talk to Nora.

Everyone is around the table giving toasts to Justin and Rebecca. Robert’s toast involves passing around the jail photos of Holly and Nora. Kitty’s phone rings and it’s her doctor. She comes back crying and tells everyone she’s officially in remission. Yay for Kitty! Finally some good news. Justin thanks Nora for the dinner and they share a sweet mother/son moment reflecting on the past. Justin gives Nora his flattened penny for her scrapbook. Nora remembers that William brought her back that same penny the weekend in ’73 and Holly gets the map. Sarah and Tommy talk on the porch about selling Ojai and hope it’s not a mistake. She asks him if he’d ever come back and he says he doesn’t know. Tommy asks what Sarah would do with Ojai and she says she would plant strawberries and Tommy likes the idea. Everyone else is inside with the map, using all of the clues and the GPS points to find the land. Kevin is even involved and figures out that Narrow Lake is an anagram for Nora Walker and the road the empty land is on on the map is called “The Street of Dreams.” So whatever William was looking for, it was all for Nora and their future. Kevin leaves and says he still doesn’t want to talk to Nora. Holly and Nora head out to the piece of land on the map. It’s land, no lake, and Nora says she sees their future.

Next week, the drama keeps going! Luc is leaving, Kevin is upset about what William thought of him, Holly spent the $2 million that Rebecca gave her and Robert tells Kitty something majorly huge.

SO WOW! This really was a movie! So much happened.
– Kevin was the one William and Nora were protecting. Did anyone see that coming? I sure didn’t! Everyone always assumes Tommy is the screw up. Kevin will have a hard time recovering from this.
– Kitty is cancer free. WOOHOO!
– Justin and Rebecca got married. But now what? She was barely over losing the baby and he is failing out of med school. Is this really going to work out? Love can only take you so far.
– Tommy is back but will he stay? I hope he will.
– Sarah wants to plant wild strawberries and now Holly and Nora have found the land. Will they use her idea?
– Will Holly and Nora stay civil? I love it when they are – it’s SO funny. I liked them working together.
– What will Robert’s big reveal be? He’s taking that secret job and leaving? It’s almost season finale time and Rob Lowe needs to start heading over to Parks and Recreation.
– Wouldn’t it be cool if Aaron and his partner became a part of the show and became friends with Scotty and Kevin? I would like to see Scotty and Kevin interact with couples more. While we’re on that topic, I didn’t realize they were still trying with the implantation stuff. I mean, Roxy (Olin) is over on “The Hills” so I don’t know how much will see Michelle.
– There are some flashbacks to the scenes from ’73 that got cut. I would LOVE to see them and hope they are on the DVD!

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2 Responses to Brothers and Sisters – Recap & Review – Time After Time (Parts 1 & 2)

  1. Annette says:

    Whoever it was that played younger Tommy was awesome – he totally had Tommy’s mannerisms and way of speaking down – I was flabbergasted.

    I loved the “Thelma and Louise” stuff with Holly and Nora – when they’re getting along they are hilarious together. I hope it continues.

    I didn’t realize Rob Lowe was going to be on Parks and Recreation. I’m so bummed to see him leave, but that’s what he does. Seems like nothing’s ever good enough for him (or so he thinks).

    Great review! There was a whole lot going on in this episode and you got it all!

    • Farrah says:

      Oh yah…the younger Tommy definitely wins best casted younger Walker – by far! He even got that graspy voice down.

      I’m not sure what Rob Lowe’s deal is. He’s so great on this show, granted at this moment he’s not the focus but with Kitty running for Senate he had great potential for a lot of story. He just seems to never be happy. Maybe he wants to do some comedy? I dunno.

      It was a LONG review to write, lemme tell ya! LOL

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