Medium – Recap & Review – There Will Be Blood, Type B

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There Will Be Blood, Type B

Original Air Date: Apr 9, 2010

Rachel M – TwoCents Reviewer

Last week, we were left wondering who the serial family killer was, how the young runaway is involved and how her gift works, and what’s going on with Joe at work. It’s the season finale, and without a firm renewal it may be our last change to see Allison DuBois work her mojo and save the day.

Allison meets the girl in a café, and she tells her about the dream that saved her life. The orphaned girl lost her parents in a car accident, which she survived, and has been having the dreams since then. Her dreams start with images of the killer shooting deer and draining their blood and posing them. (Reviewers note: the style of this show is so cool! The images of the car crash and everything) Anyway, Allison brings runaway “Jennifer” home much to the chagrin of the family.

Joe is particularly upset, understandably so. At the precinct, Jennifer tells Devalos about her dreams. How she saw the killer take photos of the family, study alarm systems and enter the house. Not knowing what she was really seeing, she never said anything. When she did see the house, she was too hungry to know much else. She’s a scared and scarred girl, but not a whole lot of help, not unlike Allison when she’s only given a portion of the information she needs.

At work, Joe is giving the big presentation, he’s doing okay, but his jerk boss Keith interrupts and messes up the whole thing. Saying that this breakthrough technology is his lightbulb or whatever, doesn’t make him seem less crazy though. Back at the house, Allison and Jennifer have a touching moment. Joe is hiding in the bathroom, worrying over the presentation, and how bonkers Keith is.

JenniferVision brings us creepy dream of the killer. He approaches a crying girl at the park with a scraped knee, pokes it and LICKS it! We don’t see that but the girl comments on it. Ew, ew, ew. Yuck. So, putting that aside, he talks to her about her family, and holds her mylar ballon which (drumroll please) gives us a view of his face! Tada! Success.

Keith is forced to apologize to Joe for being a crazy nitwit. Joe is not interested in working with Keith ever again. Keith finally admits to being bi-polar and explains his reasons for going insane, and Joe gets offered a raise essentially to compensate him for babysitting his boss. Meanwhile, another babysitting story, Allison and Jennifer are starting to have a semblance of a relationship.

Finally the story of how Jennifer sees through the mans eyes is told. The man works at a blood bank or hospital, and he gives blood all the time and tracks the people who receive his donation. He tracks them down, and does something I suppose with the blood he’s drained. Jennifer has a dream that he killed the little girl’s family, but Allison believes they’re going to catch the guy.

It’s too late for the latest family, but the hunt is on for the guy. Jennifer asks the stupidest question ever, by asking if they can take the blood out. At work, Keith is quitting his job, both making Joe totally relieved and scared at the same time. Surprisingly, Keith is taking a high road and told the big boss to give Joe the job as head of the department. So win-win for Joe! Jennifer asks a smart question and wondering if she’s going to keep dreaming about the guy even if he does go to prison…which brings us to the suicide? She’s just missing, with money from every corner of the house. The dream tonight is the killer visiting his private blood bank inside an ice cream truck; a cop catches him, but ends up getting killed. And Jennifer wakes up in a Laundromat, and starts chugging bleach. Hopefully this time, since it’s Allison’s dream, we’ve got enough lead time to do something about it.

Nope, Jennifer is in the hospital, and her clown pictures make sense in context of the ice cream truck. Joe relieves Allison at the hospital, but on the way home it starts to rain blood down on Allison, which leads her to the ice cream truck. The police corner the guy, and he shoots himself, freeing Jennifer from her visions. Allison ends up offering Jennifer a lot of help to get her on her feet and reintegrated into society. Because a “reliable source” says it’ll happen for her, and that source is Jennifer’s mom. Sometimes we forget that Allison sees ghosts for good, but it was nice to have this come full circle for her.

Well that’s that. Another season of Medium comes to a close. What did you think of the way this one ended? Leave your Two Cents here.

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3 Responses to Medium – Recap & Review – There Will Be Blood, Type B

  1. Amanda says:

    Great episode, but this wasn’t the season finale, there are FOUR more episodes left of the season.

    The next begins on April 30th

  2. Rachel M says:

    Thanks Amanda! I don’t know why I thought this was the finale!

  3. Amanda says:

    Totally welcome, the next episodes are:

    “Time Keeps on Slippin'”
    “Dead Meat”
    “It’s A Wonderful Death” (season Finale)

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