Medium – Recap & Review – Allison Rolen Got Married

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Allison Rolen Got Married

Original Air Date: Mar 12, 2010

Rachel M – TwoCents Reviewer

Bridget and Joe are packing up the memories of Allison, because “Mom hasn’t been here in forever.” When Allison wakes up, it’s in the nights before her wedding to Joe. It’s the leadup to the wedding and Allison’s pregnant, Joe’s parents are a tour-de-force, and Allison’s gift is getting stronger.

We’ve met Joe’s parents before, and they are a piece of work. In Allison’s first meeting with them, we see just how horrible they can be. Allison is distracted by her visions, apparently she hasn’t had waking visions before now, only dreams. It’s clear that this early on, Joe and Allison don’t fully understand her gift or how it works.

Back in the “present” Ariel comes home and some creepy guy is there. They know each other but his creep factor is disturbing. Especially as he abducts Ariel! Allison wakes up but can’t recognize Ariel as her daughter, since she’s still in her womb. When Allison wakes up she’s visited by her grandmother, the one who knows what’s going on.

On the golf course, Joe and her Dad talk about the future. “You know what Dad, I love you, but you’re a jackass.” Isn’t that the truth! When Joe gets back to the hotel, the police are interviewing Allison. Joe and Allison get to have a more in depth conversation about her gift and what it might mean. Whether or not they should get married. Allison’s dream is about Ariel being killed in the same manner as her dead visitor at the wedding site.

At the rehearsal dinner, Joe’s dad makes a nice speech, after which the creepy killer guy gives a toast. He’s Joe’s second cousin. Ick. When Allison tells Joe he’s pretty skeptical. Which reminds me of the early seasons of Medium when Joe was much less supportive of her gift. It threatens their potential marriage, because as we all know, Allison is pretty stubborn about these things. She is absolutely convinced the future she has seen will come true.

Back in the weird future, Joe, Devalos and Scanlon are in the morgue. Allison has been AWOL for seven months, maybe as long as Ariel has been missing. This alternate universe is very disturbing. Allison can’t go through with the wedding because of what she’s seen, and thinks if they don’t get married she can avoid this future. Joe argues some sort of chaos theory in support of their getting married, the future is not locked in stone, everything is variable. Even so, Allison can’t get over her fear and won’t marry Joe.

Poor Joe, the wedding is a disaster, and her Dad is a jerk. Though he is making more an effort than she is. That night (post-wedding) Allison has a dream that pinpoints the murder victim and the police find her, hopefully find the second cousin murderer too. Allison runs to Joe and proposes to him. So they get married! The murderer gets arrested. And Bridget’s questions have a different answer. Awwww.

While this episode was cute, I feel like we’ve already had a lot of flashbacks. But what about you? Leave your TwoCents below!

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