The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Precious Fragmentation

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The Big Bang Theory
The Precious Fragmentation

Original Air Date: Mar 8, 2010

Theresa – Staff Writer

“One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them...”

And bind them it certainly did, but we’ll get to that in a second. After following someone who looked like Adam West to a garage sale, the boys bring home a random box o’ stuff they got for $60. They lucked out with probably the geekiest box ever, which includes an ALF doll that reminds Howard of when his father left and he imagined he was on the planet Melmac (so sad!). While Raj is inappropriately rubbing obscene graffiti off an Aquaman doll, Sheldon finds a replica of the LotR ring.

Later, Howard tells the guys he took the ring to his black market guy (who Raj insists is someone named Eddie Crispo, because Howard doesn’t have any “guys”), and it appears the ring is an actual stolen prop from the set of the LotR movies. An ownership struggle immediately ensues. Sheldon wants to keep it, Leonard wants to send it to Peter Jackson, Howard wants to blackmail Peter Jackson, and Raj wants to sell it to buy jetskis. Meanwhile, Sheldon keeps stealing the ring to prove Leonard doesn’t know how to guard it. They decide that an impartial Penny should hold the ring until they make a decision, but Sheldon won’t stand for that. He sneaks into Leonard’s bedroom and tries to get the ring from around her neck while she sleeps – but she wakes up in a panic and punches him in the face.

The next morning, Raj brings in his lawyer cousin via webcam to try to negotiate for a jetski, but that plan fails miserably. Tensions escalate, and each ends up with a hand on the ring, and it’s decided that the last one to let go gets the ring. So they hold on as they walk out of the university, and as they drive back to the apartment, and as they walk up the stairs…. and then Penny comes home with a Victoria’s Secret bag and Leonard drops like an Uruk-hai at Helm’s Deep.

And then there were three. Raj tries to distract Howard by talking about his mother breastfeeding, but then they team up to turn on Sheldon’s memaw. So Sheldon uses water imagery to make them all have to pee… which also becomes a strange joint venture. They all fall asleep, and after Sheldon dreams he’s won and turned into Gollum, they wake up to find Leonard has sent the ring back to Peter Jackson. Or so he claims, until Sheldon finds him wearing it in his sleep. The episode ends with them fighting and Penny wishing she was still dating a dumb guy.

This episode was ensemble comedy at its best. I’m so excited they had a storyline with all the guys together, and it was consistently entertaining. Raj had awesome delivery as always, we got a good amount of Sheldon, Leonard actually got some personality in, and Howard is still trying to be cool. Speaking of, no mention of Bernadette? And I do hope all the “who am I dating?” jokes Penny had were a way to remind us that she is different, and not foreshadowing. Anyway, the award for Best Reaction Ever (if only I could describe it!) goes to Leonard’s excited shock at Sheldon claiming he never gets his way!

So what did you all think? And was I the only one who said “But there are SIX seasons of Sex & the City” before Raj did? 🙂 Leave your Two Cents in the comments!

Best Lines
Leonard: An original final draft Ghostbusters script with actual slime stains! (Raj whispers something) Oh, you’re right, it’s Ghostbusters 2, never mind.

Leonard (after finding a Mr. T head on a Spock action figure’s body): I pity the fool who’s illogical!

Sheldon (about his twin sister): If only I’d had the presence of mind to reabsorb her. Then I’d have a mole with hair in it instead of a tedious yearly Christmas letter.

Howard: Ok, just so you know, if we’re bringing in cousins who are lawyers, prepare for shock and awe!

Raj (during Howard’s phone call to his mother): I’m so glad we came to this gentile strip club! Howard, here’s more bacon to tuck into the shiksa’s g-string!

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6 Responses to The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Precious Fragmentation

  1. Wally East says:

    Just for added geekiness, the red shirt that Sheldon was wearing in the cafeteria was a Red Lantern Corp shirt. The Red Lanterns are fairly new enemies of the Green Lanterns in the DC Universe and represent Rage, which made sense in the scene 🙂 (there’s now a rainbow’s worth of differently colored lantern corps, but that’s probably more than most people want to know.)

    It was great to see all four in on the same plot. Those are the best episodes usually.

    (also, I own the shirt)

  2. Shawna says:

    I just want to find out where to get Penny’s animal print shirt she was wearing in the hallway when they were all holding onto the ring. How in the heck would I find that out?

  3. Jeff L says:

    Why does this show continue to steal my things? Tonight’s episode featured my talking Alf doll. Damn you, BBT, stop it!

  4. Theresa says:

    Man, you guys own some dorky stuff! But I can’t really say anything – I still walk around in a Lord of the Rings hoodie. Which is another reason I loved this episode so much!!

    I don’t know where you’d find that, Shawna, but the first place I checked was Yahoo Answers.

  5. Farrah says:

    Loved this episode. I laughed so hard. Yet again, another wonderful episode! Raj talking about SITC was great and the whole “don’t talk about my mother’s boobies” back and forth was hilarious. I think Penny’s comments are not a foreshadowing of anything but rather just some funny lines. 🙂

  6. Jeff L says:


    Entertainment Weekly runs a “Where can I find that” fashion page every week. People write in and ask where can I find that such and such and they research it with the costume people from the show or movie and then tell you.

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