Private Practice – Recap & Review – Fear of Flying

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Private Practice
Fear of Flying
Original Air Date: Mar 4, 2010
Farrah Kaye – Associate Editor

Where did we leave off with our docs? It’s hard to remember with these funky schedules. Last I remember, Coop and Charlotte were sneaking into a bathroom, Addison and Pete were shtupping each other on her floor left and right and Sam found out (and was heart broken), Naomi started dating her boss while a sad Fife looked on, Maya got married and I put money on Dell and Violet getting together. But it’s been a few weeks, so let’s see where everyone is now.

The day starts off with Addison looking around the office when Pete walks in with her panties. She puts them on when Charlotte asks them if Violet is back – she is on vacation with Cooper and Charlotte obviously misses him. Pete asks what Addison is doing and she says she’s waiting for Sam and that she is going to make him talk to her. When Sam comes in, he is cordial to both of them and says he is doing great and walks away. He obviously has a woman or something … distraught by it, Pete convinces Addison to take her panties off with the 15 minutes he has to spare. On an airplane, Sheldon is with one of Violet’s patients who is trying to get over her fear of flying. She is supposed to fly to her sister’s wedding but as the plane moves away from the jetway she starts to have a panic attack, no matter what Sheldon says or does. She gets out of her seat and screams that the plane is going to crash and people are going to die. Sheldon informs the flight attendant she was involved in a plane crash recently. William visits Naomi with tickets to a play and William says he’s “wooing” her. Fife watches on and comes in and is obviously not happy about Naomi and William’s situation. He refers to William as the “rich dirty old boss.” At the practice, Addison and Sam are examining a pregnant woman and her husband, an immigrant who needs a physical to get a green card. He keeps coughing – a lot. The baby is full-term but needs surgery on its heart. Charlotte walks in to Violet’s office thinking it’s her but finds Sheldon instead. Sheldon quickly figures out Charlotte is looking for Coop and not Violet, although she won’t admit it. Naomi is helping a couple who have recently met and are super in love. The woman is in excruciating pain after having sex with her boyfriend for the first time. She is a patient of Naomi’s because she had her eggs harvested thinking she would never find love. Addison goes to Sam to make sure that Sam is okay with her and Pete and he says everything is water under the bridge and even calls Pete for a consult because his patient has TB. If immigration finds out about the TB, he’ll be deported.

While the couple begs Sam to not send the form in, he says he has to. Alicia (the mother) says she will go with her fiance to Kenya, where he’ll be deported to but she can’t because her baby is too sick. Sam agrees to not fill out the form until Esau (the fiance) is treated. During this, a pretty hot-looking woman comes up to Sam – one who makes him smile pretty big and they seem pretty cozy. It upsets Addison for a few reasons, one being that she is a neo-natalogist, which is what she does also. Pete says Naomi is looking happier and she says it’s because of William. Naomi asks Pete about him and Addison and he says it is what it is and when she asks about Violet, he says she left him, that is what it is, too. He finds out what’s wrong with Naomi’s couple – the woman is allergic to her boyfriend’s sperm. While Pete tries to figure out how to make it so she doesn’t pretty much die during sex, they will need to be safe in their sex practices and Naomi has a way for them to have kids in the future. Coop finally shows up, very zen-like and tan. Pete asks Charlotte for a book on semen allergies and also realizes that Violet didn’t come back with Coop – she decided to stay in Costa Rica. He is at Addy’s complaining about Violet while she spies on Sam and Vanessa. This is seriously the most unhealthy “relationship” ever. Addy gets a call from the hospital that Esau’s TB is drug-resistant and goes next door to tell Sam while Vanessa is there and Sam leaves to go to the hospital with Addy. Sheldon goes to Coop to ask for a number for Violet because he needs help dealing with the fear-of-flying patient. When Addy and Sam get to the hospital, both Alicia and Esau are gone. Natasha (fear of flying girl) is meeting with Sheldon and says she will just drive to the wedding, she doesn’t need to fly. Sheldon tells her to walk him through what happened during the flight they took together and why she got anxious. She says when Sheldon told her to calm down and breathe it made her anxious because that’s what the woman next to her during the crash said.

Addison and Sam can’t find Esau and Alicia and they argue over who was in the wrong over the situation and it turns into Addison being jealous about Vanessa. Natasha is telling Sheldon about the day of the crash and how the woman next to her was screaming for help and all she wanted to do was get off the plane instead of helping her – so she feels guilty and that she killed her. She says she’s done with therapy. William is talking with Fife and Fife is annoyed with him over an article. Naomi walks in and asks him what he has against William and pretty much Fife admits to being in love with her. He gives her the “you make me a better person” speech. Naomi is in shock (although I’m not because I called this three episodes ago). Charlotte finds Coop being “zen” look at a banana and she beats him with it! She confronts him about the bathroom sex and he says the bathroom sex has passed and he forgives her. She beats him again. Naomi is back to emotionally eating and tells Addison that Fife is in love with her and says he is everything she hates and that he is not “allowed” to love her but Addison says she likes him (you know the whole fifth grade you hate the one you love thing). Henry calls Pete to the hospital because his girlfriend can’t breathe again, despite them being careful. I think I heard her name is Meg? And hello, condoms can break people, I learned that in health class when I was 13.

Pete finds out the condom broke (surprise) and Henry says he can’t deal with the thought of hurting Meg every time they’re together. Pete promises he’s going to find a way to help them. Sam is at the hospital when Vanessa comes up to him thanking him for standing her up (he was supposed to go back to her place after going to the hospital with Addy). They admit to liking each other and Vanessa says she won’t ride in the shadow of Addison since she does it in her professional life – and tells him to chase her if he wants her, just as his pager goes off. Alicia and Esau are in the hospital and Alicia is in labor. Sam takes Esau to be in isolation. Charlotte finds Sheldon writing up the report on Natasha and she talks to him about Coop. Sheldon says Coop is past the anger and that means to Charlotte she’s afraid that means he’s over her. May (her name is May, not Meg) comes to Pete and tells him that Henry broke up with her and feels bad for her but that sex is important and that maybe it was better to end it early. She is distraught. While Alicia is in labor, immigration shows up to detain Esau.

Addison is angry with Sam for calling immigration and he says he had to do what was right. Naomi and Pete wind up talking about love and the right one for someone on paper versus the right one “biologically.” Then they decide not to talk about it. Funny conversation between the two. Sheldon goes to Natasha’s house and tells her about how he went to medical school and was in his ER rotation. He couldn’t stop the bleeding on a guy and he let go of a compression and he died. After that he switched to psychiatry. He “ran away” just like Natasha is running away from flying. Natasha agrees to let Sheldon help her. Sam tells the immigration officers that Esau’s oxygen levels have dropped when they tell him it’s time for him to be deported. It’s not true and Sam tells Esau to act sick and the officers agree to wait, but only until Esau is “stable.”

Pete calls Henry and May to his office because he thinks he has a way to fix their problem. By using small traces of Henry’s semen and “introducing” it into May’s body, she can build up an immunity to it – but for now, they have to abstain. They happily agree. Alicia has the baby and Esau gets to see his son before the officers detain him. After Esau and Alicia leave, Sam admits to Addy that he thinks of her when he’s with Vanessa but it will pass because he can’t – and won’t – sit around and wait for her. Sheldon goes to Charlotte’s to thank her for pushing him to help Natasha and she invites him in for martinis (do you see where this is going? Cause I do…). Sam sees Vanessa at the hospital and tells her that he ran track and can run fast, so he’s ready to chase her. Super cheesy! Cooper walks in to Charlotte’s place to get Violet’s mail and finds Sheldon and Charlotte naked on the couch. Line of the night! Sheldon (about Cooper): “I think he’s lost his zen.” HA! Fife sees Naomi before her date with William and he tells her she looks stunning. She walks off with William. Damn you, Naomi you stupid woman! Addison and Pete are sitting on her back patio as they look at Sam’s house and she says Sam has moved on and Pete says Violet has moved on and Addison says she’s going to cry and Pete tells her he’s going to hold her while she cries. Uh, are they going to start having a real relationship now? I’m not sure I can handle that.

Next week, Addison goes to Sheldon (who has a black eye!) for advice – in the elevator again – and Pete wants to know where they stand. Can she be Lucas’ mother? She also goes head-to-head with Vanessa. OOHH.

So, here’s my deal. I love this show, but why does every storyline have to have a double meaning/parallel to something else? I know most shows (dramas) do this, but the ABC dramas do it the most. But anyway, I love the idea of Fife and Naomi and they need to get together ASAP because he will make her fun again. I’m sick of seeing her so sad and stiff. And she makes him not so mean. Pete and Addison – BAD idea. Violet needs to come back and deal with her life already and Coop/Sheldon/Charlotte … that’s gonna be bad news. What do you think? Leave your two cents below.

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5 Responses to Private Practice – Recap & Review – Fear of Flying

  1. Anna says:

    I just want Addie and Sam together, soon as. I love this pairing.

    • Farrah says:

      Seriously! The agony of watching them date other people is killing me. Next week .. she better not choose to stay with Pete. Violet needs to come back and claim Pete and Lucas again and Addison needs to run back to Sam. You know he’ll take her back!!

  2. Amy says:

    Addison should be with Pete. They are just meant for each other.
    Addison and Sam are a BAD, BAD idea. They have zero chemistry and their relationship would be just disgusting.
    As for Violet, she can stay in Costa Rica forever, I wouldn’t mind at all. They made her character horrible. Oh, and she can take Cooper and Sheldon with her.

  3. Justin Jeffries says:

    All I can say is that the interracial couple in this episode looked great together. I know the actress is Emily Rose (from Haven) and what is interesting is that I have always thought of her as the type that would go for black guys. And I mean this as the very highest form of compliment. This couple was portrayed honestly in their desire to be together. We need more attractive white female/black man pair-ups on TV, especially when the female is Emily Rose!

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