White Collar – Recap & Review – Vital Signs

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White Collar
Vital Signs

Original Air Date: Feb 2, 2010

Brittany Frederick – Staff Writer

Long time, no see: we open with Neal spending time with the lovely June, his landlady, and her granddaughter. June’s granddaughter has kidney problems and is ill, so Neal volunteers to help however he can. This involves walking into Peter’s house in the middle of breakfast, so he can bring Peter the information about the scam that’s being run on his landlady: her granddaughter’s been suspiciously bumped off the transplant list, but could get back on for a price. Peter is willing to take the case, and Neal sets off to crack it.

This involves Mozzie posing as June’s financial adviser to meet with the so-called representative, while Neal breaks into the woman’s car (with the help of the cops no less). Things go awry in a hurry when Mozzie tries to play by Neal’s playbook, and asks the woman to dinner: “She left. Running,” he tells Neal, who is able to uncover information about a function among the woman’s paperwork. Peter is not impressed by his partner’s legwork and warns him not to get shot in the head. They go to said function posing as members of Doctoral Global Initiative, which is the organization this suspicious doctor belongs to. This is just massively awkward, especially for Peter when the woman takes a shine to him. (The look on Tim DeKay’s face when Peter gets hit on is priceless.) It’s also massively awkward for me considering the suspicious Doctor Powell is played by Kyle Secor from Homicide, and whose career sort of flatlined since. The good doctor is making a lot of trips to India to find kidney donors, since he just happens to have kidney disease himself. In other words, he has a convenient excuse to save his own self and scam people for a ton of money at the same time.

All this poking around alerts the bad guys, and also alerts Elizabeth, who wants to know why her husband has a strange woman’s number. She’s not angry, just too busy laughing at him (“Please tell me there’s surveillance video of this.”) and his bad flirting skills. Neal and Peter decide they need to get into their uber-expensive clinic, and see what the bad guys are hiding. The problem is, Neal gets caught, which involves being strapped down to a table by some very menacing-looking orderlies and a nurse with one huge freaking needle.

Peter uses Neal’s tracker to find out that Neal is at the clinic, and panics over it. Elizabeth suggests that he just get the girl who likes him to invite him in, down to coaching him to flirt with her properly so he can get in the door. Peter really, really sucks at flirting, and Tim DeKay delivers line after line of bad flirting perfectly. It’s his ticket into the clinic, however, and he sets off to find Neal…who is so high he’s singing. While dragging him to safety Peter reads him the riot act, and Neal rambles on about other things he’s discovered in the meanwhile. What finally sobers Neal is realizing being caught on tape breaking into the clinic will send him back to prison. He admits in his drug haze that Peter is the only person he trusts. Awww, they’re bonding again! Peter has a heart and steals the surveillance tape on Neal’s behalf, snarking, “Yeah, it’s a regular Kodak moment.”

Neal recuperates on Peter’s couch, with Elizabeth doting on him (and telling Peter to go do the dishes). Neal tells Peter everything he saw, including a list of donors he half-faxed over, which Peter brings to his FBI team. The money from the charity scam finances Powell’s hunt to save himself, and Neal thinks they can trace Powell if they force him to spend money and create a trail. Their idea? Fake him into thinking he has kidney failure, including swapping his clothes to simulate weight loss and cause skin irritation. Then they have Neal call him up pretending to have a kidney for him, and see how much money they can shake him down for, creating the money trail they need. It’s enough to get Powell arrested.

Peter and Neal are able to get June’s granddaughter back in her original spot on the transplant list and save the day. Not to mention, Peter proves he can still charm Elizabeth. Aw, how sweet. And really, how awesome does this show keep getting?

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4 Responses to White Collar – Recap & Review – Vital Signs

  1. K says:

    OMG, that was adorable, i did not squeal like the fangirl that i am when peter charged in to save neal.

    okay, so i did.

    Peter and Elizabeth are so cute, love how el just fuses over neal like he’s her baby. this show is priceless, love it!!!

    I can’t wait for the next episode, although i’m scare what this finale will leave us with.

    • Brittany says:

      It’s okay, I was squealing a little too. I loved that, and I loved Peter and El so much. SO MUCH. It’s good to see a healthy, normal marriage on TV instead of a bunch of free-wheeling single people or bitter dysfunctional marriages.

  2. Lisa says:

    I loved it, although i really did want to know what that paper flower meant.

    Think Kate still got a chance with Neal? when he said he couldn’t even trust Kate, is he really thinking things over and realizing Peter’s right?

    • Brittany says:

      Likewise but I bet we’ll find out soon enough.

      I hope not. I was always on the fence about Kate ever since she appeared on screen, but I straight don’t like her now. I’m truly convinced she never cared for him at all. Either that or the actress playing her just can’t force emotion into her lines at all. Or both.

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