Family Guy – Recap & Review – Dial Meg for Murder

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Family Guy
Dial Meg for Murder

Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2010

Thomas Nikl – Staff Writer

Peter’s entering a rodeo despite having no rodeo experience. Sounds like classic Peter to me! He does a pretty good job riding the bull (but then the bull rides a quivering Peter… long story…). Brian meets the editor of Teen People at the Rodeo and she asks him to write an article on the average American teen girl. So of course Brian has to study Meg secretly. This should get interesting.

Brian and Stewie follow Meg off to the Quahog Adult Correctional Institute (a prison) and they learn that Meg has a secret boyfriend in jail! Luke’s parole hearing didn’t go well (despite Meg apparently sending him letters and hair- gross!) and he’ll be in there another three years but Meg is willing to wait.

Brian rats out Meg to Lois and Peter and Meg is pissed. She explains that Luke is in jail for robbing a pharmacy to get medicine for his sick mother (or grandmother) but Lois is having none of it. Meg is horribly upset (as usual). Somehow Luke shows up at Meg’s house- he escaped because he couldn’t stand to be enough of Meg. Brian shows up to apologize to Meg and then finds Luke hiding in her closet. Then Peter walks in (saying he is going out and asks Brian to call him on his Mickey Mouse phone haha).

Peter consults the TV Guide to find out that Meg is dating an escaped convict! Peter calls Joe and the chase is on! Joe gets his man- he always does- but Meg is under arrest, too, for harboring a convict who escaped! Meg spends a little time in the joint and comes back a hardened criminal (or so it seems). She quickly beats up Peter to prove her dominance over the house hold.

Meg goes back to school and the cool kids are making fun of her while she fills up a pillow case with (full) soda cans. I think someone is going to get a beat down. And yes, I would be correct. Haha. Meg gets suspended from school for her shenanigans. Soon she carjacks Brian and then holds up Mort’s pharmacy (just like what Luke did). Brian talks her down by showing her the article he wrote about her in Teen People.

And the Griffins are back to normal. What did you think, readers? I actually thought it was a pretty funny episode!

Top Three Scenes:
1. Drunk Billy’s News-Helicopter clip package.
2. Peter practicing Rodeo stuff on Meg (he rides his horse into her room, ropes her, and drags her outside).
3. Peter getting beat up my Meg (after she gets out of prison).

Top Quote:
“Hang on Lois this is serious parenting- I’m gonna go put on my Cosby Sweater”
– Peter

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7 Responses to Family Guy – Recap & Review – Dial Meg for Murder

  1. Brittany says:

    The Cosby sweater joke would have been even funnier if he’d actually FOUND the sweater, IMO.

  2. KP says:

    The bit with the fly made me laugh so hard I was crying.

    • Thomas Nikl says:

      That was #4 on my top clips episode. I should just make a “top cut scenes” list and not make it bound to any integer value.

      The tribute to Billy the drunk’s newscopter though. I rewound it like three times. I hurt my stomach laughing!!

  3. romana1 says:

    LOL-I have to admit, I was disappointed when Peter came back without the Cosby sweater!

    I actually cheered when Meg knocked out the “Cool Kids” with the soda cans.

  4. KP says:

    Wait – I loved the use of Billy Joel’s “Billy The Kid” song too. Great song!

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