Psych – Recap & Review – You Can’t Handle This Episode

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You Can’t Handle This Episode

Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2010

Em – TwoCents Reviewer

Psych is back, and life is wonderful again. Are you excited? I’m excited. So is flashback-Shawn, who’s curled up on the couch watching Army recruitment ads. Henry is less than impressed, but you can’t win over everyone, I suppose.

Two people seem less than crazy about the start of the new episode: the dead guy, who’s found hanging in a hotel room, and Abigail, who’s been dragged along to the crime scene. Shawn does love playing to an audience, though, and he makes a scene about the suicide being staged: it was really murder. He also gets the medical examiner to check out the dead guy’s throat, and they find dog tags.

Juliet decides to call her brother Ewan (guest star John Cena), a military man. He tells her that soldiers will swallow their dog tags out of shame, which could point towards suicide. Ewan also gets a phone call from his mystery man boss before swinging around to pay Juliet a visit in Santa Barbara.

Down at the station, Ewan is a big hit with everyone except Shawn…probably because he’s a big hit with everyone. Shawn heckles him a bit, but Ewan is pretty nice. It also turns out that, while Juliet has told her brother about Shawn, she’s never mentioned Gus. Awkward.

The autopsy supports Shawn’s homicide theory, and Juliet invites Ewan to come down to the army base with the rest of them. I’m trying to think if we’ve ever seen Shawn and Gus getting a ride from Lassiter and Juliet on an investigation. It’s a good thing they brought Ewan along, anyway, because he’s the only one who’s able to get them past the guard and onto base. They talk to the general on base, Felts, who tries to get rid of them by saying it’s an army matter. Lassiter doesn’t take to kindly to that, and Felts eventually agrees to let them see the soldier’s stuff and the motor pool where he worked.

Ewan seems pretty interested in what Shawn does, so he whips out a bit of the psychic mumbo-jumbo and finds out about the victim Starks leaving work early. Ewan gets another call from the mystery man, who tells him to get rid of the murderer. A soldier brings Ewan the file on Stark, and Ewan throws away a page marked confidential before bringing it to Shawn.

Shawn gets a few calls from Abigail, and for poorly-explained and half-hearted reasons, is reluctant to pick up. I am filled with the fear that the inevitable Shawn/Abigail breakup is closer than I had expected. I thought I had until the season finale!

The next morning, Ewan tries to sell everyone on the suicide theory, and says that he won’t be able to get them on base again. Shawn notices that Starks’ file has been tampered with and puts two and two together to get “Ewan O’Hara is up to no good.” Gus and Shawn decide to sneak on base by themselves, but get caught. They do catch sight of Ewan on base before they have to leave, though.

Shawn comes to Lassiter with his suspicions, but Juliet overhears and get furious with him. Lassiter tries to stop them before things get ugly by saying that they should concentrate on Felts – so of course, Felts walks up just in time to hear him. Shawn manages to convince Juliet to have Ewan bring them back on base, but the situation is still tense.

Shawn and company question a soldier on base who seems to know Ewan somehow. They find out that Starks was working on weapon inventory to cover for a soldier who snuck off base. He must have seen something that night that got him killed. Ewan gets yet another call from the mystery man.

Shawn and Abigail have a nice night in that gets interrupted when Shawn has to work the case. As he’s leaving, Abigail drops a bombshell: she’s going to Uganda in two days to build a school and teach kids, and she’ll be gone for at least six months. He asks her to stay, she asks him to come with her.

Ewan sneaks Gus and Shawn on base and gets them uniforms. They see a truck getting loaded up with weapons and have Gus create an Officer and a Gentleman-inspired diversion so they can sneak on it and see where it’s going. They discover that one of the soldier’s on base is selling weapons, which must be the information that got Starks killed. The soldiers spot them and open fire, but Ewan saves the day and gets them away safely.

Shawn apologizes to Juliet for accusing Ewan, but she says it isn’t enough. They report what they found to Felts, who orders a man hunt to catch the killer. Ewan lets slip some information he shouldn’t have known, and Shawn realizes that Ewan really is involved in the mess in some way.

Ewan finds the guy and is about to kill him when Shawn and Gus catch up to him. Shawn tries to talk him out of killing the soldier, but Ewan says he has his orders. Fortunately, Shawn keeps him talking long enough that Juliet and Lassiter show up and arrest the soldier for murdered and Ewan for attempted murder.

At the end of the episode, we get one scene promising thing to come, and one ringing the death-knoll of things past: Juliet and Lassiter, waiting to see Ewan loaded onto a bus to be transported, find out that he’s gone and that there’s no record of him, while Shawn and Abigail trade bittersweet goodbyes at the airport.

I love when Psych gets serious, though this episode didn’t do as good a job as “An Evening with Mr. Yang.” It still makes for an interesting change of pace, and I adored Maggie Lawson in all of her scenes – particularly the one where she has to arrest Ewan. As for Ewan himself, I thought he was a fun character, and I really hope we see more of him. Given the last scene with Juliet and the fact that his mysterious boss remained so mysterious, I suspect that Steve Franks & co. are planning to bring him back.

The case was a bit lackluster, unfortunately, and wasn’t aided by the fact that the audience already knows the answer to the major question on Shawn’s mind – had there been more suspense about Ewan’s involvement, it would probably have helped. I was also a bit disappointed with the way they’re handling Shawn and Abigail. I’ve always known they were going to break them up somehow, and I can see Abigail wanting to go to Uganda. What rubs me the wrong way is the need to play up all of these issues – that Abigail is “clingy,” etc. – that were never in evidence before.

What did you think of our return episode? Was it a total knock-out or just a flop? Give me your two cents!

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6 Responses to Psych – Recap & Review – You Can’t Handle This Episode

  1. Brittany says:

    I liked this one, actually. John Cena has some pretty good comedic chops I never could have guessed, though I was disappointed that Robert Patrick was essentially playing his character from the unit. And not a single joke to The Marine — though I loved the slaps at The Mentalist and The Guardian.

    • Em says:

      I thought John Cena did a really good job. I haven’t seen the Marine and wasn’t sure what too expect…I also wasn’t sure if they’d referenced it and I hadn’t caught it, which happens sometimes. I did like the scene where he and Shawn were talking about the Great Santini.

      • Brittany says:

        The Marine is really, really bad. It’s obvious it was written as a star vehicle for Cena (it’s produced by the WWE, so what do you expect?) and he tries, but it’s a mess. It’s up there on my list of worst movies ever. He does seem like a really cool guy, though, and I would love to see him make a comeback on Psych at some point.

        You’re right about the Shawn and Abigail thing, though. It’s clear that eventually Shawn and Juliet are going to get together, which means she has to go, but she’s only been in what, a handful of episodes? It’s like she didn’t really have too much time to develop that relationship and she was gone.

  2. Jeff says:

    Where was the pineapple in this episode?

    • Em says:

      On Abigail’s nightstand, there was a pineapple-shaped pot. At least I think it was a pot, it looked like it had some sort of plant growing out of it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It “fills you with fear” that a Shawn/Abigail breakup is close? I was CHEERING not only during this episode but also when they actually did break up, because…you know…Shules forever!

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