Castle- Recap & Review- The Fifth Bullet

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The Fifth Bullet

Original Air Date: Dec 7, 2009

Karen Belgrad – The TwoCents Reviewer

A dead art gallery owner, an amnesiac person of interest, two assistants, a diplomat, and witty banter… Just another day in the life of Castle and Beckett!

Beckett arrives at the crime scene to find Castle canoodling with a tethered dog on the street. Castle is such a dog person, it’s surprising he doesn’t have one at home! His desire to buy a bloodhound dog and train it as a crime dog leads to an amusing “work wife” discussion with Beckett:

“Disapproving, judgmental, you’re totally my work wife”
– Castle

The crime scene/art gallery reveals the deceased is Victor Fink, 43, the gallery owner who has two bullets in him. The detectives discover two more bullet holes in the wall. But there are five casings on the floor… So where’s the fifth bullet? Castle amusingly surmises it was an ice bullet that has now melted.

“Stephen King wrote stories of blood thirsty cars. I figure why be limited by logic.”– Castle

First up in interviews is Fink’s assistant, Darius Langley. After providing his alibi of being at art school, the deceased’s wife arrives (upset about her recent purchase of fake breasts solely for her dead husband) and points the finger of blame towards the previous assistant, Rocco, who’d been making threats.

An amnesiac wanders into the precinct. A search of his belongings reveals an empty plastic bag and a copy of Crime & Punishment… with a bullet hole. (Note to self: a 565-page paperback will apparently stop a bullet)

“If guy was a Nicholas Spark’s fan, he’d be dead”
– Ryan

Back at home, Castle is trying in vain to convince Alexis that they need a dog. Martha has also come home from a blissful date with her high school sweetheart, Chet.

“I don’t see a guy whose dishes never make it to the sink bending over to scoop poop in Hudson Park.”– Alexis

Back at the precinct, it’s deduced that the amnesiac is suffering from episodic memory loss, which leaves his procedural memory intact. He can still do math and sign his name, although the only thing that they can make out is a first initial of “J”… They decide to call him Jay, as opposed to the more obvious John Doe. His sweet, unassuming demeanor is making Beckett sympathetic to his plight.

Rocco (ex-assistant) comes in for questioning. He’s played by the never-aging Rider Strong of Boy Meets World fame! (Is fame too strong a word?) Turns out that Rocco had been painting forgeries for Fink and was blackmailing him. The main client, a man with diplomatic immunity named Bahir Harun who is an attaché to the Bahrain consulate.

A trip to the gallery triggers no memories for Jay, so they release his photo to the media. This result in a crazy cat lady trying to claim him as her husband, but his allergy to the cat hair on her coat quickly quashes her.

Bahir Harun (and his posse) comes to the precinct. He knew the paintings were forgeries, but used them to pacify materialistic wives in his country that only cared about labels. Beckett and Castle try to put him at the scene, but he id’s Jay as being at the gallery and arguing with Fink. After he leaves the police go through Jay’s personal belongings again, hoping for a clue to his identity.

“Average asthmatic mathlete with a lot of crap in his pockets.”– Ryan

However, the plastic grocery bag triggers a thought in Castle, remembering the tethered dog outside the crime scene. A quick trip to the pound reveals the dog which connects to Jay, who is Jeremy Presswick, 34, from Tribeca, and divorced.

His ex-wife Emma (played by Anne Dudek, character actress extraordinaire!) reveals they divorced the year before because he was a jerk. He’s extremely sweet to her and her resolve melts. They go to Jeremy’s and find the hidden murder weapon, a 9mm with five bullets missing. Amnesiac Jeremy is arrested for murder.

The DA may not need motive, but Beckett and Castle want to know why their new friend committed murder. They go back to his apartment and find Emma getting items to care for the dogs. She’s sad as she thought this might be a new start for them. Seems he had held onto a very expensive painting they had to buy on their honeymoon when he smudged it. Only this copy has no smudge and is a forgery!

They race over to the consulate and detain a limo driver as an end run around the diplomatic immunity. And, of course, the original painting is in the trunk. A quick interrogation of the “Diplomatic Douchebag” reveals that Darius Longely (first assistant) had gotten the painting by bribing Jeremy’s building super to let him in the apartment. And then he bribed the super a second time to return to stash the gun. And he’s not Darius at all, but Darius’s roommate George Heller, an ex-con with two strikes!

With the convenient confession, Jeremy is set free. Amnesia intact, he and Emma decide to get to know each other again. Castle sees the aww-factor in Beckett and is surprised she is a romantic.

“I also sleep with a gun, bet you didn’t know that either.”
– Beckett

On the home front, Martha broke up with Chet, ate lots of ice cream (“the five flavors of grieving”), but he wooed her back with the pressed flower of the boutonniere she gave him at their senior prom. Castle gives her a pep talk that the flower is dead, and it’s time to start making new memories.

This wasn’t the strongest twist the show has seen, but major props for the sweet and funny character development throughout. I’m looking forward to new episodes next year, that’s for sure! Those are my TwoCents, what’s your TwoCents?


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3 Responses to Castle- Recap & Review- The Fifth Bullet

  1. Rachel says:

    Loved all the ice bullet jokes and the stuff about Beckett being his “work wife.” And also that Castle loves doggies. Not just “dogs”… “doggies.”

    Great review!

  2. karenbelgrad says:

    I was really happy that all of the characters were witty, not just Castle. It’s really helping the series evolve and mesh, IMO.

  3. lalla says:

    I loved this ep! I have such a soft spot for Castle.

    Doggies, aww 🙂

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