Idina Menzel Wants to Be Glee-ful

idina menzel

Many of us on TheTwoCents staff asked the TV Claus to bring Idina Menzel to Glee.

It seems he listened – sort of. has reported that Idina would love to be on Glee, especially considering everyone notices the resemblance she has to Lea Michele (Rachel), as well as their Broadway history together.

Taye Diggs, Idina’s husband and the handsome Sam from Private Practice, was quoted as saying: “We are just so happy to see a lot of these theater kids get the opportunity to do some television work.”

Us fans would love to see more Broadway vets come on board! Bring us some Idina! And while you’re at it, another Kristin Chenowith appearance wouldn’t be so bad.

To read the entire interview, check out

Farrah Kaye – Associate Staff Writer

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