Eastwick – Recap & Review – Paint and Pleasure

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Paint and Pleasure

Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2009

Brittany D. – Staff Writer

Well, I’m sure by now we’ve all heard: Eastwick has been canceled. However, hopefully, ABC will let us see all of the remaining episodes before yanking the chain. I’m not happy with this decision, and I plan on being very vocal about it. YOU HEAR THAT ABC??

Kat decides to go on a date with Will, and apparently Joanna is totally on board with it. Ray shows up on her ‘pre-date’ and she tells Will he definitely has to go to the bathroom to get rid of him. For some reason he decides that he does indeed have to pee, but when he’s gone…Kat leaves. Only because she doesn’t know how to get rid of Ray. She leaves Will a long voice mail saying she’s sorry, and explains that she doesn’t want to start dating until she knows that Ray is in a good place. But, at a party that Darryl is throwing (see more below) she runs into Ray who was invited by his girlfriend of five dates. Now her mission is damage control with Will. However, Will (who is just a touch too stuck up for my tastes) wants to think about her proposition to forget she ever ditched him or left a message.

You’d think she’d be okay with Will even talking to her, but as she gets ready to leave, she sees Ray with his date and has a panic attack. As she starts taking deep breaths in and out, her breath turns into wind and Ray’s date goes right over the balcony she was sitting on. Whoops. The girl turns out to be fine, but Ray knows immediately that Kat was the reason for the wind. As she sits alone, Will tells her that it’s okay for her to still feel confused and devastated by the divorce, even though she initiated it. He then tells her that he’s willing to take baby steps with her.

Martini night with the girls includes Penny, though as the girls talk about how secret relationships go badly, Penny grows more and more uncomfortable. Probably because she’s still having a secret relationship with Johnny Depp/Jamie. She leaves the martini night after thanking Roxie for the cheap vodka. Joanna shows up the next day at Penny’s apartment and asks if she’ll be her consigliore to the party. Penny declines because she’s been feeling burned now that she’s not the only girl in Joanna’s life, right before Joanna finds out about Jamie. After kicking Joanna out, Jamie tells Penny that he’s going to the party because Roxie invited him, and in a roundabout way, he and Penny decide to go together.

Joanna has a two prong plan to be sexy at the party, so she wears her contacts and a slinky dress, but she’s pretty much a dud and no one talks to her. That is, until the guy who took her job at the paper shows up (I can’t remember his name, my apologies) and tells her she isn’t fun at all. So, she uses her powers to convince a man to dance with her, then convinces him to sleep with her. Hilarity ensues when not the jealous wife finds them in the bathroom…but the jealous husband. Joanna used her power to convince a gay man to sleep with her. After the party, she goes to Penny’s place, finding her friend in tears because she was wrong about Jamie and he ditched her at the party. They make up from their fight and compare stories over fatty foods.

Since Chad died, Roxie is having more intense visions that are actually useful and she puts the passion into her art. The Devil stops by and as she goes on a tirade about how he promised he would hook her up with New York art…people, he presents her with an invitation to a party he’s throwing for her, where she can show off her art to an art…person named Greta. He also presents her with a blingy serpent necklace and she has a vision on the spot of getting hot and heavy with Darryl. He asks what she just had a vision of, and she tells him he’ll have to find out after her party. The party, as it turns out, doesn’t go well for Roxie because she makes an ass out of herself in front of Greta. Darryl gives Roxie a pep talk that ends with them making out. Heavily. It manages to calm Roxie down, and she turns the party around and charms Greta, who sells all of Roxie’s art and asks to represent her.

Jamie sneaks around Darryl’s bedroom and drops a lethal poison onto his pillow that will kill the person who lies on it. We already know this because Jamie killed a mouse in a test run. After Roxie’s art sells, Darryl takes her to his room so that they can celebrate in an intimate way. Just before her head hits the pillow she realizes that he bought all of her art, and she’s too honest for that. Storming home, she looks at one of her art pieces and it swirls into an image of a dagger dripping blood. Back at Darryl’s, Greta comes out from some…secret room and she and Darryl proceed to get it on. Her head hits the pillow and BAM, she’s coughing up blood.

I hate that this show is getting canceled and it’s getting so GOOD. One of my favorite lines of the night was Joanna breaking it down for Penny: “Boyfriends get their girlfriends drinks at the bar. It’s the law.” Dang straight! So what do you all think? Glad to see the show go, or are you just as sad as I am? Let me know by leaving your Two Cents in the comments!

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2 Responses to Eastwick – Recap & Review – Paint and Pleasure

  1. I dont believe that Daryl Van Horne in this incarnation is the Devil. In a later episode he describes himself as a “muse”. I think he’s there to prepare the girls to help Eastwick survive an upcoming threat.

  2. cityman1984 says:

    It’s surprising that none of the reviews for this episode that are still online call out Joanna’s rape of the gay guy. Using mind control magic is magical force and he certainly would never have consented to doing it with her because he was gay and in a committed relationship. And yet it’s played off as a ‘oh that Joanna and her bad luck with men’ moment.

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