The Mentalist – Recap & Review – His Red Right Hand

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The Mentalist
His Right Red Hand

Original Air Date: November 19, 2009.

Liz – Associate Staff Writer

Rigsby and Grace both get calls from Lisbon to meet them at a crime scene, with no knowledge that the two are actually in the same place. Together. Oh sweet irony, you are sweet. Jane is already on the scene, when he also gets a call from Bosco. He wants to see him as soon as he gets in from the crime scene, which is a little cryptic. The body at the scene is a little grotesquely posed — leaning against the base of a statue, naked, with some yellow roses artfully arranged around the body areas that would make the FCC cry. They return to the office and enter with Rebecca who’s gone to fetch coffee, and they find Bosco and his team dead. Now THAT is what I call an opening!

The building it put on lock down, and paramedics determine that Bosco is still alive — but only just. Jane, despite appearing to be in shock, notes that there should be three bodies where there are only two; Hicks is missing. At the same time, Grace is working with the security people to scan the cameras for anyone suspicious, but the cameras have been blacked out remotely. They are being played with.

Minelli tells Lisbon that Bosco is in surgery but in critical condition. It’s quite upsetting to see Lisbon trying not to be upset, but she keeps going quite admirably. Cho has been looking for Hicks, who is nowhere to be found, and the rest have been following a lead for the shooting. It points to an Armenian drug cartel that Bosco’s team was about to make an arrest on, but Jane keeps interrupting to ask about an ID on the body they were tending to that morning. Eventually Lisbon gets Grace to check just to shut him up, but there is an ID — Dr. Towlen Morning — and it quite clearly sets a whole bell choir in Jane’s head ringing.

He runs out before anyone can say anything to him, and they have no choice but to follow. Jane arrives at the doctor’s office and runs past the yellow roses left (for him?) and up the stairs to the office. In an exam room finds what has been left for him. First, he sees the signature Red John smile painted on the wall, and when he opens the door, Hicks is on the desk, dead.

Dr. Morning was the doctor of Red John’s fourth and fifth victims, Janet and Carter Peake — or at least presumed, because Carter’s body was never found. Bosco had asked the doctor for medical records. So now that they know the two are connected, they begin to work the secretary, Rebecca, and look in the office for new stuff in the Red John file. In a moment that I believe deserves acknowledgement, Minelli responds to a stupid question from the press (“Describe your feelings at this terrible time”) basically by handing their asses back to them and concludes with, “I’m feeling sad. You moron.” I love Minelli and you should too.

Jane goes to the hospital to see Bosco and while Bosco is not in good shape, Jane… also appears not so well. He has the crazy look in his eye that he gets whenever he’s working on Red John’s case. He unplugs Bosco’s morphine in order to wake him up, and Lisbon calls him crazy, and a cold bastard, and basically she’s right, but man. It’s intense for a minute there.

Back at CBI, we get back to the case. In Cloverville, they found the body of Carter Peake in the foundation of a building that was being torn down. Jane calls Carter “Red Jon’s Mistake” — the body that was never supposed to be, so he had to dispose of it. They go to the hospital in Cloverville to collect the body and the evidence found on it when, low and behold, it was already picked up by an Agent Rojo. This agent is described by the night watchman as having dark hair, not all that tall, olive complexion, barrette in her hair — none other than our faithful secretary Rebecca. And she is preparing to finish the job she started.

Grace and Lisbon make it just in time to arrest her before she can shoot Bosco (again). She gets treated to a sit down with Jane, while the rest of the team and Minelli watches. I honestly can’t even properly describe this scene, it’s wonderfully intense, and they both just act the hell out of it. They take her away, but before she can get out of the building, someone who we never really see just brushes her with some kind of topical poison, and she dies before secrets can be spilled. The way she reacts to it, with such a beatific and adoring smile, makes me wonder how much we would have gotten out of her anyway. In any event, Jane is not happy.

Just to make this day even worse on Lisbon and her team, Bosco is not going to make it. He is going to die. He tells Lisbon he loves her (well, good to know), and that “it had to be said.” Aw. He and Jane also have a nice (for them) talk, very upfront. Bosco tells him that this proves Red John makes mistakes, and he will make another. And they will catch him. Of course, he also tells Jane to not arrest Red John, rather, “kill the son of a bitch.” To which Jane responds, “That’s the plan.” That’s always been Jane’s plan. Having Bosco’s back up on this idea won’t bring the crazy to a stop any time soon. And after one last thing, he dies.

More sad news: Minelli is retiring. Lisbon is getting teary about it, in her fierce, Amazonian way, and he tells her to keep an eye on Jane and if he does anything to shoot him because no one would convict her. He’s mostly joking. I think. Lisbon leaves and runs into Jane in the office, where he has a bottle of tequila for them all — Bosco’s favorite. Lisbon asks what Bosco said to him, and he replies that he asked him to take care of Lisbon… and if he didn’t, he would come back to haunt him. Once all five of them have emptied the bottle and start in on some scotch, complete with a group sing-along of Amazing Grace, Jane walks out… and sits down with the Red John casefile, and begins to read.

I think that’s all we have until after the new year, if I’m not mistaken. I’m glad we got more Red John — wow, I mean, wow — but I was hoping that Bosco was going to stick around for awhile. He was growing on me. That said, I thought that it was very well done, and he and Jane came to an understanding. There was a real sense of closure there.


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1 Response to The Mentalist – Recap & Review – His Red Right Hand

  1. karen says:

    I knew it! Knew they were going to have something between Lisbon and Bosko…yuk!

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