Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Holidaze

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Grey’s Anatomy

Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Staff Writer
Holiday time is approaching so let’s see how all the drama makes the holidays miserable at Seattle Grace for everyone! We start off with the Chief looking to help mentor Meredith… not sure why. Owen and Christina are getting frisky when Teddy (the new Cardio girl) pages and Christina jumps outta bed! A patient’s heart transplant has died so Christina and Teddy take it out… and now a machine is basically keeping her alive. Oh, I’m watching on Hulu this week so the times will be in minutes this week! 🙂


5:35 – Miranda has not told her parents that she and Tucker got divorced. Callie overhears.

6:11 – A young boy’s nose won’t stop bleeding; Derek has to operate.

6:39 – Hot girl comes into hospital. Tells Mark she thinks he is her dad. Never a dull moment at Seattle Grace!!! And her name is Sloan- ha!

8:18 – Derek can’t get to the part of the boy’s brain that he needs to get to. The boy (as is now) will basically go home to die. Meh. Derek needs Mark to help somehow.

11:12 – Channeling my inner Maury Povich…. “Mark…. you ARE the father”. Lexi cuts a bit of her finger off accidentally when she finds out. Huzzah! Apparently Sloan is staying with Mark for a while, too!

Christmas Eve…

13:32 – Miranda’s Dad comes to visit (it’s an actor from ‘The Wire’).

16:25 – Mark knew when his “ex” got pregnant but he gave her some money and skipped town. And he feels guilty for that.

17:00 – The young boy is back. He needs surgery ASAP.

20:00 – Miranda’s Dad is upset about the divorce and the fact that she basically traded her personal life for her career. Wow, Dad gives a real horrible Christmas speech about how big a mistake Miranda did. Kudos, Dad! (sarcasm)

20:55 – The girl without a heart wants to go outside and feel the snow. She collapses while she’s outside.

Christmas Day…

22:41 – Miranda asks to attend Derek and Meredith’s Christmas dinner… mostly so her Dad will leave.

23:24 – Apparently the hospital was working on some kind of prototype to fix the little boy. Derek, Arizona and Mark ask that their Christmas bonus go towards finishing the prototype but there are no bonuses so they all offer to pay for it out of pocket.

25:08 – Some kind of big Christmas dinner going on at someone’s house (I think it’s Derek and Meredith’s).

26:15 – Meredith’s Dad tries to explain that Richard is an alcoholic but Meredith does not seem to want to believe it.

28:30 – Miranda’s Dad is kind of a jerk. So Miranda tells him off at the dinner table oh snap!

New Years Eve…

32:10 – Daughter Sloan doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Mark’s fatherly instincts may be kicking in.

32:40 – The little boy is back and bleeding. And the heartless girl needs her heart and they’re banking on a drunk driver yielding a heart.

34:12 – Derek seems to operate successfully on the little boy and finishes a few seconds before New Year.

35:03 – Christina catches Owen glancing at Teddy (who told Owen she was all in love with her).

36:38 – Owen admits to having been in love with Teddy, too.

36:50 – A patient comes in with a heart for the heartless girl but it isn’t exactly a happy moment as a Dad is weeping over her now dead daughter. Meh.

New Year’s Day…

37:15 – Heartless girl is no longer heartless. The guy who was hanging out with the heartles girl (after only 4 dates) proposes to heartless girl. She says yes. Cool story. But I’m sure they’ll end up divorced.

38:52 – Owen and Christina hella make out and Owen says “I love you” to Christina.

41:38 – Joe (at the bar) pages Meredith because Richard is SLOSHED at the bar and Joe didn’t want to ruin his career. Finally clicks to Meredith that Richard is a drunk (like her Dad told her).


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One Response to Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Holidaze

  1. Farrah says:

    You forgot to mention that Sloan is pregnant and that’s why she has nowhere to go. McSteamy is gonna be McGrandaddy!! I can’t wait to see what happens between Lexi and Sloan.

    I loved this episode. I’m sad we won’t have Grey’s for a while. I have to deal with horrible storylines over on Private Practice instead. Grrr. Grey’s is getting good and PP is just going downnnnn. Wonder what will happen when Mark crosses over with Addie. Will he fall into her arms dealing with the baby? Maybe since Sloan is so young, Addie will adopt the baby since she can’t have one? OH, that’d be good.

    Ok, this is long. I’m done. And yes, the house was Mer and Der’s.

    And guy who propsed? In real life Lexi’s hubby. 🙂 Just a tidbit..

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