Monk – Recap & Review – Mr. Monk is the Best Man


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Mr. Monk is the Best Man

Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2009

Jeff P. – Sr. Staff Writer

Tonight’s teaser has a surprise for us, as Captain Stottlemeyer expresses his intention of proposing to his new girlfriend. Of course, Monk wasn’t surprised after some simple detective work…

Although Leland is ecstatic due to his engagement to TK, he comes back to reality when Randy shows him a corpse that’s been found. Someone had shot and burned up a man who appears to be a vagrant, and whoever the killer was they wiped fingerprints from a nearby bottle of liquor. Stottlemeyer wants to bring Monk into the case. And while he looks over the crime scene photos, Leland drops a bomb on Monk… he wants him to be his best man for the wedding. Monk happily agrees, albeit apprehensively.

TK interrupts their meeting with a special request for her fiancé’. Her maid of honor and best friend Stephanie was arrested for speeding and she was in a holding cell at the station. Leland bails her out and gets her vehicle out of the impound yard. Lucky for him she remembered his tuxedo, which was in the back. That night the couple head back to Leland’s house which has been ransacked! This incident gives TK some second thoughts about marrying a police officer.

Monk takes a closer look at the shoe of the burn victim and finds some green Styrofoam on the bottom. He figures that the green material came from a florist’s shop. Elsewhere, TK gets a call on her cell phone and it’s from the person who broke in to Leland’s house. They threaten her that they will be back. Stottlemeyer offers to cancel his bachelor party but TK insists that he goes for Monk’s sake. But she is even more concerned than before.

Monk’s party isn’t exactly like a standard bachelor party, including 12 total beers and an outhouse in the bathroom. (Where else is in your apartment should an outhouse go?) The party gets cut short when Randy notices that someone has set Stottlemeyer’s car on fire outside.

While Stottlemeyer searches frantically for the person who is trying to mess with his life and wedding, the rest of the gang go to Affinity Flower Shop. The owner, Joy, tells them that her employee Charlie Doyle has been missing for a week and the gang believes that he may be the burn victim.

Randy finds out that the missing person was truly Martin Ketteran who was a fugitive for 12 years. He was part of an eco-terrorist group called the Earth Avengers and was involved in the deaths of 3 people. The DNA that they found on the burn victim turns out to be Ketteran’s.

At the Rehearsal, one of the gifts explodes and scares the wedding party. TK wants to cancel the wedding now thinking that she can’t be married to a cop. Natalie tells her that she doesn’t regret marrying her husband who’s plane was shot down many years ago. Back at the station, Leland is not taking their breaking up well. Stephanie comes by and takes Leland’s tuxedo to return (hmm…). Just then Monk realizes that she picked up the flowers at Affinity where Martin worked. And she was pulled over the Tuesday that he was killed, and she was found a block away from the body.

Monk and Stottlemeyer run down to catch her and question her about her affiliation with the Earth Avengers. She denies it at first, but then pulls a gun out on Monk and threatens to kill him. Monk can’t help but to tell us what happened:

When Stephanie went to pick up the flowers for the wedding, she ran into Martin for the first time in many years. He asked her for money and she met him in the woods to pay him off. But instead she shot him and burned him. After the deed, she was pulled over by the police. Without thinking, she put her gun in Leland’s tuxedo bag. Since it was her third offense, she was taken away and sent to jail. She ransacked his apartment to look for it, and then tried to sabotage the wedding to get it back. And it would have worked if it wasn’t for that meddling detective!

After the exposition, TK comes running up saying that she’s changed her mind and wants to be with Leland. Stephanie pulls the gun on her now, and Leland challenges her that the gun wasn’t loaded. She shoots up in the air to prove him wrong… but he had already noticed that the clip was in the bag, which means there was only one bullet in the chamber. After she shoots it, he runs over to disarm her. He then turns to TK and asks “Are you gonna marry me or not?” And she answers: “Absolutely”.

At the wedding (which is now the Stottemeyer on-the-beach-plan), TK wants Leland to not only wear the ring. She takes his badge out of his wallet and puts it on his jacket, accepting his job along with him.

I thought that this was a great episode! Considering that there’s only 3 episodes left, I was anxious before the viewing. The producers had made some kind of reference that the last episodes will deal with Trudy’s murder. If you’re like me, your antennas are up already. Was Monk’s Trudy killed as a mistaken identity from Stottlemeyer’s Trudy? Was Trudy investigating the Earth Avengers? Or, is this Two Cents writer a total paranoid fool? Only time will tell. What do you think? I can confirm that I’m nuts for you, but do you think that there will be a connection? Your two cents is always appreciated.

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2 Responses to Monk – Recap & Review – Mr. Monk is the Best Man

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  2. Alyssa Weise says:

    Yeah I Ilke that Captain life sure you do my life

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