Accidentally on Purpose – Recap & Review – The Godfather


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Accidentally on Purpose
The Godfather

Original Air Date: Nov 9, 2009

Brittany D. – Staff Writer

In case you haven’t heard the news, CBS asked for more episodes of the show!  So, love it or hate it (And a surprising amount of you seem to love it), we’ve got at least eight more episode.

Abby is stressing because her husband is putting off having a baby, so Billie tells her that she was going to ask her sister and brother-in-law (Nick) to be the baby’s godparents. Abby thinks this is the push her husband will need to say okay to having kids. So, over brunch the next day Billie asks them both, and Nick is less than thrilled, which results in an argument between them over how Abby’s hassling him about having children. Billie tells Abby that they’ll just go out and have a good time until Nick comes to his senses. When he doesn’t fast enough, Abby goes home with Davis and asks him if he would have a baby with her, and he locks himself in the bathroom to call Zach and Billie to come get the crazy lady. Nick tags along too, and they get there just in time to realize Abby is high as a kite. Davis quit smoking for a while, but he kept a stash in case of war. Abby and Nick make up, and they decide it’s time to start a family.

Meanwhile, Billie is writing an article on the top 10 best sports movies and asks the sports writer, Sully, for help. He’s into her and calls her beautiful and gorgeous, etc. so Billie is of course flattered. Zach reminds her that she thinks everyone is flirting with her, but she insists this is the real deal. At work, James tells her that only a ‘pregnaphile’ would be into her, and later Zach more or less says the same thing. Billie doesn’t believe them until Sully confirms that his last relationship only lasted about nine months, and then he tells Billie that she’s round and juicy or some other words that roughly translate into ‘you’re pregnant and it’s hot’. She accuses him of being a pregnophile and he’s offended by this accusation. Later at the café, she sees him with a round woman and tries to warn her by saying Sully’s only with her because she’s pregnant. Turns out, that’s his sister and no, she isn’t pregnant.

I think for the first time, I actually had a moment where I laughed out loud! It was during Davis’s flashback to a moment when he was stoned, and he was looking through a fork. “Dude, it looks like you’re in jail!” To which Zach replied: “No. You’re in jail.” Anything else make you laugh, or are you scratching your head wondering who watches this show and how it got picked up for more episodes? Let me know what you think – leave your Two Cents in the comments!

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