NCIS: Los Angeles – Recap & Review – Search and Destroy

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

NCIS: Los Angeles
Search and Destroy

Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2009

Annette – Reviewer

This week’s mystery starts off with some suspicious guys in an airport. Several guys are tracking one individual, and when he realizes, the chase is on! People get pushed down escalators, the guy being chased steals a car, and as he is being shot at by one of the chasers, he hits him with the car and kills him. So, who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Read on to find out.

Vance gives the LA crew the run down on the airport fiasco. Our runner’s name is Flynn and he is an ex-marine now working for a security firm in Iraq. He’s been accused of killing an Iraqi businessman he was supposed to be protecting and then escaped before the firm could catch him. They got wind that he was heading to LA, but they then messed up that take down also. So, because he’s a former marine, the DOD now wants NCIS involved.

Super cool Sam is a Trekkie! Check him out all quoting Spock!

In order to justify having him on the show, Nate profile’s Flynn and informs G and Sam that his behavior is a product of his crappy childhood. G does not take this well and bites off Nate’s head. Could it be that Nate’s analysis is hitting a little too close to home for G? Add this to Hetty’s comment about damaged goods being useful, and we get just a wee bit more insight into G.

Eric catches Flynn getting into a jeep at the airport after he evades the guys chasing him. All they can see of the driver is her arm which bears a tattoo. From the tattoo and the color of the jeep, the crew identifies the driver as a woman named Cherry (this all seemed a tad far-fetched to me – anyone else?). From her driver’s license photo, G determines that Flynn is using her. Now that’s what I call quality detective work.

The crew discovers that Flynn’s brother owns a gun shop in LA, so Kensi and Dom head there to check it out. They find Flynn’s brother dead – strung up in the back and apparently tortured.

G and Sam head to Cherry’s house to talk to her and decide their cover will be census takers for some charity organization. The undercover stuff still seems to be so unnecessary. How were they going to question Cherry about Flynn by posing as census takers? We never find out because Cherry’s not home, so they wire her house for surveillance instead.

Kensi heads to Cherry’s place of employment and poses as a former high school classmate. When she asks Cherry about Flynn, she denies having contact with him, then basically bolts. This is the most convincing undercover work I’ve seen on this show yet.

Sam and G hang out in their car staking out Cherry’s apartment. I’m loving the origami swans (from Chernobyl) made from Tootsie Pop wrappers!

When Cherry gets home, Kensi and Dom take over the surveillance. Not long after they arrive, an SUV belonging to the security company shows up, even though NCIS told the company that they were not to be part of the investigation. To get rid of them, Kensi bashes in the front of the car with some sort of battering ram she conveniently keeps in the trunk of the car, setting off the airbags and effectively getting rid of the security guys. Kensi is obviously not into subtle – and does she have something against cars? First she keys the heck out of one, then she bashes in the front of another. I think this girl has some vehicular issues.

G goes undercover to work at the same company as Cherry and blackmails his way into a job. But he sucks as a gamer (why didn’t they send Eric for the job?). So that G doesn’t get busted, Eric kills the power to the building. Sam disables Cherry’s car and G offers to give her a ride home. While there, Flynn shows up (Cherry refers to him as her boyfriend), but G never gives the signal for the rest of the team to take him down. While G and Flynn are chatting, the security guys show up, blow the place apart, and Flynn escapes.

NCIS get their hands on a SIM card that Flynn asked Cherry to download. The card shows video of the CEO of the security firm killing the Iraqi. Supposedly the CEO also killed Flynn’s brother. (This part made no sense to me – the brother had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the story – why bother including it?) Flynn is exonerated, but instead of remaining in protective custody so that he can testify against the CEO, G lets him take off because they’re afraid the CEO will stop at nothing to eliminate Flynn to keep him from testifying.

Well, this week was definitely an improvement! I even laughed at the part with the Chernobyl swan (only at first though, I did feel like they took the joke too far). How did you all feel about this episode? Was anyone else as confused by the inclusion of the brother? Or did I miss something? Give me your two cents!

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6 Responses to NCIS: Los Angeles – Recap & Review – Search and Destroy

  1. Mitchy says:

    From the tattoo and the color of the jeep, the crew identifies the driver as a woman named Cherry (this all seemed a tad far-fetched to me – anyone else?).

    Actually, this seemed reasonable. Sam recognised the style of tattoo, they asked around. One parlour owner said she did the work for someone called “Cherry”. So Eric crossed referenced women called Cherry with the make, model and colour of the jeep at the DMV. Pretty cool detective work. Now, G staring at the two photos and deciding Cherry was being used, THAT was far fetched 🙂

    Loved the thing with the cranes. Really liked Hettie’s scenes this week too, good to see her doing her job and getting in a lovely one-liner about damaged goods to G. I agree with you totally about Kensi’s work as the “ex high school friend” with Cherry. That was the most convincing sell of an undercover roll I’ve seen so far. The idea of Sam and G as census takers dressed like they were was just ridiculous.

    Nate’s still looking like role too many in the cast, which isn’t the actor’s fault, he’s not being given anything to work with. I still say they made a huge mistake firing Louise Lombard after the pilot, they NEED a leader in that squad, someone around whom the rest of the cast can gel. It’s too fragmented at the moment.

    Still, early days and I have faith in the production team so we’ll see how they do 🙂

  2. Annette says:

    The part I had issue with was that the tattoo photo was somewhat blurry, yet Sam could tell that it was done with a needle and not a gun (or the other way around). That just seemed unreal to me.

  3. Mitchy says:

    Oh yeh, gotta agree with that. But then, I guess they had to have that bit to make the rest even remotely feasible. Course, Abby would have been able to tell Gibbs the name of the person who did the ink just by looking 😀

  4. Annette says:

    They actually did a bit with Abby recognizing someone’s tat as being done by a specific person! I also think you’re right about Louise – they need her. Hetty is fine as a leader, but she’s never in it enough to really be part of the team.

    I’m just hoping the writers get a little better. They have good ideas – I thought this episode in particular was a great story – they just don’t seem to know much about actual undercover detective work. I think they need people with more knowledge to advise them.

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