Fringe – Recap & Review – Fracture

photo: fox

photo: fox


Original Air Date: Oct 1, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Ah, covert military experiments on human subjects. Gotta love ‘em. But wait… are these the good guys or the bad guys? It’s so hard to tell these days!

Our story begins in Philadelphia where a police officer gets a call to go “apprehend” a briefcase carried by a man in a black trench coat at a train station. When Officer Gillespie grabs the briefcase, something strange happens: he solidifies. Then he and the briefcase explode killing 11 and wounding 28. Hmmm… how very Fringe-y.

Fringe Division is called in due to the freakishness of the case… no bomb residue, no forensic markers, and all the electronics in the area went all kerfloopy a few seconds before detonation. Walter figures out (like only Walter can) that Officer Gillespie was himself the bomb, and that those weird bomb fragments and shrapnel that killed and wounded everyone were, well, Officer Gillespie.

This discovery, along with some crack investigating by Olivia and Peter, lead FD to Project Tin Man. over a year ago in Iraq, a group of soldiers were exposed to a neuro toxin and should have died. In a classified experiment, the soldiers began injecting themselves with a sort-of antidote. Unfortunately, that antidote changed their molecular structure and turned them into walking bombs. A high-frequency radio wave could be used as a trigger for these unwilling (and unknowing) suicide bombers. So who was calling up these survivors of Tin Man and using them as weapons?

Colonel Raymond Gordon, that’s who. US intelligence had lost track of this rogue commander months ago, but, of course, Olivia finds him… about to blow up another Tin Man soldier in Washington DC. One Peter-tackle later and Colonel Gordon is in custody… but with some interesting beans to spill. Apparently, his targets were not random acts of terrorism; they were these men with briefcases. He claimed that they were “visitors” who were collecting information and observing our world… and that they were planning for war.

Sure enough, the apparent target with the briefcase from the attempted DC bombing delivers his briefcase to none other than The Observer. And what’s inside? What information will “destroy us all?” Surveillance photos of Walter.

On a side note: Olivia is still trying to remember, and getting vomit-inducing, head-splitting headaches in the process. She meets with Sam in the bowling alley often for very cryptic, Yoda-like advice. I’m not sure I trust him yet…

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Next Week: Momentum Deferred

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2 Responses to Fringe – Recap & Review – Fracture

  1. karen says:

    Anyone else find it funny they are always eating food around gross corpses! and usually with gloved hand that has already touched body…yuk

    • Jared M says:

      Yes, and I think it is great! It’s fun to have a running gag that is outside of the plot lines and simply there for us to enjoy from week to week.

      I liked the scene with Astrid and Walter this episode. I think we should have more of those.

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