Brothers And Sisters – Recap & Review – The Road Ahead

photo: abc

photo: abc

Brothers and Sisters
The Road Ahead

Original Air Date: Sept 27, 2009

Farrah – TwoCents Reviewer

It’s that time of year again. My favorite family is back on television. All the drama, antics and wine from the Walker family are back! Since it’s such a large family, I’m going to take the story lines person by person. We’ll see how this format works (let me know what you think!).

Justin/Rebecca: After getting engaged last season, the opening scene is our lovebirds going to a picnic with Rebecca’s bright and shiny new engagement ring and they are about to get into a car accident. Then we get a flashback to Nora planning their wedding by looking at old pictures 48 hours earlier. Holly and Nora as in-laws? This should be interesting. Justin is still busy studying to be a doctor (yay!) when he gives her the ring in the flashback.

The ring is Nora’s grandmother’s (and Holly is not happy about this) and is bling-a-licious! Justin is told he is pretty much failing out of school but a “US Senator” made a call to help him out (he didn’t ask for it, but somehow “someone” called the school). After their big fight at the engagement party (see “The wedding” section below), they both come back to their place to rationally talk about things. Justin asks Rebecca to believe in him and she says she does, always has and always will. This is where Justin comes up with the picnic idea.

Robert/Kitty: The political couple is still getting questions about being married to each other and Kitty working in her pajamas. Kevin is still working for them. Kitty looks sick and she says her and baby Evan keep giving each other a virus. I foresee a pregnancy or something worse. Something will need to happen to bring them back together, right? Robert’s not looking too hot either (ok, that’s kind of a lie … Rob Lowe ALWAYS looks hot!). When Kitty takes Evan to the doctor, she tells the doctor how she hasn’t felt well either. The doctor takes a blood sample and calls quickly with a message to call her back immediately. As a long time TV viewer, I know something bad is coming. She goes to a different doctor and has a biopsy on a “swollen gland” (shown simultaneously while Rebecca and Justin almost get into an accident and Nora is talking to Ida about worrying about her children. Very good writing!). While Justin and Rebecca do not get into an accident, Kitty is told “the news is not good.”

Sarah: Sarah is starting to date again. Blind dates. Horrific blind dates. Resumes, hippies, misconceptions from online profiles. Besides her dates and a quick drink at the house, Sarah isn’t seen much, not even at the engagement party.

Kevin/Scotty: They are looking at having a baby! YAY!!! They are going to make such good daddies. It’s going to cost a lot of money, but you know they’ll find a way! When Kevin goes to the bank to figure out the money situation, Scotty is having doubts about even having children. Kevin introduces Scotty to Grandma Ida and they try to explain how they will have children. “Well which one of you gets to sleep with the egg lady?” Grandma Ida and her hilarity need to stick around! Scotty is reading through the egg donor contracts and is not 100% sure if he wants to go through with it. Kevin isn’t happy about it, but, as he so nicely put it … he made Scotty wait two years to commit, now Scotty is making him wait.

The wedding (it’s a character itself): Nora and Holly are arguing over who is paying for what, who is planning what, etc. Typical Nora and Holly bickering. Saul and David step in to help save it all. Holly offered to host a party for the engagement, but when the piano she rented falls through her wooden floor due to termites, the party is moved to the Walker house, although Holly still will be planning it. Holly hires a party planner and has completely taken over Nora’s house. She’s even moving the dining room table! GASP! Justin arrived late to the engagement party and is freaking out about failing out of school and getting married at the same time. They are having this huge argument while everyone can hear them outside of the door.

Tommy: A mention of Tommy from Sarah via a phone call to Rebecca saying he was coming to the wedding is all we get during the episode (is anyone surprised?). Balthazar Getty allowed back on set? Hm. Guess we’ll have to wait and see! I mean, he is supposedly working things out with his wife and hasn’t been in the tabloids much lately, so …

Nora: Nora gets Justin and Rebecca a picture frame for their engagement while Holly gives them a car. This starts an argument which brings up the fact that Holly was “the tramp” who was given an endowment, which is how she had the money to buy the car. Nora spends most of the episode talking about worrying about her children and making sure they are safe.

Holly: Holly is dealing with the Ida situation quite well. In fact, she’s playing along very nicely. Another nice thing? Holly and David together. I really like them as a couple. I hope he sticks around for a while.

Nora’s mother (Ida): Ida brought one of the most hilarious moments of the show. While Nora told her William had a mistress, she never said it was Holly. So when Ida asked how the bride and groom met, it created an awkward moment. Nora and Holly tried to quickly think of what to do. Avoid the subject was the easiest way! Just wait until she finds out about Ryan (who hasn’t shown up at all yet). Ida spent a portion of the evening talking about William’s “tramp” across town (not knowing it was Holly). When she finds out it was Holly, the reaction wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I hope Ida comes around more.

Ryan: Mentioned in passing, Ryan is nowhere to be seen.

Next week, we find out what disease Kitty has. The previews showed everyone crying and Nora wishing it was her, not Kitty that was sick. Will Kitty tell Robert what she has? What did you think of the episode? How about the format? Leave your TwoCents below!

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One Response to Brothers And Sisters – Recap & Review – The Road Ahead

  1. Annette says:

    Great review – I like the format.

    I have to say I loved the scenes between Holly and Nora in this episode. I haven’t watched this show a lot, but got into it a little bit at the end of last season. I thought the two of them conspiring to hide Holly’s true identity from Nora’s mother was very funny! And Marion Ross was brilliant (as usual) as the overbearing, judgemental mother.

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