Drop Dead Diva – Recap & Review – The Magic Bullet

photo: lifetime

photo: lifetime

Drop Dead Diva
The Magic Bullet

Original Air Date: August 23, 2009

Theresa – Staff Writer

Jane is on a complete high from last night’s (or in our world, last week’s) impromptu dinner with Grayson, and can’t wait to tell Stacy all about it, but first, she wants the gossip on Stacy’s date with Fred. Except that Stacy insists that this never happened and she doesn’t know a Fred – apparently she tries to pretend dates don’t exist when they worked out. So back to Jane, who divulges that Grayson talked all about Deb, but she couldn’t tell him who she was.

When Jane gets to the office, Teri doesn’t seem to know who Fred is either – odd. Jane doesn’t have time to investigate because she has to meet her new client, guest star Kathy Najimy. The client’s daughter, Hannah, is suffering from cardiac arrhythmia after going on a 500-calorie-per-day crash diet endorsed by a guru named Jillian Ford (guest star Teri Polo). Hannah refuses to side with her mother, because she is so much happier being thin.

Meanwhile, Kim is being sued by a former assistant, Adam, for sexual harassment. The case surrounds a video of Kim eating cake in an overly-excited way, which Adam claims she did while trapping him in an office and trying to kiss him. After getting little help from Kim herself, Grayson asks Teri to track down any former assistant of Kim’s who might serve as a character witness. However, the case gets a major blow when opposing counsel bulldozes them with the knowledge that Kim had been sued for sexual harassment once before, by a student while she was a professor’s assistant.

Speaking of bulldozing, Jane is similarly blindsided when Jillian Ford’s counsel unveils a video of *her* endorsing the diet, before her reincarnation. Jane, having no memory of pre-Deb life, is left looking like a fool. She goes to her doctor to find out what happened while she was on the Jillian Ford diet, and it turns out that after 3 weeks, her body hit a plateau. Jane also discovers that she had asked her doctor about gastric bypass, which leads her to discover that Jillian herself had the procedure done and is pretty much encouraging girls starve to make a buck.

Teri comes through for Grayson after a lucky tip from an ex-lawyer bartender reveals that the assistant suing Kim took a sexual harassment complaint verbatim from a case at his old firm. When he saw Kim eating cake, the idea clicked that he could make a lot of money just as the actual complainant had. So, congrats to Grayson for winning the case, but really bad day for Jane who happens to see what he gets in return: an after-hours makeout session with Kim.

Sure, we all knew Jane couldn’t tell Grayson her secret yet, and sure, we all knew Kim would come between them eventually, but man, it’s still upsetting! And to pile it on, the reason no one remembers Fred is that he was sent back to purgatory as punishment for dating Stacy, so Fred is no more! What do you think, readers? Mad at Grayson? On Kim’s side? Miss Fred? Leave your Two Cents!

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7 Responses to Drop Dead Diva – Recap & Review – The Magic Bullet

  1. Lola says:

    I’m really starting to like this show..but I hope they are not getting rid of Fred. Jane/Deb needs him!!

  2. Theresa says:

    I had wondered why he was always listed as a guest star, but why even bother to introduce him and give him a story then?!

  3. ALEX says:


  4. Mimi says:

    Fred needs to return back to “earth/show”. I thought him and Stacy looked sooo cute together! After all he went thru to win Stacy’s heart, he finally accomplished it and “Poof” he was gone. No fair!

  5. Theresa says:

    I agree with you all, I loved Fred and they could have done a lot with him learning about human culture. I really hope they bring him back.

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  7. Brenda says:

    I really miss Fred. I love the show but it really isn’t the same without him.

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