Drop Dead Diva – Recap & Review – Second Chances

photo: lifetime

photo: lifetime

Drop Dead Diva
Second Chances

Original Air Date: August 16, 2009

Theresa – Staff Writer

After a dream involving Jane in Deb’s wedding dress talking to Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, Jane wakes up hung over. She finds Fred in the apartment, but it’s not because he finally caught Stacy – he just stayed late to clean up after her birthday party. Fred tells her that Jane didn’t drink much, and instead did crossword puzzles to relax, so she tries that out.

Jane gets to the office, where assistant Terry is a little miffed after being approached by someone applying for her position. A new client (played by CSI’s Jorja Fox) hurries in to see Jane just before she is arrested for murder. The client, MaryAnn , drove a getaway car for her boyfriend many years ago, during a robbery where he shot the clerk. Out on bail, she fled and changed her name, but when the hospital she worked at started fingerprinting staff, she decided to turn herself in.

Kim is put on the case as second chair, and she and Jane go to see MaryAnn’s husband. They need him to testify to her character and show that he’s forgiven her, but he can’t get over her lifelong deception. This case means a lot to Jane, because she’s trying to figure out a way to tell Grayson who she really is. The case attracts a lot of attention, but Jane declines the interviews and Parker gets them. Turns out he’s the one who’s trying to fire Terry, but Jane makes him a deal: she keeps Terry, and Parker keeps the L.A. Times.

When MaryAnn takes the stand as a fully repentant changed woman, her husband tries to testify but can’t because the defense has already rested. Instead, Jane reads a letter from him as her closing argument. MaryAnn is charged only with accessory to robbery, and sentenced to the community service she already does.

Meanwhile, Grayson is supposed to work with firm founder Parker on a case for one of the firm’s first clients, an actor named Larry Baxter. However, when Parker finds out Larry (Elliott Gould) is suing a website for proclaiming him dead rather than anyone with big money, he leaves Grayson to his own devices. But even when Grayson resolves that case, Larry comes back wanting to sue every news network who got hold of the story before the retraction. More than that, he seems exceptionally lonely, clinging to his past fame on a show called Country Club Drive. Deb was a big fan of the show, and Jane tells Grayson that Larry recently lost his wife. Finally understanding, Grayson asks Larry to come with him on his first visit to Deb’s grave.

On the Fred and Stacy front, she finally realizes she’s interested after Fred discovers how to use the hard-to-get technique. Fred breaks about a second before Stacy does, and shows up at the door, dating rules be damned. And it works: Stacy kisses him and they go out to dinner, leaving Jane alone. Well, until Grayson stops by to retrieve a silver bracelet from a box of Deb’s things. But it’s okay, it just belongs to his sister. Jane invites him to stay for dinner, and Grayson suggests a crossword puzzle for dessert (aww!).

Let me know what you thought of the episode, Fred and Stacy, and all the excellent guest stars!

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