Drop Dead Diva – Recap & Review – Lost & Found

photo: lifetime

photo: lifetime

Drop Dead Diva
Lost & Found

Original Air Date: August 9, 2009

Theresa – Staff Writer

Jane wakes up thrilled because today begins her and Grayson’s first case together. Unfortunately, it all goes downhill from there. Not only does Kim get her spot on the case because she has to do pro bono work, but she also finds out it’s her birthday – her 32nd birthday. Not quite what the 24-year-old Deb inside her body wanted to hear.

Her pro bono case is Michael Fernandez, a man who was wrongly convicted of armed robbery and murder and imprisoned for 10 years, and Jane finds she can relate to the unexpected loss of years from his life. Instead of letting him take the government’s $15000 settlement, she insists he fight for more, and ends up losing his settlement entirely.

Luckily, Jane finds that the new evidence that recently freed Michael, a videotaped confession by the real killer before he was put to death, was given five years earlier and not acted on until now. Not only that, but an original eyewitness account that claims the robber grabbed soda and candy on the way out also goes against Michael as the culprit, since he’s a diabetic. Jane is able to prove prosecutorial negligence, and that the conviction was forced because of an election year.

Still, she got the better case, since Grayson and Kim are defending Barry Schuster, creator of a “dating” website that’s targeted toward the already-married. One of the clients’ ex-wives is suing, and Kim tries to convince the jury that her husband strayed because she was inattentive and went too long without sex. Sensing the jury hates her, Kim asks Grayson to do the closing argument. With some advice from Jane, Grayson is able to balance the disgust he holds for his client with the fact that it does not make him legally responsible for the dissolution of the marriage.

Grayson and Jane have a talk about how they both want and believe in lifelong commitment to one person, though Jane believes it is an individual choice and not a given. Grayson gives a heartfelt response about his love for Deb making the choice for him, and inner-Deb is left to pine and mourn her lost love. Kim tries to find a belief in loving monogamy somewhere, though her parents’ divorce is too heavy of an influence, but she still turns down dinner with the married Barry.

When Jane tries to convince Michael to keep fighting after the $100,000 they just won, Michael tells her he’s done thinking about what he lost, and Jane realizes that she too has to look forward and deal with what she has.

Meanwhile, Stacy and Terri are locked in a battle to prove who knows Jane better. Of course, Stacy’s the only one who even knows they’re talking about a hybrid person. They team up to throw Jane a surprise party, where Jane sings “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, Deb and Grayson’s song. And she and Grayson share another inexplicable-to-him moment.

So, Deb’s very lucky to have found the one insanely good-looking intelligent successful guy who wasn’t marrying a hot young blonde model for her looks, Brooke Elliot gave another stellar performance as Jane, Terri got to go to the party with buff ex-con Michael, and Fred finally got some positive attention from Stacy! Personally, I think the series just keeps getting stronger, but you can leave your own Two Cents in the comments!

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One Response to Drop Dead Diva – Recap & Review – Lost & Found

  1. Cesar Cortez says:

    I’m a guy and I recently just got into this show.(It was on the recommendations from Parks and Recreation) This show has taught me so much about inner beauty and how women actually feel sometimes. It’s affected me in a positive way and I feel like I become a better person with every episode that I watch.

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