Criminal Minds – Recap & Review – Roadkill

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Criminal Minds

Original Air Date: May 6, 2009

Angelique – Associate Staff Writer

Yes, you are right I am not your usual ‘Criminal Minds’ reviewer but you might know me from ‘NCIS’ or ‘Dollhouse’. I love crime shows and Criminal Minds is one of my favorites. Even though I am not your regular reviewer I hope that you will nevertheless enjoy reading my review this week.

The episode starts with a man who is standing at the top of a cliff watching the woods beneath him while he smokes a cigarette. He is obviously troubled by something.

Next we see a woman who is on the phone talking to someone while she drives away. She warns the person on the other side of the line that she might break up because of the bad reception mere seconds after she says it her phone disconnects. And not long after that her car breaks down. Since her phone isn’t working she decides to start walking until she’s able to call for help or until someone drives by. She is barely on her way when she hears a car behind her, but there is something threatening about the truck waiting

The team is called to Bend, Oregon to help with two hit and runs both women have been ran over by a car and then backed over again. From the wounds on their bodies it is clear that the car is either a SUV or a truck. While the team is in Bend a third victim dies, a male doctor is ran over in a car garage in broad daylight. The unsub seems to be taking more and more risks, it also becomes obvious that something must have triggered the unsub to follow the victim until he kills them.

After fruitlessly trying to find a connection between the seemingly unconnected victims it is Reid who makes the connection; their red sports cars. The team figures out that the victims all used one road to get to and from their work. They are told that it is one of the most dangerous roads in the area, a lot of head on collisions or cars going over the edge have cost lives along that road.

It leads the team to believe that someone is looking for revenge over a possible deadly accident and that the unsub is physically handicapped on the road and that he is seeking revenge and is using a substitute. The man who we saw at the beginning of the episode is watching the press conference JJ gives about the unsub on the television when he gets up and leaves his house to get into a red sports car. Gill Bonner thinks that he is the man who might have wounded the unsub and that he is seeking revenge against him. He comes clean about an accident which he might have caused.

Since they are convinced that the unsub is physically disabled they are researching their theory at the a couple of rehabilitation centers. One of the doctors remembers a man who used his drawing assignments to draw up his murder fantasies which involved a truck and a red sports car. The trail of the ordered car parts along with that information lead them to the address of the alleged unsub.

In his house they find several grills for the truck with the dried blood of the victims still on it. Along with pictures of the victims and a picture of a fourth possible victim. Garcia works her magic and finds an address but when they arrive the wife tells them that her husband is away on a bike ride with his club. Hotch along with the Bend police officer and Morgan and Rossi are trying to reach the group of bike riders before the unsub can kill again. While JJ en Prentiss going through his house to find evidence. On the night of his accident Coakley was driving in his wifes red sports car when he went off the road most likely because he fell asleep at the wheel his wife died in the accident and he became a paraplegic. Hotch reaches the bike riders and the unsub right at the moment when he wants to kill his fourth victim.

Hotch sees no other way then to ram the truck with his SUV. Coakley is able to back his car up and drives away from Hotch but Morgan is chasing after him. When he reaches the top of the hill he speeds up and drives through the fence.

JJ asks Gill Bonner to come to the police building she tells him that the unsub had not been wounded by him nor is he responsible for what happened to the victims. Even though he did drive someone off the road there was only some damage to the car but nothing mayor. Bonner can finally catch a breath.

This might not have been the best Criminal Minds episode ever but on an average with this show every episode is good. But even then the episode was still really good, the story was good and surprising. And of course the interaction between the characters as usual was great.

As I said I hope that you liked my review, but what I would really like is to read your two cents on this latest episode of Criminal Minds. Tell me what did you think?

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2 Responses to Criminal Minds – Recap & Review – Roadkill

  1. jd says:

    Thank you for doing this one for me!

    It think even a “bad” episode of this show is still better than most, and this wasn’t the most exciting, like you said, but I liked it well enough, I suppose. The victims weren’t the brightest either. That first woman had all those trees to run in to for cover, but instead she ran straight down the road. Same with the guy in the parking garage running straight down the driving path! Take cover, people. At least TRY to save your own lives! 😛

  2. Angelique says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing I was saying out load ´Get off the road you idiot!´ lol That was just annoying. But you are right the worst CM episode is still a whole lot better than some other shows. ±P

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