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The Mentalist
Miss Red

Original Air Date: May 5, 2009

Liz – Associate Staff Writer

In an A+ opening, the team (minus Cho) are on location at the Sausalito docks, looking at Jim Gulbrand’s boat. He was reported missing and they found blood on his boat, but no body. We learn from Grace “Infodump” Van Pelt that Jim was the CEO of Gaia Matrix, a software company facing SEC investigation, including but not limited to the possibilities of fines and federal jail time as well as recently divorced from a woman named Catherine. It takes Jane all of four minutes to find the body — lashed to the lowered anchor.

The first person they interview is Jim’s live in brother, who was trying to get back on his feet after a stint in rehab for alcoholism. She speaks ill of his ex-sister-in-law, calling her greedy, and tells them that Jim had been seeing a psychiatrist at the rehab center. They discover also that the brother has motives — after charity, the rest of his brother’s estate would be going to him. Fortunately, his alibi of being with a lady friend he calls “Gretchen Something” checks out.

Next stop is the Gaia Matrix headquarters to speak with Rick, Jim’s partner in the business. They also meet Stewart Hanson, Jim’s idea man in a wheelchair. (Not to sound discriminatory, but it matters later. I promise.) Rick has no alibi, but maintains that he would have nothing to gain from Jim’s death, since Jim was the creative flow behind the company, while Rick was more of the competitive business side. Combine that with the impending securities investigation, it’s not looking so good for him.

Rigsby and Jane also go to visit Jim’s girlfriend, Brooke Harper, at the rehab center where she works as a psychiatrist. She can’t imagine a rational reason for wanting to kill Jim, blah blah, and then she writes poor Rigsby a prescription for an anti-viral because he’s sneezing and wheezing all over the place. Poor Rigsby. Anyway, back at the station, Jane notices something about the prescription: it’s readable. Anyone who has ever visited a doctor knows that prescriptions are not readable to civilians, and this rightly sends up some red flags about Dr. Brooke Harper. Grace checks out AMA files and it turns out that there is a Dr. Brooke Harper… except she’s sixty-four. CBI go back to visit our fake doctor, and before they can get their hands on her, she escapes out of the window in her office.

Now that they know they’re dealing with a professional who they’re not sure they’ll see again, they find out that last year Jim made cash withdrawals totaling ten million dollars but there was no record of spending it anywhere. They go to speak to his ex-wife, who is not a nice woman, and did not know about the ten million dollars. But they do find out about a key that Jim wore around his neck. He claimed that it was his gym locker key, but his ex-wife never really believed that.

Rigsby and Grace have an adorable moment in the stakeout car, until Rick shows up and climbs into Catherine’s car. They’re kissing and have been “involved” since Catherine and Jim got divorced, and they didn’t mention it because they would know how it would look. Why do people in crime shows always do this? People who have nothing to hide hide nothing. Anyway. Rick denies the idea that Jim would ever cooperate with the securities investigation, although if he did and Rick knew about it, it wouldn’t look good.

Cho and Jane are awesomely just striding through the front doors of the private gentleman’s club frequented by Jim Gulbrand, pushing aside Mr. Sheffield of all people (MR. SHEFFIELD). Jane walks away from a backgammon table with a prince to follow Brooke to the lockers, where she is trying the key in a locker. They pull her in for questioning and uncover her true personage. Jane is having way too much fun with her, complimenting her with a simple, “She’s good.”

Jane and Lisbon speak with Stewart Hanson, who they believe Jim would have consulted about where to hide his ten million dollars. Stewart claims that he did advise him to hide it off the grid and out of financial institutions, and off his property. Jane is his usual obtuse self and does the thing where we know he’s up to something but not really sure what. Back at the station, Jane slips in to see Brooke again — this time we find out her real name, Lindsay Smith, and he slips a GPS tracker into her purse, while seemingly mistakenly leaving her the locker key. She picks it up and walks right out of the interrogation room, steamrolling right over the officer guarding the door. I guess it is true, people will buy anything if it’s sold with confidence.

The team follows the GPS tracker and, consequently, Brook to the train station. She has Stewart Hanson with her, which is kind of strange, but nothing compared to what is to come. When she opens the locker, he stands up and gets out of the wheelchair, stealing the ten million dollars from her. He tries to make a break for it, but Cho and Rigsby catch up with him, and even though Brooke tries to play it cool and grapevine off with the money, Grace catches up with her.

So as it turns out, Stewart Hanson is not who he says he is. He is a con man virtuoso who has committed a lot of crime, but this was a six month long magnum opus. He knew where Jim had put the money, but hadn’t realized that the girlfriend had been conning him as well and already swiped the real key. Jane also says, exultantly, that every time he meets someone in a wheelchair he checks the bottoms of their shoes, and that this was the first time it paid off — they were scuffed. Well, it’s nice to be vindicated, I suppose.

Jane and Brooke say one last goodbye and good luck before she’s hauled off to federal holding in Davis. I hope she shows up again, she’s a lot more worthy to be a friendly nemesis for Jane than that stupid psychic from earlier in the season.


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One Response to The Mentalist – Recap & Review – Miss Red

  1. Alden says:

    The way to pick who the criminal is involves looking at any of the tertiary characters who have a single line in the first couple of acts. It works for me, cause I guessed the wheel chair man right from when he first appeared on the screen.

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