Meet The Staff…

Name: Kym
Title: Senior Reviewer
Joined TheTwoCents: September 2011

Top 3 Favorite Shows Currently On TV: Criminal Minds, Wilfred and Big Bang Theory

Top 3 Favorite Shows of All Time: Criminal Minds, M*A*S*H and ER

My Favorite Television Memory Of All Time: I remember being give special permission to stay up late and watch Jaws when it premiered on TV in 1979 – the last thing I remembered of the movie was “Stay Tuned for the Conclusion of Jaws” – I woke back up about 10 minutes into the 11pm news.


Bio:I grew up in New Jersey in the 70s and 80s so I was around for some really exciting times for TV. I got my own television when I was 9 and it was always playing, whether I was watching it or not, especially once we got cable and I discovered MTV – when it still played videos. I moved to Virginia, then North Carolina for college where I graduated from NC State with a degree in English. My intention was to write for Rolling Stone someday. Instead I continued working in retail until I happened upon my career as a paralegal, which is what I’ve been doing ever since. I love the idea of finally getting to write about the entertainment industry like I’ve always wanted. It makes me think that even after all these years, I might still make that early goal…..

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